CH 129

Name:No Moral Author:
After his narrow escape from the constricted cavern, his c*ck twitched in the air, all the veins popping out. Redness spread all over Yoonshin’s face, neck, and ears. He hurriedly opened Sehun’s fly, and Sehun matched his movements expectantly. Their hands overlapped several times, and each time, electricity flowed. Without order, they continued to exchange a flutter of kisses.

After an indeterminate number of collisions, Yoonshin finally thrust his hands into Sehun’s underwear, pulling the older man’s member out into the open. Sehun’s member was bigger, longer, and harder than Yoonshin’s, making it difficult to grab with one hand. When the skin of his shaft met Yoonshin’s soft hands, Sehun growled and swore under his breath, “Hah… Damn it.”

Sehun, who had been caressing Yoonshin with feigned leisure, was also at his limit. He suddenly grabbed Yoonshin, threw him on the couch, and slotted himself between Yoonshin’s legs. Then, he spread his legs, pulling down Yoonshin’s pants further. Yoonshin’s vision blurred, so he blinked several times so he could observe this side of Sehun as best as he could.

“Senior Attorney, I-I think I’m going to go now,” Yoonshin protested.

“So, you had fun by yourself, huh? Wait. I still have a long way to go.”

Sehun pressed the opening of Yoonshin’s urethra with his thumb, blocking it completely just before he came. The pressure was more intense than expected, and Yoonshin gasped, not knowing what to do. Sehun’s girthy member sprang onto Yoonshin’s pale and milky inner thighs.

Sehun crossed Yoonshin’s ankles over each other, grabbing them both tightly before lifting them into the air. He gathered Yoonshin’s slim legs and slung them over his broad and firm shoulder, then he pecked at Yoonshin’s ankle bones a few times. He positioned his member between the gap of the younger’s thighs and vigorously thrust in.

Sehun’s thick shaft touched the delicate skin of his perineum, rubbing against his balls and his member. Yoonshin saw patches of black in his vision. “Ngh! Ah! Ah!”

The increasing intensity made Yoonshin rock his hips along with the other’s movements. More blood gathered up his already swollen front, making his hips and thighs buck. Sehun caught on and started to massage the swollen member to ease him to release. All the while, he never stopped moving back and forth between Yoonshin’s legs.

Yoonshin writhed, feeling the urge to come. He shook, telling Sehun with his body that yearned to be embraced. With his rationality slipping away, he could easily picture Sehun thrusting as he wished and gushing all over Yoonshin’s perineum, making a mess out of him.

Unexpectedly, he pulled down Yoonshin’s legs and sat him up, leaning him comfortably against him. Then, he grabbed both their d*cks in his hands.

“Mmm, ngh, hnngh… Senior Attorney, ugh, it feels good. Can I go now?” Yoonshin asked carefully, his chin quivering.

Yoonshin was bewildered by the explicitness of the consecutive events, but being in Sehun’s arms soothed him. As always, Yoonshin was instilled with the confidence that Sehun would do whatever Yoonshin wanted. Upon Yoonshin’s plea, Sehun used his lips to wipe away the tears that came out naturally, asking back in a husky voice, “Why do you keep crying?”

“Because I’m so happy. These are tears of joy…” Yoonshin replied.

“You can do whatever you want to, just like this,” Sehun cooed.

“Ah! Ah! Mmmh,” Yoonshin moaned.