Xi Ruiteng and Lu Xinshuang finished their meal and returned to the villa. Upon entering, Xi Ruiteng said, "Remember what I said this morning."

"Oh." Lu Xinshuang moved to the third floor, decisively took a bath, and changed into her pajamas before going to the second floor.

He walked into the gloomy second floor. Even though the lights were on, they still revealed a bit of terror.

Lu Xinshuang found her bedroom and sat on the tatami to rest. There was running water in the bathroom at the side.

"Lu Xinshuang, help me bring the bathrobe in."

"Oh. "Alright." Lu Xinshuang saw the navy bathrobe on the bed, and without thinking, he used it to knock on the bathroom door and said: "Young Master Xi, your bathrobe, open the door, I'll pass it to you."

The door opened. Lu Xinshuang pushed the bathrobe into the gap between the doors and Xi Ruiteng's wet hands touched her. Lu Xinshuang wanted to retract her hand, but she was pulled in and in the next second, she was right in front of the naked Xi Ruiteng.

"Young Master Xi, I have already taken a bath. Here, your bathrobe."

Lu Xinshuang calmly looked away and passed the bathrobe to him.

"No, I feel like you haven't washed it clean yet. Let's do it again."

Xi Ruiteng took the bathrobe from Lu Xinshuang's hands and threw it to the side. Then, he turned around and picked Lu Xinshuang up and placed him on the sink.

Lu Xinshuang couldn't push away the beasts. Sending the bathrobe and taking a bath were all excuses. What a fool she was, why couldn't she just hang her bathrobe on the door and leave? Why was she so stupid as to send herself to her doorstep?

Failing to make the right decision!

"Let's bathe together. I believe you won't mind."

Xi Ruiteng carried her and walked towards the large bathtub, rubbing her back as he spoke.

Lu Xinshuang was a hundred percent unwilling, but she did not mind.

On the surface, he said: "As long as Young Master Xi doesn't mind me being dirty."

"You've washed them all. How can you still be dirty? Sure enough, you didn't wash it clean, let me help you wash it again properly. "

"I …" Lu Xinshuang finally understood what it meant to lift a rock and smash her own foot with it.

What a lousy reason I'm talking about.

The Young Master Xi meticulously washed Lu Xinshuang clean, and took more than an hour before he was willing to give up.

"It's clean now, little one, isn't it?" Xi Ruiteng placed the exhausted Lu Xinshuang on the bed.

"Mn, thank you Young Master Xi for your help."

Lu Xinshuang wanted to cry, but no tears came out. A layer of her skin was almost rubbed off, and her arms were completely red.

"In the future, just wash with me every day. We'll just help each other."

Lu Xinshuang finally understood why she was doing this tonight. Young Master Xi, you are too overbearing.

Xi Ruiteng laid beside Lu Xinshuang and took a thick book to read.

Lu Xinshuang looked up and saw that the book was legal. She helplessly looked at it for a while before falling asleep.

Xi Ruiteng read for more than half an hour, put down the book, and rubbed his eyes. Seeing that Lu Xinshuang had already fallen asleep, her bruised shoulder was exposed to the outside.

After turning off the light, he embraced her in his arms, and a warm current flowed into the ice-cold Lu Xinshuang's body.

In her dream, Lu Xinshuang was just about to take a bite of ice cream when she turned into water in the next second, frowning in dissatisfaction.

Xi Ruiteng smelled her mint aroma. It was fresh and comfortable, and he also slept, forgetting to let the doctor take his medicine.

After a week of peace, the injuries on both of their bodies had healed. Xi Ruiteng mercifully gave Lu Xinshuang half a day of freedom to let her go out.

"Little Jing." Lu Xinshuang watched her good friend and colleague Xu Jing run over in a hurry, still dressed in a complete set of cowboys.

"Sorry for the long wait." I missed you so much. Last time when I came back from my business trip, I saw a notice pasted in the department saying that you had gone to Yuan Sheng Group, and you still have to go for three months. "Those people will think of you as their leader and will only bully you."

When Xu Jing saw Lu Xinshuang give her a big hug, her mouth kept complaining.

"Alright, don't be so reluctant to part with me. A month has already passed, and in another two months, I'll be back to dig up some news with you." Lu Xinshuang also hugged her happily as she worked in the YM Media Company. Xu Jing was her only friend.

"How is it? How is it working at the Yuan Sheng Group? I'm not familiar with the place, and without anyone to help you, your work is going smoothly?"

Xu Jing pulled Lu Xinshuang towards the barbecue shop in Korea. The two women both liked it there, it seemed like they liked to date each week.

"Eat slower, it's been so long since I last saw you. Your appetite is rising, you've already eaten 3 plates of bacon and 4 plates of pork. It's not that I'm worried about money, it's just that you haven't eaten meat in such a long time, right?"

Xu Jing looked at the woman in front of him who was uncontrollably eating, and continued to wrap the meat with raw vegetables. Then, he stuffed all of them into her mouth in one mouthful.

"I just think it's delicious. I haven't had any meat out for the whole month. Recently, his appetite had greatly increased. Seeing the meat, his sweet mouth just couldn't stop. I feel like my weight is going up. "

Lu Xinshuang felt wronged and said that she had been by Xi Ruiteng's side for an entire month, and simply did not have the chance to peck at her. Every time Xi Ruiteng took her to eat a steak, the meat would almost always be raw.

"Poor kid, eat more. I'll pay for it today. As for your parents, sigh, you're really sad, so hurry up and find someone rich to marry. "

Xu Jing immediately pushed the roasted meat in front of him to Lu Xinshuang.

Lu Xinshuang kept quiet, she was looking for a rich person, haha, there was only one person by her side, the second customer was using money to squeeze her, how ironic.

"Being rich isn't necessarily good. Those who can fight alongside me are the best."

"Satisfying, it can't be that you're still thinking about Yetianchen, right?"

Xu Jing saw that Lu Xinshuang's expression did not look good, and the movements of her hands slowed down.

"No, it's impossible for him to be me and me in this lifetime. He's not worthy."

Lu Xinshuang clenched the fork in her hand tightly, the wounds on her body faintly hurting.

The shadow of that night, she still hadn't completely left.

"I don't deserve you. I don't have money, and I don't have money either! I'll help you when it's the most difficult time, so it's better to split the money as soon as possible."

"He has too many secrets on him. It's not that he doesn't have money, it's just that he doesn't want to help me."

Thinking back to that banquet, that banquet was filled with people who were respected. Yetianchen definitely wasn't someone ordinary, and secondly, when he was in university, everyone thought that he was just a kid who had studied hard.

"This isn't just a scumbag, it's fine if you don't want it. Let's not talk about him, we can talk about our gossip." Have you heard about the rumors regarding the Young Master Xi and Yuan Yixue in the Yuan Sheng? I heard that they are going to attend some sort of gala tonight. "

"I don't know. I haven't heard anything about it in the Yuan Sheng. The mouths of the people from the Yuan Sheng are extremely tight-lipped."

Lu Xinshuang really did not know. She only said that she would meet her later in the night at the villa, and did not say what she wanted to do.

"Yuan Yixue is such a miracle. The unknown painter has become a famous painter in the span of a night. "But I just don't like her. She had a foxy look on her face and did a great job."

Xu Jing was filled with righteous indignation.

"She was my childhood girl, she wasn't like that at all. She followed me around the kindergarten every day, she loved to paint, I was a model for her, I used to buy her all kinds of brushes. The last time I saw her was during her celebratory feast. She was the focus of everyone's attention on the princess, and I became a dog that busied himself with running the news every day. Feng Shui cycled around the place. "

Lu Xinshuang said with a helpless look in her eyes. She did not know what went wrong, or where that cute, innocent girl went to.

Don't think like that, what if in the future you are also a great journalist, even the host can't say for sure, don't be discouraged, it's not that the winds are changing, no one can say for sure that you will become a princess in the next second, in the future I still need to rely on you to raise me, and now you can also leave me some signatures, just in case one day you appreciate.

Xu Jing pulled Lu Xinshuang's hand and made a face to make her laugh.

"Haha, Xu Jing, I will raise you. Tell me more jokes, I want to tell my parents about it so that they can be happy. As for the autograph, you left it for me, okay? "

"Very cool, your current style of dressing has changed. You look like a lady now, your clothes look really nice." Xu Jing looked at the set of white shirt and pink skirt on Lu Xinshuang's body.

"Really? It's just a random match. If you like it, I'll give you a new set."

Lu Xinshuang saw that she was wearing clothes that Xi Ruiteng had bought for him. For the next month, she only wore the clothes he had given him, otherwise, she would be unhappy.

"I don't want it. Cowboy is better. It's simple and durable. It's easy to run news outside."

"You still don't know how to dress up and marry you out …"

The displeasure on Lu Xinshuang's face was amused by Xu Jing's words.

Recently, Xi Ruiteng had always told her jokes, but he had told her too much and never laughed at all.

Lu Xinshuang and Xu Jing chatted until it was dark before they dispersed.

After washing her hands in the bathroom, Lu Xinshuang saw that the elevator kept rising up until there was no movement. Lu Xinshuang pursed her lips, thought about how there was only four floors, and walked down from a side of the stairs. There was only a dim yellow light shining from the stairs, and no one was there.

He walked to the corner of the third floor and only then did Lu Xinshuang take a step. The sounds of high heels and clattering came from beside him, making the corridor seem exceptionally obvious and loud.

Lu Xinshuang did not dare to stay any longer, nor did she want to see the female protectors in the ghost movies not afraid of death and start a series of things out of curiosity.

What he needed to do now was to go with the thirty-six strategies.

Lu Xinshuang quickly walked downstairs and reached the corner of the second floor. Suddenly, it grew dark, Lu Xinshuang increased her pace, and did not notice that there were two hands behind him that were pushing her from the back. Lu Xinshuang's hand that was grabbing the railing had been broken by the force, and rolled down the stairs.

Lu Xinshuang felt that her stomach was in pain, her head was in pain, and everything she saw was in red. Blinking, her face pressed against the cold marble floor, something sticky was running down her cheeks, and there was fluid running from her thighs.

The person behind her let out a dull laugh and walked up the stairs. The shadow that landed on Lu Xinshuang's body slowly faded away and the sound of her footsteps also gradually disappeared in her ears.

Lu Xinshuang heard her laughter. It was a man, but who was he?

The world had become very quiet, so quiet that it terrified her. Would she die? What about her parents? What about her dreams?

The sky turned red, it's so red, why did it turn black again? So strange, why can't I feel any more pain?

When the black clothed man saw Lu Xinshuang gradually stop struggling and fall into a coma, the corner of his mouth raised into a smile.

He dodged all the surveillance cameras and appeared at the door on the other side of the room. He was dressed in a well-groomed suit, but he could not hide his shifty eyes.

Upon entering, the man took out her phone, dialed a number, and said with utmost care and flattery, "Young Master Ye, the thing has been accomplished."

"En, are your hands and feet clean?"

On the other side, Yetianchen was standing in a distant sea of love, looking at the setting sun and asked indifferently.

When he returned to his old nest from City K, he was very displeased to know that Lu Xinshuang had not suffered fully that night.

"Young Master Ye, no one noticed me and the woman didn't know it was me. Then my arms, Young Master Ye … "

The man's face was filled with anticipation. Even though no one knew the real appearance of the Night Empire's King, Yetianchen, he still controlled 70% of the arms business. It was because of Yetianchen that he had no choice but to step out and work for him.

"I will let go. What are you going to do next? I don't need to teach you. "

Yetianchen looked at the mask on the ground beside him. It was Yetianchen. He touched his face again. There was a 5 cm long centipede shaped scar on his left side.

I really want to go back to K City and play with that stupid woman.

"Young Master Ye, I understand, I understand, thank you." The man in black hung up the phone, the corners of his mouth curled up to his ears. He was looking at a large sum of US dollars.

The corner of Yetianchen's mouth raised, he thought to himself, Lu Xinshuang, as if retribution is already on the way, just wait for me to surprise you again and again.