Gu Xiaoqi squatted at the door for a long time. Let alone a human being, she couldn't even see a shadow.

It seemed that he could only wait for Mu Kexin to show some mercy and then come over to save her.

It was almost 5 P.M. After the meeting, Mu Liancheng prepared to go home early.

Ye Zichen walked downstairs expectantly, but while he was waiting for the elevator, he heard someone whispering to him.

"Have you heard? Today, a very beautiful woman came to look for Director Mu, but was locked up in a small office on the top floor by Manager Mu. "

"Yeah, Xiao Li at the front desk saw it with her own eyes. That woman said she is Director Mu's girlfriend, but you guys didn't see how dark Manager Mu's face is."

"What do you guys think? Manager Mu and Director Mu are both surnamed Mu, would they …"

"Heh, those Wealthy Classes are in chaos. Furthermore, the Director Mu and Manager Mu were not blood related in the first place, so even if there is, whoever the Director Mu likes will say nothing!"

Mu Liancheng did not continue listening as a panicked thought flashed through his mind.

Without enough time to wait for the elevator, Mu Liancheng directly jogged to Mu Kexin's office. He did not knock on the door, but pushed it open and walked in, "What did you do to Xiao Qi?"

Mu Kexin was currently smiling and sharing with Dong Meiyue and the others what she had done today. They had even planned to act like ghosts to scare Gu Xiaoqi when they got off work.

Seeing Mu Liancheng coming in, Mu Kexin's face revealed a surprised smile, but in the next second, she was startled, "Ninth Brother, how did you know?" Could it be that the person with the big mouth, the front desk, had secretly complained!?

Mu Kexin's performance was without a doubt. Mu Liancheng was both angry and anxious, as he coldly shouted: "Where is Xiao Qi?"

Seeing Mu Liancheng like this, let alone Mu Kexin, even if it was anyone else, they would be afraid.

Mu Kexin still wanted to struggle, but she stuttered in denial: "Ninth Brother, what are you saying? I don't understand, what Xiao Qi!"

"Hur hur." Mu Liancheng didn't have time to argue with Mu Kexin. He grabbed Mu Kexin's collar and carried him to the window, "Speak!"

Mu Kexin looked at the tall building from the corner of her eyes. She was so scared that her legs had gone soft, but the man's strong hands were like pincers, preventing her from moving. "Nine, Nine, you, let me down, I, I'll talk!"

Mu Liancheng let go of his hands, and Mu Kexin directly fell to the ground in a sorry state. She hugged onto the leg of the sofa fearfully, "Ninth Brother, I saw Gu Xiaoqi coming to the company looking for you, but I brought her to my office. She stayed for a while and then left."


"It's true, I don't dare to lie to you!" Mu Kexin nodded her head like a chick pecking rice.

Seeing that Mu Kexin was so sure, Mu Liancheng was skeptical, "Mu Kexin, I'll give you one last chance. If you're lying to me, then you don't have to be surnamed Mu anymore."

"I …" Mu Kexin's eyes flickered. She subconsciously wanted to admit it, but at the last moment, she swallowed back her words, "What I said was all true! If I lied to you, then let me be struck by lightning, and I will die a horrible death! "

"Good, very good." Mu Liancheng did not continue to question him, and turned to leave instead.

The bystanders quickly dispersed.

Mu Kexin heard the whispers of the employees outside, and her head started to explode from anger. With a gloomy face, she laughed sinisterly: "Gu Xiaoqi, it's all your fault! I shouldn't have been so kind to you. "

Giving up on locking Gu Xiaoqi up for the night, Mu Kexin tidied herself up and secretly sneaked up to the top floor.

Arriving at the door of the small office, he knocked on it.

"Who?" Xiao Qi was sleeping soundly when she saw a figure standing outside the glass wall.

Mu Kexin switched on the light outside and asked haughtily: "Gu Xiaoqi, have you been sleeping well?"

Seeing the culprit who framed him, how could Gu Xiaoqi's expression be good? She stuck to the glass and shouted, "Quickly let me out!"

"You want to come out?" Mu Kexin played with the bottle in her hand, "Drink it later, and I will let you out."

"What's that?" Gu Xiaoqi asked vigilantly.

"Don't worry. I won't take your life. It's just something that can make you listen to me obediently." Mu Kexin laughed maliciously. The more she said this, the more Gu Xiaoqi was prepared.

Moreover, Xiao Qi weighed her own combat strength. As long as it wasn't some poison that would instantly kill her after drinking it, she could kick Mu Kexin flying.

"Alright, I'll drink." Gu Xiaoqi thought about it again and again before agreeing.

"Stand back and go to the window."

Gu Xiaoqi did everything one by one, waiting for Mu Kexin to open the door and throw the things inside before closing the door.

Gu Xiaoqi held onto the bottle that was filled with the transparent liquid, closed her eyes and gulped it down.

It didn't have any strange smell, just like mineral water.

"Alright, open the door." Gu Xiaoqi shook her dizzy head.

Mu Kexin laughed heartily as she cursed sinisterly: "Gu Xiaoqi, you're really a fool, I'll let you drink with me!"

Looking at Gu Xiaoqi who was on the verge of collapse, whose face was completely red, Mu Kexin opened her phone and recorded with interest, "Gu Xiaoqi, wait ten more minutes and you'll be out."


Gu Xiaoqi lied on the ground, feeling the familiar heat coming from deep within her body, she couldn't help but curse in her heart: Isn't Mu Kexin the young miss who was pampered and raised up in an aristocratic family?

What kind of world was this? Gu Jiabao had drugged her, and now that Mu Kexin had drugged her as well, if she were to do it a few more times, she would definitely become resistant to her drugs. In the future, all kinds of aphrodisiac drugs would be useless against her.

Gu Xiaoqi's face was completely red, but she could still think happily in the midst of her suffering: I wonder who Mu Kexin's medicine is good for? Could she last until Ninth Master to save me this time?!

Ninth Master, you really are a disaster!

Time slowly passed, Gu Xiaoqi felt as if she was trapped in a steamer, all the water in her body evaporated, she desperately wanted to find something to relieve her.

Pressing his face against the cold floor, Gu Xiaoqi's body twisted uncontrollably, like a water snake whose tail had been grabbed.

"Gu Xiaoqi, if Nine sees you like this, will she still take you!" Mu Kexin said excitedly, her body was close to the window, wanting to take a closer look, "Why don't I just post a video online, so more people can enjoy your unrestrained attitude!"

Gu Xiaoqi wanted to retort, but she no longer had the strength to speak. Her entire mind was focused on resisting the medicine.

No, no, I can't lose face for Ninth Master! No!

This kind of belief supported Gu Xiaoqi, but in order to prevent herself from doing something irreparable, Gu Xiaoqi tugged at the bottom of her shirt and started to button, it was all a dead end.

But even so, the effect was minimal.

Mu Kexin taunted her with disdain: "Gu Xiaoqi, stop struggling. Obediently submit."

"No, absolutely not!" Xiao Qi's voice was so soft that it was almost impossible to hear. With trembling hands, she pulled down a vase at her side, picked up a palm sized piece of debris, and cut Gu Xiaoqi's thigh without hesitation.

Blood flowed all at once, staining the carpet beneath him red.

Although the wound looked to be tragic, the pain of blood loss slowly brought Gu Xiaoqi back to her senses. However, the good news did not last long.

As a result, Xiao Qi cut her leg again.

One strike after another, Gu Xiaoqi cut mercilessly. Her ruthlessness shocked Mu Kexin, "Gu Xiaoqi, don't waste your energy. Even if the blood in your body was drained dry, it still wouldn't cure the poison. Give up."

"I, I, Gu Xiaoqi, would never, even if I were to die, yield!" Just as she finished speaking, another wound appeared on Gu Xiaoqi's body.

Gu Xiaoqi had completely lost all of her strength. She could not even hold onto the porcelain plates anymore, so of course, she could not do such shameful actions.

Mu Kexin stood outside for a long time without seeing a single thing she wanted to see.

Looking at the woman who was lying motionlessly on the ground, Mu Kexin shouted anxiously: "Gu, Gu Xiaoqi!"

There was no response.

Mu Kexin was afraid. Although she wanted to destroy Gu Xiaoqi, she had never thought of causing someone's death.

Mu Kexin fearfully pressed on the password, then walked to Gu Xiaoqi's side and kicked him: "Hey, you, are you alright?!"

Still no hardening.

Mu Kexin trembled, and slowly extended her finger towards Gu Xiaoqi.

Just as Mu Kexin's fingers were about to touch Xiao Qi's nose, the corpse Gu Xiaoqi moved, she cleanly grabbed onto Mu Kexin, and turned him around — —

However, she had overestimated herself. Her weak body was unable to support her in such a way.

Mu Kexin pushed with all her might, causing Gu Xiaoqi to fall backwards without any ability to resist, and then heavily fall onto the ground.

Mu Kexin was frightened to the point that she broke out in cold sweat, and scolded angrily: "Gu Xiaoqi, you madman, you are truly crafty!"

Now that things had escalated to this point, Mu Kexin was determined and determined to not let Nine see this woman again.

Mu Kexin dialed a number and said two words, "Come in."

Just as he hung up, he heard heavy footsteps outside.

"You're courting death!" The man angrily rushed into the office and mercilessly kicked Mu Kexin in the chest.

Mu Kexin was kicked to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood along with the broken remnants of the blood.

"Nine, Ninth Master, you're here." Gu Xiaoqi reclined in the man's embrace and closed her eyes.

Xiao Qi! Xiao Qi! " Mu Liancheng carried Xiao Qi who had become a blood gourd, and felt as if a knife was being twisted through his heart.

He hated himself, why did he make the unnecessary move and personally go to the production crew to look for, why did he suspect Mu Kexin, and still want to line up a big fish, but didn't rush over when he discovered that there was something wrong with her!

It was all his fault. Mu Liancheng fell into a deep self-blame.

Hugging Gu Xiaoqi, Mu Liancheng crazily rushed out. His legs were trembling so much that he could barely take a single step.

Xiao Qi, don't let anything happen to me, please don't let anything happen to me, otherwise how am I going to live!

The corners of Mu Liancheng's eyes moistened.

At this moment, this steel-like man revealed his weakest side …