Chapter 466 Second S-Rank Shadow Undead (Part 2)

Name:Necromancer Of The Shadows Author:
Chapter 466 Second S-Rank Shadow Undead (Part 2)

When Evan lost his connection with Ariel, he instantly used shadow senses to connect with one of the Wyverns who left with Ariel.

Just as his vision connected with the wyvern, he saw Sebastian launching a powerful attack against his Wyverns, and he lost connection with them as well.

After seeing the face of the person who killed his shadow undeads, Evan was completely dumbfounded.

In his previous life, there was one thing that he hated the most.

And that thing was none other than 'Friendly Fire!'

Evan used to spend most of his time playing games during his past life and the most frustrating thing while playing games was meeting a dumba*s teammate who did nothing during the entire gameplay, and shot you just when you were about to win the game.

For a moment, Evan even considered what Oli just said to him.

He was so frustrated that he really wanted to launch the same attack on Sebastian that he launched on Abyssal Spider.

'This time I should use three million souls as fuel so that even his soul will disappear from existence. The world doesn't need a bastard who is doing friendly fire...' dark thoughts flashed inside Evan's mind that he forcefully surpassed.

"It is not the time to think about this" Evan lightly slapped his chicks and shook his head.

He looked at his surrounding that was filled with corpses and the ashes of the spiders and frowned.

"I need to collect all the cores as soon as possible" Evan muttered and ordered his shadow undeads to get to work.

At the same time, he called Elysia and asked her to do something for him.

After hearing Evan, Elysia nodded and flew away from there, going towards Nathan and the others.

Evan looked at Elysia for a moment before shifting his gaze back to the body of the Abyssal Spider.

Most of the Abyssal Spider's legs turned to ashes and its red body was charred black.

Evan couldn't help but sigh after seeing the condition of the body.

"The chances of my shadow resurrection working on it are not high.." he said in a low voice.

When he used Thunder Tempest and one hundred thousand souls as fuel, he just wanted to deal a devastating amount of damage to kill all the spiders, taking advantage of the 'Life Chain' skill.

But he didn't expect his attack will ruin the body of the Abyssal Spider like this.

" is not like I can change anything now" Evan muttered to himself and took a deep breath.

He first looked for the core in the body of the Abyssal Spider, and all of his gloominess disappeared when he found a round dark green core inside the Abyssal Spider's body.

"So this is an S rank core" Evan said in a deep voice while looking at the dark green core that was filled with a large amount of energy.

It was the first time he got an S rank core so Evan looked at it for a few extra seconds before putting it away.

After putting away the core, he focused on the body of the Abyssal Spider again.

"Shadow Resurrection"

Just as Evan activated the skill, shadow energy left his monarch core and went inside the body of Abyssal Spider.

The charred body of the spider started to shake when shadow energy went inside it. Evan wasn't surprised after seeing this and just sighed out loud.

"Looks like I really lost one S rank shadow undead this time" Evan said in a dejected manner.

But suddenly a thought flashed inside his mind.

"I can increase the power of my skill by using souls as fuel.." he muttered in a low voice and quickly used one hundred souls as fuel to increase the power of his shadow resurrection skill.

Just as he used one hundred souls as fuel, the shaking of Abyssal Spider's body decreased.

Puchi! -

But the next second, the body of Abyssal Spider split open in many places showing its charred meat.

(Shadow Resurrection Faild)

A notification flashed before Evan's eyes bringing him out of his shock.

He looked at the completely haggard body of the spider before he gritted his teeth and used shadow resurrection again.

This time while using the skill, he used ten thousand souls as fuel.

When shadow energy went inside Abyssal Spider's body, it did not shake like last time and just trembled slightly.


Suddenly a black shadow that was looking like the Abyssal Spider came out from the spider's body and stood in front of Evan.

Evan was overjoyed when he saw Shadow resurrection successfully worked this time and could not help but laugh like a madman.

"Now I have two S rankers under my command" Evan said in a joyful voice, looking at the shadow undead of the Abyssal Spider.

After calming down, he looked at the souls that he collected using 'Soul Absorption' and noticed one thing.

"According to details of the soul absorption skill, the more powerful soul I use as fuel, the greater the increase will be in the power of my skill" Evan said while rubbing his chin.

Since he directly used souls without caring about their ranks, all the souls that he used till now were of high rank.

"If I don't give a mental command, this skill will directly consume high-rank souls as fuel," Evan said to himself and stopped looking at the details of his soul absorption skill.

He put away the body of the Abyssal Spider to absorb it later using his energy absorption skill.

After putting away the body of the spider, Evan flew a few meters above the ground and looked at the charred bodies of spiders around him.

The shadow energy inside his monarch core surged and he used shadow resurrection on all the spiders at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!----

Many bodies of spiders that were in poor shape exploded the moment he used his skill on them, but some of the spiders successfully turned into shadow undead.

Soon there were many shadow spiders in front of Evan and he gave them just one single command.

"Collect every single core present in the area"

Soon thousands of shadow spiders and Evan's saved shadow undeads started to collect cores.

While they were collecting cores, Evan used shadow senses to connect with Elysia.

"Let's see how she is handling them" Evan muttered and his vision connected with Elysia.

Just as his vision connected, he heard Elysia's voice and almost fell to the ground because of the way she spoke to Nathan and others.

"Come with me, my master has ordered me to bring you lowlifes to the base of the dark guild."