Chapter 1898 The Great Laws (1)

Chapter 1898 The Great Laws (1)

?As Gao Kang's aura erupted, Xiao Shou immediately stepped forward to block it.

"I don't think you want to start it here." Xiao Shou said calmly.

Gao Kang's expression darkened. He was overwhelmed by frustration and wanted to vent it on Hua Rong. Although he wasn't afraid of Xiao Shou, fighting him in this situation was unwise.

He gradually calmed down and said. "It's my fault, Brother Xiao."

"I understand your anger." Xiao Shou said gently. "You should go back."

Gao Kang took a deep look at Xiao Shou before departing.

Xiao Shou turned to look at Hua Rong and Shi Gou. "Both of you should also go back."

"Yes." Shi Gou had no objections.

Meanwhile, Hua Rong's eyes flickered slightly. She knew Xiao Shou wanted everyone to leave to make way for Yun Lintian.

Perhaps Xiao Shou had the same feeling as she did. She believed that Yun Lintian was exceptional and that he might have the opportunity to conquer the Path of Heaven and Human.

"See you next time." Hua Rong spoke softly and then walked away.

"We will excuse ourselves as well." Peng Zhen spoke. As everyone had already come out, this trip basically ended here. It was time for them to return to their places.

"Thank you for protecting this place." Xiao Shou said gently.

"It's our duty." Peng Zhen smiled. He cupped his fists and said. "Farewell."

The other sect masters and clan heads also bid farewell and left one after another.

"He..." Qing Mengmeng wanted to say something, but Qing Heng hurriedly stopped her.


Inside the Gate of Laws, Yun Lintian opened his eyes and discovered that his entire body was enveloped by thick vines. He was also surrounded by tall grass and trees.

One month passed on the outside, but it was thirty years here. The once dense forest had become even thicker. It was no different from a primitive jungle at this point.

However, to Yun Lintian, it felt as though a night had passed. After attempting to comprehend the Great Law of Life, he immediately entered an enlightened state and became completely unaware of everything around him.

Yun Lintian shifted his head slightly, and the vines, grasses, and trees around him gradually moved away.

Yun Lintian's perception had expanded several times. He could sense all the life forms in this space. He felt connected to them, as though he had become a part of their lives.

"The Great Law of Life..." Yun Lintian now had a deeper comprehension of the Great Law of Life. He felt that he had the ability to control all the living beings here and even bring new life into existence. It was a power of a god that he could never have imagined before.

However, Yun Lintian knew that it was only half of it. The environment here was excellent, but it wasn't enough for him to fully comprehend the Great Law of Life. This made Yun Lintian feel disappointed.

In Yun Lintian's opinion, he couldn't possibly find a better environment than this. How could he further improve the great law?

Yun Lintian sighed and set it aside for the time being. His spiritual sense spread out and soon located Gui Xuan. He was surprised that Gui Xuan had become stronger, and his appearance remained unchanged.

For thirty years, Gui Xuan spent his time playing around by himself. He also occasionally comprehended the laws, and with his innate talent, he had already mastered many intermediate and high-level laws.

At this moment, Gui Xuan was lazily swimming in the river with a bored expression.

Yun Lintian felt guilty when he saw the scene. He had left Gui Xuan out for many years. He must be feeling very lonely.

Yun Lintian's figure flashed and appeared beside Gui Xuan.

Gui Xuan was momentarily startled, then smiled happily. "Wake... up?"

"Yes." Yun Lintian said softly. "I'm sorry. You must be feeling lonely."

Gui Xuan swam to Yun Lintian and asked for a hug.

Yun Lintian picked him up and said. "Let's eat first, shall we?"