Chapter 1604 Terrifying Opponent (3)

Name:Myth Beyond Heaven Author:
Chapter 1604 Terrifying Opponent (3)

The moment Yun Lintian walked into the hall, he immediately noticed an old man standing still, calmly looking back at him. This person exuded no aura, but with Yun Lintian's sharp perception, he was certain that this old man was a former God Emperor... Just how many God Emperors had lost their lives here?

"My name is Wu Zengqi. I used to be called the Heavenly Martial Emperor." The old man said calmly.

"Heavenly Martial Emperor?" Yun Lintian repeated in doubt. He had never heard this name before.

"We should come from different realms." Wu Zengqi said. "I come from a place called the Nine Heavens Realm."

"Nine Heavens Realm? Could it be...?" Yun Lintian seemed to have thought of something.

"The Nine Heavens Staircase outside is a divine artifact in our realm. It went missing hundred thousands of years ago." Wu Zengqi explained.

Yun Lintian cupped his fists and said. "My name is Yun Lintian. I came from the Divine Realm."

"Divine Realm... Do you know a man named Yun Tian?" Wu Zengqi asked.

Yun Lintian was surprised and answered truthfully. "He should be the same Yun Tian I know. People called him the Beyond Heaven King."

"Yes. His title is the Beyond Heaven King." Wu Zengqi nodded gently.

"Did you meet him here, Senior?" Yun Lintian asked curiously.

"He defeated me." Wu Zengqi spoke. "He was the most powerful practitioner I had ever met."

He took a deep look at Yun Lintian and said further. "I can sense a similar energy emanating from your body. You said your surname is Yun. What's the relationship between you two?"

Yun Lintian thought for a moment and replied. "I am his successor."

"So what he said back then is true." Wu Zengqi muttered to himself.

"What do you mean, Senior?" Yun Lintian was curious.

"It's nothing. He told me that one day his successor will come here." Wu Zengqi shook his head slightly. "How is he?"

"He has already left." Yun Lintian replied calmly. "Our Divine Realm was invaded by the enemy known as the Primordial God Tribe, and he fell while defending the Divine Realm."

"It's them?" Wu Zengqi said in a deep voice. "The Primordial God Tribe had also invaded our Nine Heavens Realm back then. If it weren't for the Chaos Goddess, we would have been enslaved by now."

He let out a sigh and continued speaking. "Unfortunately, I failed to leave. I don't know how the situation is over there."

"Chaos Goddess?" Yun Lintian was stunned. Wasn't this the owner of the Chaos Goddess Sutra that Yun Qianxue had been practicing?

"She is the strongest person in our realm." Wu Zengqi explained briefly. "Her status should be the same as that of the Beyond Heaven King in your Divine Realm."

Yun Lintian hesitated for a moment and asked. "Senior, I have a question. Has the Beyond Heaven King ever visited your Nine Heavens Realm before?"

Wu Zengqi frowned slightly and shook his head. "I don't think so. Why?"

"It's like this. My wife is now practicing the Chaos Goddess Sutra as her primary art. It was given by the Beyond Heaven King." Yun Lintian answered.

"What!?" Wu Zengqi was stunned. "How is it possible?"

"Perhaps he has been to your realm before." Yun Lintian expressed his thoughts.

"Even so, it should be impossible for him to obtain the sutra from the Chaos Goddess." Wu Zengqi frowned deeply.

He acknowledged the strength of the Beyond Heaven King, but he doubted his ability to defeat the Chaos Goddess. Otherwise, he wouldn't die at the hands of the Primordial God Tribe.

"Since she has been able to practice the sutra, it means that your wife has been recognized as the successor to the Chaos Goddess." Wu Zengqi said. "This is unexpected."

Yun Lintian was surprised to hear this. He always believed that anyone could practice it.

Wu Zengqi let out a long breath and gazed at Yun Lintian. "Although we somewhat have some connection, I can't let you pass easily. I hope you understand it."

"Don't worry, Senior. I have no intention of asking you for a favor." Yun Lintian responded firmly.

"Good." Wu Zengqi nodded approvingly. "My strength has been suppressed to the peak level of the Divine King Realm. You shouldn't hold anything back."

Yun Lintian took a deep breath and opened his palm. Immediately, the Heaven Piercing Sword flew out and landed in his hand.

"I'm ready." He spoke.

"Come." Wu Zengqi crossed his arms over his chest and spoke calmly.


Phoenix flames immediately erupted around Yun Lintian's body as he swiftly lunged forward and swung his sword at Wu Zengqi.

"Fast enough." Wu Zengqi nodded slightly. "But strength is somewhat lacking."


The sword struck down mercilessly but was completely blocked by an invisible barrier. Yun Lintian felt as though he had just hit a thousand layers of steel plate. His arm went numb, rendering him unable to push any further.

Suddenly, Wu Zengqi swept his leg towards Yun Lintian's abdomen. His movement speed was incredibly fast, leaving countless afterimages of his legs behind.

Yun Lintian hurriedly activated Shadow Step, trying to avoid the oncoming kick. The next moment, his expression changed drastically as he saw Wu Zengqi's kick arrived at his abdomen in almost an instant after he reappeared.


Yun Lintian's body shook severely. The veins and muscles in his abdomen ruptured instantly, causing Yun Lintian to cough up a large amount of fresh blood. The impact sent him flying and he crashed heavily into the wall behind him.

Wu Zengqi withdrew his leg. He was standing in the same spot, as if he hadn't moved an inch. "Your physique is very impressive. If you were an ordinary practitioner, this kick would undoubtedly incapacitate you."

"Cough!" Yun Lintian fell to the ground and coughed up another mouthful of blood. His face turned grim as he raised his head to look at Wu Zengqi. This was the first time he had met someone who could injure him with just one strike.

"I know you have more tricks up your sleeve. Show me." Wu Zengqi spoke calmly.

Yun Lintian tightly gripped the sword and sprang up. His entire body was covered in purple lightning sparks, and his eyes turned golden. In a split second, he arrived behind Wu Zengqi. The Heaven Piercing Sword quickly condensed tremendous sword power and struck towards Wu Zengqi's back.


Facing Yun Lintian's sudden attack, Wu Zengqi swiftly swiped his left hand backwards. With a bang, he forcefully blocked the Heaven Piercing Sword using only his brute strength.

However, Wu Zengqi suddenly felt something. He quickly turned around and sent out a kick towards Yun Lintian.

What he saw was the Heaven Piercing Sword float in the air and Yun Lintian was nowhere to be seen.