Postscript 032

The breaking King fled all the way to the realm of sentient beings.

In the Vientiane world, the broken king is famous! Which of the seven kingdoms of Vientiane is not in awe of itself! Even if it is the fairy and demon world, hearing your name is also frightening!

But I didn't expect to be betrayed by my subordinates when I challenged the Lord of the world and prepared to enter the heavens! The immortals and demons, together with the masters of the seven princes, stood aside to encircle and suppress themselves. He betrayed his relatives, fought 100000 heavenly soldiers, 100000 devil soldiers and millions of princes!

But this is nothing. In the eyes of this seat, they are just ants!

Even if you are the Lord, you are not your opponent!

It's just an opportunity to kill all the immortals and demons, kill all the vassal countries, let the Vientiane world flow into a river, and let the damn world be completely destroyed!

But at this time, a huge palm fell from the sky and patted him, almost destroying his form and spirit!

Those goddamn gods of the heavens unexpectedly violated the rules and attacked themselves from the upper level!

What righteous men, what evil heroes, are a group of damn villains!

He will never die. The broken King plans to look for a chance to survive! The LORD God of his world broke the rules, and at the moment of the loophole in the six samsara system, he unleashed the anti heaven demon to disintegrate, let his yuan baby out of his body, and escaped all the way back to the world of sentient beings. However, the Yuan Ying of the breaking king has been damaged, and his strength has almost disappeared. If he does not find a suitable host to revive, he may be really completely destroyed!

The sentient world is the safest. No one here will stop his growth. However, human beings in the sentient world are too weak. Compared with other circles, the sentient world is like a paradise for mole ants. The spiritual power here is thin and not suitable for cultivation. But for the broken king, as long as there is a little chance, he will be able to rise again!

The king of breaking the world thought of a way. He divided his primordial baby into more than 1000 shares, scattered them into the human world, and attached them to different human beings.

Just like keeping insects, these more than 1000 people constantly fight with each other, and then absorb each other's strength. The person who can finally win is the strongest!

At that time, his soul will also be reborn. Instead, his boundary breaking king can be resurrected again!

The idea of the breaking king is very perfect. His 1000 souls have also been scattered around the world and entered different people's bodies. But no matter which, it is the elite in some aspect.

One of the souls, fluttering, flew to y city.

The soul of the breaking King chose a man who was the son of a rich family in the city. This man's name is Pan Qiang. His family is rich and has means.

The most important thing is that Pan Qiang's personality is not very good. He is selfish and likes to rob others.

The soul secretly followed pan Qiang and constantly imposed some special spells on him. The king of breaking the boundary must cast a magic spell of 77 to 49 days to make pan Qiang's soul implant an imprint. When you enter the mark, you can replace it at the last moment.

It's more like setting up a safe house in his soul. And I hide in the safe room, slowly eating each other's soul.

Human souls are very strong, and there is no direct attachment and rebirth.

Breaking the boundary Wang is not in a hurry. He is like cooking delicious food, slowly soaking pan Qiang's soul.

It's almost forty-nine days. Seeing that his work is about to be completed, Wang Xiaojie is more and more happy. Soon, he will be his puppet! Just need some more time! Time is coming!

This pan Qiang is really playful. He is just a human being, and there are even more than 20 women. Every day, every time, he will ask different women out. And after every woman is bored, she will give money and throw it away like garbage.

For Pan Qiang's preferences, breaking the boundary Wang doesn't comment much. He only needs pan Qiang's body.

Seeing pan Qiang fall in love with a somewhat beautiful woman in the hotel, the broken king was indifferent. His feelings for human beings have long been numb.

I have achieved the goal of cutting off seven emotions and six desires, which is a necessary condition for invincibility!

"Honey, you are still so strong"

Two minutes after the battle, the woman named Bai Tingting, while wearing clothes, flattered pan Qiang.

"That's right. I'm the God of war in bed."

Pan Qiang said proudly, "how about your boyfriend?"

"He, I didn't let him touch it."

Bai Tingting glanced, "he's just a spare tire. I don't want him to eat meat."

"You little girl, quite bad."

Pan Qiang reached out and pinched Bai Tingting's face.

"No, after all, they only have you in their hearts."

Bai Tingting began to complain.

"Well, well, I have another meeting this afternoon. Let me take you back."

Pan Qiang put on his clothes and followed Bai Tingting out of the hotel. The broken king followed, and his mood became more and more happy. The time is coming. Right away, this man is his own! I hope nothing will happen during this period. But with his power and position, there should be no problem.

As a result, the broken king was really a little surprised. When he was in the parking lot, a man with a kitchen knife killed him. His name is Luo Sheng. It sounds like he is Bai Tingting's boyfriend.

This boy has no qualifications, just the most ordinary person. It belongs to the kind that cannot be picked out when thrown into the crowd. Even if he has weapons, he can't do anything about people like Pan Qiang.

Sure enough, pan Qiang's men jumped out of the car next to him. It was a guy named Lao Qi. He was originally a gangster on the road. Later, he followed pan Qiang and specialized in doing dirty work for Pan Qiang.

The world is hot and cold. For this bridge section, the broken king still has no mood fluctuation.

At this time, the dark clouds slowly gathered in the sky, and the broken king was finally happy!

It's time!

Our own time has come!

He turned into a black smoke and rushed frantically towards pan!

But at this time, I don't know why, a huge wind suddenly rose from the ground, and the trees in the nearby forest shook up!

The broken king is just a ghost. He is very weak and can't resist the wind at all! The boundary breaking King wailed. He was blown away from the route, all the way into the woods, and finally directly into the Luo Sheng's body!

Feeling the strength of the other party's soul, he seemed to accept the burning flame. The remnant soul of the boundary breaking king was in pain, struggling, and finally swallowed by the other party's soul.

The next second, Luo Sheng opened his eyes.

Write it down later.

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Two days ago, the backstage just received the news that several chapters of the beautiful teacher were locked in violation of regulations. I can only smile bitterly.

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I want to cultivate immortals and go to heaven happily.

Left hand Laurie, right hand imperial sister.

Punch Erlang God and kick Xiaotian dog.

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Luo Sheng, a college student who accidentally walked into the road of truth cultivation, how to counter attack the beautiful anchor and embark on the road of demon God?

The wonderful content lies in the female anchor's master of cultivation.

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