Chapter 1185 Truth

Chapter 1185 Truth

Song Yan had no intentions to tell Ji Zhuang Guang and Ji Nan about Xue Ping's identity as these two might end up slipping in front of Xue Ping but if she did not alert them then these two men would end up dying in the hands of Xue Ping.

She did not want these two men to die because if they died then Xue Ping would only become more and more obnoxious and arrogant especially if all the three heirs of the Ji family were killed off. If that happened then their parents would never believe that the woman who was the only heir after the death of their three sons was an imposter.

Ji Nan was scared silly by Song Yan's words. His vision turned dark and the defenses that he had raised shattered completely. His face was paler than moonlight as the veins on his neck bulged in agitation and anxiety. " How ...How is this possible? How could this happen!?"

Even though Ji Nan was not willing to believe what Song Yan said, his eyes were rimmed red as tears trickled down from his eyes. After all, the one who died was his sister how could he not be upset? How could he accept that his little sister whom he swore to protect was dead? He couldn't accept the fact that he was actually doting on such a vicious murderer for so many years. It not only angered him but also scared him witless.

No wonder. He continued to have suspicions regarding Ji Ziyi's identity in the past. Though his sister was not excellent she was really talented in playing piano and many more musical instruments. Ji Ziyi was so talented at playing the piano that she could close her eyes and play a beautiful tune however three years ago when he asked his sister to play the piano she refused to play it. You'll discover the inception of this content at n0v@lbin★

She continued to make excuses saying that she was no longer willing to play it as her obsession with piano was over and wanted to try acting.

However later on when he went to college, Ji Nan found out that his once academically talented sister was having a hard time in classes and she could not even pass her exams.

Of course, Ji Zhuang Guang and Ji Nan knew Yi Yu. That woman was quite jealous of their sister, she even tried to harm their sister once or twice.

They wanted to say something but Song Yan continued speaking without giving them a chance to say anything, " I think after she abandoned Yi Yu, she chose the nanny. She stayed with your sister for a long time right? Even making her believe that she cared about your sister more than anyone. I think from the start that woman's target was your sister but she couldn't get close to her which is why she picked and dropped two other women."

As soon as Song Yan finished speaking, Ji Zhuang Guang almost went crazy as he knew that his sister had told him many times that there was something off about Gao Lan and Yi Yu. But they could never find anything weird about those two women which was why he thought that his sister was just thinking too much.

However, only now did he realize that the woman was slowly and carefully putting traps in front of them all along!

No wonder she suddenly cancelled the engagement as the one who cancelled the engagement was not his sister but that woman who stole his sister's identity.

The more he thought about the more regret Ji Zhuang Guang felt. His tears did not stop falling as he knew that he had more than one chance to save his sister but he failed to pick up the danger signs in front of him. He covered his face and then said in a choked voice, " I should have known. I watched her grow up in front of me and yet I could not even realize that my sister had been harmed like this, when my sister was born I thought that she was going to live a smooth life as I would protect her. I did not think that I would lose my sister and not even realize that she was gone forever. That b*tch she ruined my sister's life!"

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