Chapter 383 - Chapter 383: Chapter 383: Simply Don’t Care

Chapter 383: Chapter 383: Simply Don’t Care

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If it is indeed about political matters, it would be even more difficult to find the right solution.

And it is indeed related to every citizen.

If they were to do something truly outrageous, then no matter what, Suri Drew and Yigol Novak would never just stand aside.

However, they didn’t know how to resolve the situation at hand, and even their personal safety had become a significant concern.

So how could they not feel helpless at this point?

After quite some time, they finally recovered from their shock, and throughout this period, many possibilities had already crossed their minds.

Suri lowered her voice slightly and said, somewhat disbelievingly.

“Is what you said true?”

Price’s face was also very serious, and he cautiously nodded and said.

“Yeah, I always feel that there must be a more severe organization behind them. We just haven’t found it yet.”

“And have you not noticed anything suspicious?”

Seeing him speaking so mysteriously, everyone grew even more curious and immediately focused on him, wondering what he would say next.

Suri immediately asked curiously.

“What suspicious things?”

He then began to explain.

“This hotel is considered a very large enterprise, but they can control the entire hotel, and the founder of the hotel has nothing to do with the investigation you did before, so why would they help him?”

Everyone understood what he meant after hearing this sentence.

But when they thought about it, they felt that what he said was indeed right.

Logically speaking, this hotel is a chain enterprise and should not be involved in these matters.

Moreover, they had already gone too far, so if they were involved in these matters, they might ruin everything they had worked hard for.

Yet they seemed not to care at all.

Additionally, they seemed to be even more reckless, involving the entire hotel in this matter.

Don’t the founders consider what kind of impact this would have on them and their influence?

As the saying goes, “paper can’t wrap fire.” This matter would eventually be exposed unless the people involved today didn’t plan on letting them leave alive.

But what if something went wrong?

For example, even if those people wanted to find them, they couldn’t because they had already hidden themselves.

And the place where they were hiding was relatively safe, and others couldn’t find it.

“That’s right, this matter will eventually be exposed. When it comes to light, it will affect him, his company and everything else, but he just doesn’t seem to care.”

Suri also nodded thoughtfully, saying this as well, feeling that it was indeed a bit too coincidental.

If they had found out about the Modin Hotel in the beginning, they would never have chosen such a hotel to live in.

It was only because they had not found out that there was no need to think about it, and they hadn’t considered it being a similar situation.

Yigol, who was beside her, seemed to have thought of something and said incredulously.

“My god, isn’t this the kind of thought we had about the massage parlor owner, that he was ruining himself by doing this?”

After hearing this, Suri suddenly realized and nodded.

Yes, she had almost forgotten such a critical matter at the beginning.

In contrast, Price didn’t quite understand their conversation and asked.

“What are you talking about? What massage parlor owner? Is it the one you investigated before?”

Hearing this, the two of them naturally nodded without hesitation, as there was no need for any concealment between them at this point.

“Yes, we were talking about that.”

“At first, we were thinking that doing such things would eventually be exposed, after all, paper can’t wrap fire. But he did it anyway. You know, their business was well-established, with a good reputation inherited from their ancestors.”

After hearing this, Price finally understood what they were talking about.

To be honest, he found it truly incredible.

“Yeah, if it were me, I would definitely cherish such a good reputation. But I didn’t expect her to destroy it all.”

“Not only that, the hotel owner is the same, seemingly not considering the impact on their own industry at all.”

The more they thought about it, the more they realized that something was wrong.

At first, they didn’t associate this aspect with the matter, but now that they had, they knew that it was not as simple as they had imagined.

If this was the case, then Price’s idea might be possible. There were even more serious things happening besides what they knew, and they just hadn’t found out yet.

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but feel a chill.

If this was true, the matter would certainly become even more complicated, making it harder for them solve.

So at this moment, everyone’s expression was somewhat difficult, and they were thinking hard about what to do next.

However, they couldn’t even get out of here, let alone solve everything.

So in the end, Yigol could only shake his head helplessly and said to the others.

“There’s no use in thinking too much right now; we’re still trapped in here, unable to get out.”

He wanted to go out as soon as possible.

However, the situation was indeed uncontrollable.

If possible, he and his wife didn’t want to stay in such a cramped space.

But this matter was not something they could decide at the moment.