Chapter 319 - Chapter 319: Chapter 298: Xiao Fu Soaring High

Chapter 319: Chapter 298: Xiao Fu Soaring High

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Returning to his own courtyard in the Universal Courtyard, Li Fan started another round of divine soul differentiation.

This time, Li Fan keenly noticed a difference from before.

In the vast white space, Li Fan was previously unable to effectively identify the existence of a Soul Contract, relying entirely on an intuitive feeling in his heart.

However, after the countless divine souls from the [Ocean of Vengeful Souls] had washed over him, it seemed that Li Fan’s own divine soul had undergone a marvelous transformation.

After some testing, Li Fan came to a delightful discovery; his identification success rate had jumped from two in a thousand to three percent.

“This crude and blunt method suits me. With a few more tries, identifying the Soul Contract won’t be a problem anymore.” Li Fan was slightly excited.

With the assistance of the God Transformation Stone and the Heart-Refining Spell, the [Ocean of Vengeful Souls] posed almost no risks for Li Fan.

Instead, it brought about great opportunities.

Similar to the feeling after using the [Mind Steed], Li Fan vaguely felt that his divine soul had gained some strength.

This made Li Fan somewhat look forward to the arrival of the [Ocean of Vengeful Souls] surfing session tomorrow.

Thus, under constant learning, training, and the washing of divine souls from the [Ocean of Vengeful Souls],

Li Fan’s success rate of sensing the Soul Contract steadily increased.

It went from five percent to ten percent, then to fifty percent…

When only eight members of the Lucky Group were left, the additional special training finally came to an end.

At this point, Li Fan’s proficiency stabilized at an eighty percent accuracy rate.

Ji Hongdao’s evaluation was that, Li Fan now stood with the average, barely acceptable yet promising.

Unfortunately, the duration for which the Array Strategy Hall had applied for the [Ocean of Vengeful Souls] usage had ended. Li Fan no longer had the opportunity to further improve his skills through special means. From now on, he could only rely on his own training.

However, after being washed by the [Ocean of Vengeful Souls] for so many days and having intimate contact with numerous divine souls of the Five Elders’ Monk which possessed the Soul Contract, Li Fan had implicitly grasped the method to identify the Soul Contract.

If he could call upon the familiarity experienced during contact with the soul waves, then it is highly probable that that soul bore the mark of a Soul Contract.

With a final verification, the accuracy rate was greatly improved.

With the elimination of his weak point, Li Fan’s ranking among the many prodigies of array techniques also steadily increased.

While Li Fan was continuing his studies in the Universal Courtyard, the time arrived at the 27th year.

Misthaven Ocean.

The sea near the deserted island.

Stand with the wind, Xiao Heng already looked very different from before.

One hundred and eight deep blue Water Swords were constantly rotating and transforming beside him, forming mysterious array techniques.

He stared at the sea below, his expression solemn.

An eerie call echoed from the depths of the sea.

An enormous shadow beneath the sea surface rapidly expanded.

In an instant, it enveloped Xiao Heng.

The phantom of a gigantic Exotic Beast suddenly appeared, opened its giant mouth and was about to swallow Xiao Heng.

A hint of blue light flashed in Xiao Heng’s eyes.

In a split second, he became somewhat blurred.

Vanishing from his original location he escaped the attack from the Exotic Beast.

Up in the sky, Xiao Heng looked down at the beast that had failed to hit him, a smile forming on his face.

With a gentle breath, the surrounding clouds were drawn, converging upon him.

One by one, Xiao Heng’s look-alikes, composed entirely of clouds, were rapidly formed.

Ten, hundred, thousand…

In a blink, an army of cloud warriors took shape.

They brandished their swords and dived towards the Exotic Beast below.

In an instant, the glow of swords crisscrossed, causing millions of explosions on the beast’s body.

“Weak! Too weak!”

“Xiao Heng, are you trying to tickle me?”

The Exotic Beast, now speaking human language, was Ye Feipeng’s voice questioningly.

Easily brushing off Xiao Heng’s attacks, Ye Feipeng’s giant body slightly trembled.

The sea surged, stirring up gigantic waves.

The Exotic Beast soared into the air, transforming into a bird and heading straight for the sky.

Confronting the vast cloud warrior’s army, it showed utter disregard.

Rushing forward, his momentum is unstoppable.

In a split second, all the cloud people are shattered, and he reaches Xiao Heng’s side.

Xiao Heng’s complexion remains unchanged, and his figure becomes illusory again.

A moment later, he appears in another position in the sky.

“Fatso, what use is brute strength alone?”

“Your attack on me is like throwing an axe at the sky. The sky is so high and vast. No matter how high the axe is thrown, it can’t touch the skin of the sky!”

“This is the Law of Void, one of the Four Gold Core Techniques I’ve comprehended!”

“What do you think?” There’s a hint of pride in Xiao Heng’s voice.

Previously, when he was about to cultivate his Golden Core, he was mysteriously guided by his intuition to the center of the Misthaven Ocean.

When he saw the transparent architecture standing in the sky as if in a dream, Xiao Heng was deeply touched.

The Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters, hidden with countless opportunities.

Many cultivators risk their lives to enter it, dreaming of instant riches.


They all overlook that the existence of the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters itself is a miracle!

The clouds and water take shape, floating high in the sky.

Between reality and illusion, quite a spectacle!

Xiao Heng stood outside the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters for nearly a year, during which countless cultivators came and went, pointing and commenting on him.

He turned a deaf ear to them, focusing only on careful perception.

Eventually, by observing how this Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters exists in the world, he grasped the Law of Cloud and the Law of Void.

Together with the Law of Sea and Sword Technique he acquired from practicing “The Godly Sword of Calming Seas.”

Eventually, he condensed his Golden Core through these four techniques!

Not long after returning to the deserted island, he encountered Ye Feipeng, who had also broken through to the Golden Core Realm.

The strengthened Xiao Heng naturally had a restless heart, and wanted to exchange ideas with him.

Ye Feipeng naturally agreed.

So the battle earlier was initiated.

Even with full mental preparation, Xiao Heng was startled when they crossed hands.

Before their confrontation, Ye Feipeng’s “beast transformation” became more thorough.

He could completely relinquish his human form and turn into a real exotic beast.

In the form of Kunpeng, his body is huge, hiding in the sea at impressive speed, unpredictable.

Without paying attention, he will leap up from under the sea surface and swallow everything he comes in contact with into his mouth.

In the form of a peng bird, his speed is even faster. When his wings spread out, even hurricanes will follow.

With combined enhancement in speed and strength, his destructive force is ridiculously high.

Xiao Heng’s 108-formation Ocean Command Rapier at the Golden Core Realm was once shattered by him head-on.

Fortunately, Xiao Heng’s “Law of Void” is extraordinarily mysterious, and he has always managed to evade Ye Feipeng’s ferocious attacks.

Now that he seemed about to do so again, the little fat man grew slightly enraged.

“Xiao swings the axe, aiming for the high sky, but the axe’s height falls short? Xiao Heng, you’re too confident!”

“Human strength is limited, let alone, how can a mere Golden Core cultivator be compared to the actual sky!”

“If you are the sky…”

“Then, I will swallow the sky!”

In the thunderous roar, the body of the Kunpeng beast, which is already huge, expands again.

He flapped his wings, and numerous green wind chains formed, blocking the sky in front of him.

Then he opened his big mouth, and a dark shadow emerged from it.

The shadow seemed to contain boundless sucking power, the sight of the sky began to distort, moving towards his mouth.

Xiao Heng’s face changed slightly, wanting to move and transform his figure again.

However, he was slightly horrified to find that the “Law of Void” that had been invincible before had now lost its effect!

His body involuntarily flew towards the mouth of the terrifying beast, and the spiritual energy inside his body stopped flowing under the tremendous pressure around him.

Seeing this, Xiao Heng can only exclaim in frustration: “I admit defeat! I admit defeat!”

A hint of blood red flashed in Kunpeng’s eyes, he had no intention of stopping.

Luckily, a moment later, blackness reclaimed the exotic beast’s eyeballs. Ye Feipeng then woke up and stopped his action.