Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Chapter 122: Return to Yunshui Palace

Chapter 127: Chapter 122: Return to Yunshui Palace

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As more and more people entered, the sound of reading inside the house grew louder.

Li Fan listened attentively, barely able to distinguish a few lines. “The laws of heaven are stern, respect rules and adhere to tradition.”

“Now I have received the law, I will spread it all sentient beings.”

“The laws of heaven cannot be violated.’

“The laws of heaven…” Li Fan recalled in his mind, he had not come across any related information.

“I wonder what the connection between this place and the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters is?”

The reason Li Fan did not choose to enter was that, as he had previously mentioned, the opportunities here were not very useful for him, who was at the late Foundation Establishment Perfection.

The second reason was that he still had some concerns.

Could such a strange existence really be free from danger and only bring benefits?

Li Fan didn’t believe it.

He planned to let these people test it first.

If it really was so, then he could come again in his next life.

What Li Fan cultivated was the Doctrine of a Hundred Lifetimes, not a doctrine for a single lifetime.

For him, the idea of missing opportunities didn’t exist.

Another day passed amidst the resonant reading aloud.

The next day, when the cultivators woke up from the ground, every single one of them had advanced a minor realm.

They were overjoyed because just one night equaled to many bitter refinements!

Thus, like the previous six people, they also contacted their friends to come here one after another.

Gradually, more and more people became aware of the opportunity here.

People came and went non-stop, all with joyful expressions on their faces.

Li Fan was just silently observing.

Just before the Green Bull Cart entered the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters, Li Fan roughly calculated.

About two Nascent Souls, six Gold Cores, nineteen Foundation Establishments, and a number of Energy Refining Cultivators had entered the thatched cottage.

Even the most lively party had a time to end.

A month later, the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters suspended in the sky was in sight.

The Green Bull Cart finally reached its destination.

Li Fan, along with all the cultivators, chose to stay away from the range of the ox cart, watching from afar.


The blue ox cried, its hooves treading in the air, flying upward.

Pulling the two-wheeled plank carriage from the sea surface, it rose into mid-air.

Then it rushed headlong into the transparent and azure Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters.

Green and blue lights intersected and sparkled.

Without any sound, the ox cart quietly disappeared into the Misthaven Ocean.

All the cultivators present let out sighs of regret.

About a dozen cultivators, maybe out of courage, or maybe because they had previously ventured into the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters.

Driven by curiosity, they also flew in right after.

Still, Li Fan used his Formless Killing Machine and locked onto one of them.

Following him, the view changed and he reached the long-lost Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters.

In front of the towering gate, the blue ox shrunk to a normal size.

Pulling the two-wheeled plank carriage slowly, it stopped abruptly when it passed the Statues of Qin Hall.

The door of the thatched cottage slammed open, and a scroll of wooden slips flew out from inside.

The wooden slip flew in front of the statues of Qin Hall, and an almost transparent figure flew out from it.

It looked somewhat old, and its face was not clear.

“Qin Tang…”

He stared at the statue staked through its heart, fell silent for a long time, and slowly opened his mouth.

The statue of Qin Tang seemed to suddenly move a little.

It then really creaked, tilting its head at a weird angle.

Staring at the old figure in front of it, a faint voice, too faint to be heard, suddenly came out from the statue of Qin Tang.



Although the voice was small, it was like a thunderclap, spreading across the entire Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters in an instant.




Various voices, filled with pain, confusion, relief, and comfort.

They came from all directions, and echoed non-stop.

Overlapping each other, like a symphony from hell, it echoed in the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters.

Li Fan even saw, deep in the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters, where the Taiyi Hall was located.

The turtle-snake Taiyi seemed to be awakening from its slumber, revealing its ferocious body.

But a broken sword’s phantom form suddenly appeared.

This remnant of a sword, deeply embedded in Taiyi’s body, showed only a short section to the outside.

Its entirely black body, with a murderous aura that reached the heavens!

The broken sword faintly trembled, like a grating sound that appeared on a blade sharpening stone.

In the void, countless sword shadows descended, brutally stabbing into the turtle-snake monster.


With a frenzied wail, Taiyi was forced to shrink back into the Taiyi hall.

Outside of the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters, Li Fan was greatly stirred by this scene.

Because this sword embedded in Taiyi’s body was similar to the one he had seen earlier, competing with the Qing Wind.

They both seem to be parts of the same sword!

In front of the Statues of Qin Hall, the transparent figure of the Master glanced at the location of the Taiyi Hall and sighed deeply.

Then, the Master stretched out his hand to grasp the bamboo slips.

His hands were placed behind him, and he looked up at the sky, inhaling deeply.

The figure of the Master instantly expanded. In a short period of time, it grew enormous, like a giant standing tall in the sky.

With hair standing on end, the Master glared ahead and roared.

“Celestial! ”

“Doctor! ”

The roar of the Master echoed throughout the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters in an instant.

Following his roar…

The whole of the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters plunged into the silence of death.

Then, waves of resentful voices erupted into the sky.

“Celestial Doctor!”

“Celestial Doctor!”

“Celestial Doctor!”

The roaring voices were ceaseless. The despair and hatred they expressed made Li Fan, who was outside the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters, feel a chill run down his spine.

Desperate roars echoed throughout the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters, shaking the immense structure into a constant tremble.

The clear mist that enveloped each structure, all of them, started to roll like boiling water.

It was as if every entity that had been tortured there for thousands of years wanted to break free.

In the sky above the Celestial Palace, before the Master’s massive body…

A small white jade statue suddenly appeared.

And with its appearance, strange occurrences exploded throughout the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters.

Angry and despairing shouts flowed unstoppably, like a raging river.

Cracks began to appear on the ground. The whole Celestial Palace quivered, threatening to shatter.

A soft light emerged from the white jade statue, and it instantly turned into a normal size.

Its face was kindly, its hair grey.

It was the mysterious elder who had met Lin Fan’s avatar before.

Ignoring the wave upon wave of raging roars below…

The Celestial Doctor smiled faintly, “Everyone,”

“Long time no see.”

The towering figure of the Master shuddered with rage. His face twisted in hatred, he tried to utter some words.

But in the end, he could only spit out, “Die!”

The sky seemed to darken, as though a boundless killing intent was converging.

Thin lines suddenly appeared on the Celestial Doctor’s body.

But he simply patted them down to fade into nonexistence, as though they’d never been there at all.

The Celestial Doctor smiled at the Master, “Just a fight, is there a need to be so angry?”

His smiled disappeared suddenly, his face became extremely cold.

“Getting angry easily is an illness.”

“It’s an illness…

“It needs to be cured.’

Outside the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters, Li Fan’s face changed, and he immediately sparked all the defensive talismans on him.

Then, he moved rapidly to escape, heading backwards.

A shockwave erupted from the Celestial Palace of Clouds and Waters.

In an instant, it swept across Misthaven Ocean.

Then, the force didn’t lose momentum and continued to extend towards the surrounding states.

For a moment, the entire Immortal Cultivation World sensed the occurrences happening at the Misthaven Ocean.

A few gigantic thoughts seemed to communicate with each other.

Then, they all fell silent..