Chapter 444: The Choice

Chapter 444: The Choice

[A New Sub-Scenario has arrived!]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: SSS

Clear Conditions: Kill the Disaster of Floods, Shin Yoo-sung, and The Fire Dragon Ignir.

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Compensation: 250,000 coins, ???.

Failure: The Fall of Seoul

In one fell swoop Paul had tilted the table in his favour. How did he do it? No one can be sure. But they knew that he poured a lot of resources into bringing this about. And why?

He did it all for his revenge.

However, the Constellations enjoyed the now increased stakes. In desperate times exceptional moments and the heroes who create them are born.

'That or everything ends. And here I don't see a chance of us winning.' Dok-ja bit his lip until it bled.

Making a decision in such situations was the hardest. But, someone was capable of that here.

He turned towards Queresha, and the little kid beside her glared at Jung-Hyuk. However, the woman's eyes did not leave the ring on her finger. It glowed dimly and soon her eyes met Jung-Hyuk's.

"We'll win."

[The Incarnation 'Yoo Jung-Hyuk' had confirmed that statement to be true.]

Without any words, he turned to face the full-powered Beast Lord. He rushed brandishing his sword to unleash his strongest moves.N0v3lTr0ve served as the original host for this chapter's release on N0v3l--B1n.

[He's facing the Dragon over there. They finally released him after so many complaints.] Bi-young contacted him immediately.

'So, that's how it is.' Dok-ja smiled and turned to face the Beast lord too.

Did he trust Haru to take care of the Dragon? He didn't know. This was the real disaster that destroyed worlds. He can already feel Lycaon trembling somewhere at the sight of those flames.

But, if there was someone in Seoul Dome that could face that Dragon alone. It can only be one person.

'I see. It was a good decision to limit our strength and hide.' He laughed but Kurumi waited a little, 'Do you think I can win this with my limited strength?'

To save Shin Yoo-sung as he promised and not let his group get hurt. That's the win condition for Haru. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too. A truly selfish condition, because if he saves Shin Yoo-sung it would invite trouble. But if he didn't save her Zenobia would be sad.

[Are you prepared to sacrifice?] Kurumi asked even if she knew the answer.

"Of course. But I'll be sure to take something of equal worth if not more." Haru stopped in the middle of the road with that.

[Oi, What are you doing?] Do-Gak shouted as the Breath of Hell closed in on Haru. If that hit him, not even his bones would remain.

Neither Paul nor he thought that Haru would defeat Ignir alone. After all, this beast was only brought out to hold him in place while the other came over after killing the Disaster of Floods.

[Many Constellations are laughing at the weak human spirit.]

'These annoying fuckers.' Do-Gak gritted his teeth. He didn't have the authority to stop Ignir from killing Haru. And Paul used his authority on the Disaster of Floods so he was in a bind too.

However, he didn't expect this reaction from him after he made such a brazen deal. The Breath of Hellfire struck him and moved on like nothing. Like it had burned a bug that wasn't even worth considering.

'Is he really dead?' Do-Gak's heart sank. With this he got royally fucked, not only did he lose the Golden Goose. But, because he brought Haru in front of Ignir, he confirmed himself as an accomplice.

[The Constellations of the Nebula Takamagahara have their eyes on you.]

'It is over. Everything is over' Do-gak pulled at his hair.

Ignir turned his eyes westwards. The scent of strong warriors came from there, warriors worth burning. If they can stand his flames, he'll indulge them in Battle and crush them.

To cast heroes into the flames of despair as he denied their years of training and convictions. That was the reason why Ignir roused from the depths of hell and signed the Disaster contract.

He destroyed many worlds alongside the other disasters, but his offspring came to this world instead. However, he was slain and that brought about his interest.

So, when the opportunity to appear in this world and face the strongest incarnation came to him. He took it with no hesitation even if his strength got halved.

But this turned out to be a disappointment as he gave up before the fight even started. He flapped his four wings and decided to head west. Destroying another world was nothing special.

"Where are you going?" However, the voice that passed his ears made him stop. A flash passed his eyes, he turned his neck. But all he saw was blood, his blood.

The cut on his shoulder burned. It spewed red hot blood that melted the asphalt on the ground. He looked around but couldn't mind the one who did it. Someone who can cut through the scales forged in the pits of hell. Was bound to be formidable.

Ignir knew they wouldn't face him head-on. If they had any semblance of intelligence. Sneak attacks were the way to go with him.

Yet, his golden eyes caught a figure rushing straight for him. The blade in his hand glowed in a similar color to his eyes.