16 Chapter 16: Pang Fu

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Xu Fan took out a small Magic Mirror and began an online transaction in the world of cultivation.

The mirror surface flickered, and the face of a middle-aged man appeared in the mirror.

“Fellow, what elixirs have you recently refined?” The excited voice of the middle-aged man came from the mirror.

“Medium-grade Little Spirit Pills, 50 bottles, Medium-grade Body Forging Pills, 50 bottles, Medium-grade Detoxification Pills, 50 bottles, Medium-grade Clear Mind Pills, 20 bottles, Medium-grade Spirit Quickening Pills, 20 bottles.”

“Also, there are 10 bottles each of Water Spirit Pills and Wood Spirit Pills.”

As Xu Fan spoke, the expression of the middle-aged man in the mirror became more and more shocked. He knew that Xu Fan had purchased the required spiritual medicine only two months ago. This rate of progress was somewhat unbelievable.

“That should be about it. Director Li, please calculate the total for me.” Xu Fan said with a smile. With this money, he could start his Artifact Refining plan.

“50 bottles of Little Spirit Pills, 11,500 Spirit Stones, Forging Body Pills, 15,000 Spirit Stones, Detoxification Pills, 10,000 Spirit Stones, Clear Mind Pills, 8,000 Spirit Stones, Spirit Quickening Pills, 12,000 Spirit Stones.”

“Water Spirit Pills and Wood Spirit Pills count as 40,000 Spirit Stones for you, totaling 96,500 Spirit Stones. Let’s round up the total to 97,000 Spirit Stones.”

“Fellow, now you can upgrade to Level 2 Mirror Authority, which will give you some new features. You can pay attention to them.”


“Let’s start the transaction then.”


Xu Fan took out the Spiritual Pills to be traded from his Storage Bag and shone the Magic Mirror on them. A force of Spatial Power immediately captured all the elixirs, and a new bag of Spirit Stones appeared in their original place.

Every time Xu Fan saw this scene, he couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

This was much more convenient than online shopping, directly using spatial transmission. Unfortunately, it could only be used within the Sect.

When Xu Fan was promoted to Level 1 Authority and learned that the Magic Mirror had a teleportation function, he was shocked. The painting style of this world was becoming more and more incorrect.

Later, he learned that this was achieved by utilizing the power of the Sect’s Grand Formation that covered the entire Sect. The teleportation system became invalid once outside the Heavenly Gate.

After the transaction was completed, Director Li did not hang up the call.

“Fellow, I have a favor to ask of you.” Director Li in the Magic Mirror said, looking a little embarrassed.

“Go ahead.” Xu Fan replied. Although his relationship with Director Li was purely transactional, he didn’t mind helping out a little since Director Li occasionally gave him discounts or rounded up the figures in the past year.

“My Qi Cultivation stage nephew is going to a Secret Realm for cultivation practice, and I hope to purchase some high-quality elixirs from you. I hope you can help.” Director Li said. Judging from the elixirs traded over the past year, Xu Fan had long been able to refine high-quality Qi Cultivation stage elixirs.

“I have 5 high-quality Little Spirit Pills, 4 Detoxification Pills, 6 Body Forging Pills, and 3 Speed Spirit Pills.”

“Considering our relationship, you can have them for any price you see fit.” After some contemplation, Xu Fan said that being able to refine high-quality elixirs wasn’t anything extraordinary. There was no point in keeping these high-grade elixirs with him.

“Speed Spirit Pills, fellow, you are really good at hiding your skills.” Director Li said with joy. A high-quality Speed Spirit Pill could instantly restore half of the Spiritual Power of someone at the peak of Qi Cultivation. It was the first choice for a Qi Cultivator going out to battle.

“20,000 Spirit Stones. What do you think?”

“You’re selling at a loss. With some time, you could easily get more for these elixirs.” Xu Fan did some calculations and said.

“It’s not a loss. The situation is sudden, and even at this price, I can’t let you suffer, right?”

“Alright then, let’s trade.” Xu Fan said with a smile.


The force of Spatial Power appeared once more.

After the transaction was completed, Xu Fan looked at the two bags of Spirit Stones and smiled.

“Finally, I’m no longer that shut-in who used to have no Spirit Stones in his pocket.”

At this moment, the Spiritual Power within Xu Fan surged, indicating that he was about to break through his current Realm.

Xu Fan quickly returned to his room to meditate and suppress the breakthrough.

An hour later, Xu Fan slowly opened his eyes.

“I can’t easily break through without reaching perfection in the Qi Cultivation 4th level first.”

“Besides, my Five Elements Decision research is about to be successful, and when I start cultivating the new Five Elements Decision, won’t I get twice the results with half the effort?” Xu Fan said.

Xu Fan continued studying the Five Elements Decision.

Meanwhile, in a distant Holy Land, Zhang Weiyun, just finished her cultivation and was planning to go out and play on her Xuanqing Divine Bird when she was stopped by Mysterious Green Venerable.

“Can’t bear the solitude after just three months of closed-door cultivation?”

“You haven’t even comprehended the basics of Fortune Heavenly Destiny Secret, and your combat power isn’t top-notch among your peers. I can’t take you out with me to show my face.” Mysterious Green Venerable gently said, she had high expectations for this disciple.

She herself had a Heavenly Fortune Physique, and it was only through a series of fortunate encounters in her early days that she slowly rose to prominence. Originally, she had no cares, as a big shot in the Feiyu Boundary.

But during a break, she fell asleep and had a nightmare. In the dream, she was chased by a group of the Demon Clan in the Great Thousand World and died horribly under their torture.

Upon waking up, Mysterious Green Venerable knew that her Heavenly Fortune Physique was warning her. Soon after, she began frantically searching for a way to overcome her tribulation, as that scene from her dream was terrifying.

Then she obtained a Secret Method that required her to take on a disciple with the Heavenly Fortune Physique and teach her wholeheartedly to dissolve her own tribulation.

That was the reason why she accepted Zhang Weiyun as her disciple.

“That’s too hard to learn. I’ll go out for a walk, and I might have new insights.”

“If I could see my husband, that would be even better.” Zhang Weiyun hugged Mysterious Green Venerable’s arm and acted coquettishly.

Hearing her disciple talking about her future husband, Mysterious Green Venerable’s eyes flashed with a different color. Anyone who could form a Daoist Couple with someone with the Heavenly Fortune Physique was not a simple figure. She wondered what kind of brilliance her disciple’s future husband could achieve in this world.

“You can go out for a walk, but if you want to see your husband, you have to comprehend the introductory part of the Fortune Heavenly Destiny Secret first.”

“Alright, I will work hard.”

After saying that, Zhang Weiyun happily mounted her Xuanqing Divine Bird and flew off.

Heavenly Gate, Outer Sect Mountain Range, Artifact Constructing Peak.

Xu Fan spent 10,000 Spirit Stones painfully to buy a set of beginner Artifact Refiner materials and information. The information was in the form of light and shadow.

“The barrier to entry for Artifact Refining is much higher than for Alchemy. There isn’t even a teaching cultivator arranged.” Xu Fan complained. He had already “graduated” from his Alchemy course and thought Artifact Refining would be similar, but this was unexpected.

When he returned to his own little mountain peak, Xu Fan saw an unfamiliar disciple standing at the Restriction outside.

“Isn’t this Senior Brother Pang Fu? What brings you to my humble abode?” Xu Fan looked at his chubby Senior Brother and asked.

There weren’t many people Xu Fan remembered from their time studying together during the Early Qi Refining Stage, and the man in front of him was one of the few.

“I heard that Brother Xu had success in Alchemy, so I came to congratulate him.” Pang Fu squeezed his amiable double chin and spoke. He even took out 50 Spirit Stones from his Storage Bag as a congratulatory gift.

“Oh, thank you, Senior Brother Pang Fu. I appreciate your kind thoughts, but you should keep the Spirit Stones.”

“In the Outer Sect, we’re all Loose Cultivators with no support. Every single Spirit Stone should be used in the most crucial moments.”

Xu Fan’s eyes flashed with a different color. This chubby guy was quite generous.