11 Chapter 11: First Time Alchemy

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The power of the explosion from the pill refining furnace wasn’t strong, just enough to leave Xu Fan’s face covered in ash.

After thinking about the reason for half a day, Xu Fan finally found out that during the final stage of operating the Shaping Elixir Technique, the speed was too fast, causing the furnace to explode.

Just when he was considering how to improve, Xu Fan suddenly rushed toward the pill refining furnace.

“My pill refining furnace, please don’t let anything happen to you.”

After carefully examining every part of the pill refining furnace, he finally found a small crack near the place close to the fire trench.

Only then did Xu Fan remember the words that the disciple said to him when buying the furnace.

“This level of pill refining furnace can generally withstand a maximum of ten furnace explosions, I hope Senior Brother cherishes it.”

In the end, that disciple also gave Xu Fan a meaningful look.

Now, Xu Fan understood the meaning of that look.

“It turns out that alchemy and poverty have nothing to do with each other.”

People with average qualifications don’t know how many furnaces they need to explode.

There is a saying in the alchemy world, “Twenty furnaces produce elixirs, fifty furnaces make elixirs, a hundred furnaces make masters, and a thousand furnaces make grandmasters.”

This tells people not only how difficult alchemy is, but also that without Spirit Stones, you won’t even be able to afford a refining furnace.

“Do I lack the talent for alchemy?” Xu Fan looked at the crack with a heartache and said.

Xu Fan tidied up and started another furnace. He was currently practicing the most basic Grain Dispelling Pill in the Cultivation World.

Good Grain Dispelling Pills can even help cultivators improve their cultivation levels.

Half an hour later.


Xu Fan completed his second furnace explosion in his life.

“Damn it, I don’t believe I’ll explode the furnace for the third time.”

Xu Fan’s eyes were slightly red, he quickly cleaned up the alchemy room and began his third attempt at alchemy.

Another half an hour later.


The pill furnace exploded for the third time.

This time, Xu Fan calmed down.

He removed the defensive spells from his body and began to think calmly.

An hour later, Xu Fan started to carefully observe the refined Spiritual Medicine essence, trying to sense the medicinal power contained in it and the size of the Spiritual Power.

Half an hour later, Xu Fan put down the Spiritual Medicine, placed his hands on the alchemy artifact, and began to sense every detail of the pill refining furnace.

“Just now during alchemy, my state of mind was indeed too fluctuating. I was only focused on refining a top-tier Grain Dispelling Pill.”

Xu Fan took a deep breath. No matter what one does, an unstable state of mind is always a major taboo.

With his eyes closed, he went over the details of alchemy in his mind again.

Starting the furnace, igniting the Spiritual Fire, adding the Spiritual Medicine essence, shaping the elixir, refining and reassembling…….

In the end, when it came time to collect the elixir, Xu Fan maintained a highly focused state.


When the elixir was finally formed, Xu Fan took out the jade bottle he had prepared earlier.

The lid of the pill furnace opened automatically, and ten Grain Dispelling Pills the size of glass beads were drawn into the jade bottle by Xu Fan using the Medicine Attraction Technique.

It wasn’t until the alchemy process was completed that Xu Fan showed a smile.

“Not bad, the first successful alchemy yielded a grand slam, a good omen.”

Xu Fan picked up the jade bottle and took out a Grain Dispelling Pill.

“The pill has a spiritual glow and a rich elixir fragrance, which is a middle-grade Grain Removing Pill.”

“If you want to sell it, this middle-grade Grain Removing Pill can be sold for two Spirit Stones.”

“Without counting the consumption of the pill furnace, it took four Spirit Stones’ worth of spiritual fire and the value of the spiritual medicine for refining the Grain Removing Pill is ten Spirit Stones.”

“So that means, I only earned six Spirit Stones after working for half a day.”

Xu Fan frowned slightly and felt that it was far from the huge profits he had imagined.

He forgot that just a month ago, he was still a humble outer disciple with an annual income of 700 Spirit Stones.

“But if it is successful in one furnace, consuming one Spirit Stone and 2.5 Spirit Stones of spiritual medicine, it can make a profit of 17.5 Spirit Stones.”

“A profit of nearly 600%, this business has a lot of potential.” Xu Fan stroked his chin and laughed.

“Alright, let’s try a few more furnaces with this feeling.”

At the same time, the same scene was happening to the other nine disciples in Xu Fan’s class. Everyone was holding the broken pieces of their pill furnaces with tears in their eyes.

The next day, Xu Fan appeared in the classroom, full of energy and enthusiasm.

Sha Yan was already waiting in the classroom with a middle-aged cultivator.

This middle-aged cultivator was Xu Fan’s main teacher, an alchemist with Foundation Establishment Peak cultivation named Sha Jingtian, who was also Sha Yan’s father.

After all the students arrived, the middle-aged cultivator on the platform slowly said, “Did anyone succeed in refining Grain Removing Pills yesterday?”

Xu Fan kept quiet, adhering to his low-profile principle, and looked around, finding that all the disciples had bitter faces.

At this moment, Sha Jingtian laughed, as if he was reminiscing about when he first learned the Alchemy Technique.

“The feeling of having the furnace explode is terrible, isn’t it? As expected, those who were eager to succeed yesterday probably ruined their pill furnaces.”

“How did you know, teacher?”

“Haha, teacher, you guessed wrong. I blew up two pill furnaces.”

“I almost lost my life trying to refine pills yesterday.”

Xu Fan looked at the complaining disciples and wondered in his heart: Is alchemy really that difficult?

Only after everyone had expressed their opinions did Sha Jingtian continue speaking: “Don’t doubt yourselves, it’s normal for you to have exploding furnaces now.”

“You must have heard the saying: twenty furnaces produce pills, fifty furnaces form pills, a hundred furnaces make a master, and a thousand furnaces make a grandmaster.”

“Let me tell you, these are the standards for geniuses. For you to become a basic alchemist, it’s normal to blow up more than a hundred pill furnaces.”

“By the way, the standard for a basic alchemist is being able to refine ten types of elixirs not of any specific grade and one first-grade elixir.”

“Only then you will be qualified to become a basic alchemist.”

“If you have resources, you can learn slowly.”

“If not, take my advice: if you still can’t master three pill formulas after blowing up ten furnaces, give up early.”

“Without resources, alchemy is too difficult.”

Then he glanced at three people in the audience, including Xu Fan. These three were people without family support or abundant resources.

However, when Sha Jingtian looked at Xu Fan, a faint trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, so faint that it was almost undetectable.

“Alright, enough small talk. Now tell me why you failed while refining the Grain Removing Pills.”

The whole morning was spent in correcting mistakes. After Sha Jingtian finished his class and all the disciples had left, he looked at his daughter.

“Do you know that disciple named Xu Fan?” Sha Jingtian asked.

“He’s just an ordinary outer sect disciple with a bit of a talent for cultivating Spirit Stones.”

“He’s just a very ordinary, low-key disciple.” Sha Yan said.

“Pay more attention to him in the future, he might not be so simple.” Sha Jingtian said. As an alchemist, he was very sensitive to the smell of elixirs. When Xu Fan entered the classroom, he could smell the faint scent of a refined and pure Grain Removing Pill on him.


“He might be a genius, and if so, you’ll have a new junior fellow soon.”