Chapter 472 - Chapter 472: Wrong Move!

Chapter 472: Wrong Move!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Now, wasn’t that a swift face slap?

Even Sam knew he’d lost. In just a short period of time, Mubai had secured a landslide victory!

The contest between men had reached an end. Mubai nodded satisfactorily. “Now that we’ve that out of the way, let’s try this again. First, thank you for keeping Xinghe safe.”

“Of, of course.” Ali and the rest nodded honestly. It was not that they were afraid of death but dying because of jealousy between two men was just too dumb. They also, in a way, appreciated Mubai showing them his bottom line so early; at least that way they wouldn’t over step it accidentally. As long as they didn’t cross the boundary with regards to Xinghe, everything would be fine and dandy…

With their promised cooperation, Mubai decided to let certain things rest. He smiled kindly. “Let’s go, it’s safe now.”

He pulled Xinghe and walked away. Ali and the rest helped each other up. Sam was the picture of despondency.

Wolf slapped him on his shoulder and comforted him, “Brother, you still have us.”

Cairn also added, “Don’t take this failure to heart; this wasn’t your first failure and will definitely not be your last.”

Sam had on a pained expression being reminded of that. Why am Iso unlucky with my romantic relationships?

Ali stared at him with a curious expression. “Why would you think someone as impressive as Xinghe would be available? It’s rather a given that men would be fighting for her.”

Of course, Sam had thought of that, he just didn’t think his competition would overshadow him so much.

Charlie also came over to console him, “It’s not a shame for you to lose to him. Let’s go, after all, it’s thanks to him that we are saved.”

This pained Sam the most. His life was saved by his competition. How could he lift his head up in front of Xinghe as a possible romantic candidate?

Therefore, he had no choice but to eliminate that thought from his mind.

Charlie’s group followed behind Mubai and Xinghe and none of the soldiers stopped them. Philip ordered the military to disperse and they were going to leave with their vehicles.

Barron who had been standing to the side too afraid to speak up finally couldn’t stand it anymore. “General, wait!”

Philip who was getting into the car turned back to address him, “What else do you need?”

“General, they are all criminals who committed the great sin of breaking into the military prison. Are, aren’t you going to arrest them?” Barron asked with righteous indignation.

Mubai who was also climbing into the car turned to look at Barron as well.

Philip nodded and turned to ask Sam’s group, “You guys broke into the jail?”

“That’s right, but as to why we did it… I’m sure General Barron knows very well. He was keeping Charlie captive illegally and is smuggling drugs. Not only that, he tried to murder us. He’s the one that should be arrested,” Xinghe said clearly.

Barron’s face immediately changed. “You’re lying, you’re the criminal here!”

Afraid that his criminal activities would be exposed, Barron pulled out his gun and said, “General, they are my convicts so they fall under my jurisdiction; I refuse to let you pardon them! Therefore, it is within my right to execute them on the spot!”

As he said so, he pointed his gun at Xinghe—

“Wrong move!” Mubai sharpened his gaze and fired a shot at Barron without hesitation!

The bullet shot through Barron’s chest. Everyone was shocked. Barron widened his eyes in shock. Like a cartoon, he looked down at his chest wound which was leaking with blood and his entire body convulsed..