Chapter 234: Hidden Potential in the Human Body

Chapter 234: Hidden Potential in the Human Body

"So, he's a premature baby."

"It's not that difficult to treat, but..."

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Li Fan looked at the names of the required medicinal pills for treatment and the materials needed for alchemy, shaking his head silently.

"The small mountain sect of the Ancient Body Transformation Dao doesn't have any alchemy techniques. Moreover, it is quite impoverished, with limited resources. Even if we know these pills are effective, it's not guaranteed that we can find them."

"Besides, whether these pills existed thousands of years ago is still uncertain."

Li Fan went through all the remaining information, and the other common approach was to use Heavenly Treasures to replenish the deficient body.

However, none of them were suitable for the situation Tian Yang was in.

A cultivator with innate weakness to the extent of Tian Yang's condition was indeed very rare.

Since the establishment of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance, there have been only a few such cases.

It could be considered a difficult case, and there weren't many references for Li Fan.

"Do I have to pursue the method of breaking through to the Golden Core realm after all?"

"Wait a moment, why did I forget about this!"

Li Fan was momentarily stunned, then suddenly realized.

Activating the Divine Transformation Dao, he quickly perused the "Heavenly Doctor's Immortal Sutra" recorded in his mind.

Although Li Fan had memorized the entire medical scripture, the content of this medical book was too vast. Previously, it was stored in the blue crystal in his mind, and he couldn't use it at will with just a thought.

Because of this, he would instinctively overlook it.

The "Heavenly Doctor's Immortal Sutra" was indeed profound, not disappointing Li Fan.

Soon, Li Fan found the description of the corresponding ailment.

"Excessive sleepiness, stunted growth, all such symptoms are due to insufficient innate essence and energy."

"To cure this condition, there are three methods."

"The first is supplementation, the second is peril, and the third is poison."

Li Fan went through the three methods in the medical scripture one by one, silently admiring.

"The path of medicine is truly not to be underestimated."

The so-called supplementation was the method Li Fan had found earlier in the Tianxuan Mirror, using Heavenly Treasures to supplement innate essence and energy.

The other two methods, "peril" and "poison," were intriguing.

According to the medical scripture, although those with this condition had innate deficiencies, as long as they survived for a year after birth, they would have a complete constitution and become a whole entity.

After the last battle, he excitedly sent a message, claiming to have figured out a way to defeat Zhang Qianmo. Once he cultivated well, he would immediately come to challenge.

Li Fan was quite looking forward to this.

According to the explanation from [Truth] on using the Eternal Remembrance to simulate the creation of the world, Li Fan had an idea about why he had been trapped in Ningyuan City in the Fallen Immortal Realm.

"It should still be influenced by obsession. Just like being unable to leave Tian Yang Cave, without resolving the obsession, I'll never be able to leave Ningyuan City."

"As for who's obsession and what obsession..."

"At present, the biggest possibility is Zhang Qianmo."

"Perhaps defeating him could bring about some different changes."

"I hope this 'I Am Invincible' lives up to his name and doesn't disappoint me."

Closing "Discussing Dao While Seated," Li Fan then checked the situation on Xiao Heng's side.

Since receiving the guidance from "Senior Skull," Xiao Heng had already begun taking action.

Su Xiaomei officially entered the White Bone Realm and received Li Fan's "Six Desires Without Form."

Upon stepping into the Qi Condensation stage, her cultivation soared.

Su Changyu still hadn't completed the removal of the Immortal-Mortal Miasma in her body, but perhaps due to her young age, the progress was much faster than before. It was estimated that within a year or two, she could successfully draw in spiritual energy.

Xiao Heng brought the wandering Yin sisters to the deserted island and taught them the method to dispel the miasma.

The same went for Zhang Haobo.

However, during this process, there was a somewhat amusing episode that left Li Fan amused.

As Ye Feipeng had been wandering alone for many years, secretive about his activities, and often did not respond when Xiao Heng tried to contact him, Xiao Heng had to handle all these matters alone.

So, when Ye Feipeng returned with an excited expression, he suddenly saw Zhang Haobo standing on the beach, calmly looking at him.

The slightly guilty fatty thought that someone had discovered he had taken Zhang Haobo's opportunity and believed that someone had come to seek revenge.

Ye Feipeng was immediately frightened out of his wits.

Before this former Dao Integration Immortal Sage, he didn't have the slightest thought of resistance.

Instead, he chose to flee without looking back, at a speed several times faster than when he came.

He didn't stop until he thought he was completely safe, and only then did he stop with a heart still full of lingering fear.

Leaving Zhang Haobo standing on the beach in utter confusion.

In the end, after Ye Feipeng and Xiao Heng communicated, they resolved the misunderstanding.

However, for the time being, Ye Feipeng didn't have the face to return to the deserted island.

He continued chasing after wind disasters in the Cong Yun Sea.