"Mr. Lin, your decision is really right. I despised you just now. I started with the cleaner. This is what I deserve."

Bear sheep is a man who can bend and stretch.

"This car..." Lin Fei's words were interrupted by the beautiful woman before she could speak out.

He wants to phantom with Rolls Royce. Do you have to wait?

The Rolls Royce phantom is his.

Lin Fei laughed bitterly.

So, she rolled her eyes and said unhappily, "if you want to take a picture with Rolls Royce, wait a minute."

She felt that Linfei could not be the owner of the Rolls Royce phantom.

The beautiful woman looks at Lin Fei and finds that Lin Fei is wearing all kinds of goods.

"Finished?" Lin Fei asked.

At this time, a beautiful woman is pursing her mouth, standing next to his Rolls Royce phantom, taking selfie.

Then he went to his Rolls Royce phantom.

Lin Fei walked out of Tengda entertainment company.

At the same time.


"Go to you. President Lin is a standard, rich and handsome man. How can he look up to you?"

"President Lin is the prince charming in my mind. If President Lin takes a fancy to me, I will present my first time to him. "

"President Lin is my idol!"

The whole conference room was boiling.


Lin Fei just walked out of the meeting room.

After the speech, Lin Fei walked out of the meeting room slowly.

Otherwise, it is impossible to be red for a long time.

Lin Fei knows that if a star wants to be popular all the time, he must have good acting skills.

"You can improve your acting skills. As long as your acting skills are good enough, I promise you will become one of the hottest first-line stars in the entertainment industry." Lin Feixin's pledge of Dan Dan.

However, Lin Fei did not know about these things.

There are four women who are discussing through wechat. In the future, they will find the opportunity to serve Lin Fei together.

They can only privately, to lure Lin Fei.

Of course, they don't dare to seduce Lin Fei openly.

He should take care of more women.

Lin Fei is so rich.

Even, little eighteen.

They don't mind being Lin Fei's junior and senior.

Her girls, they racked their brains thinking, how to climb onto the bed of Lin Fei and become Lin Fei's woman.

She is likely to get the leading role.

Yesterday, if she had a good relationship with Lin Fei.

At this time, Hu Jingxue regretted death!

Including Hu Jingxue.

Everyone is eager to get important roles.

Under the podium.

The rest of the audience, they all gaped.

This is too proud!

As soon as Tengda entertainment company was founded, it was ready to shoot ten TV dramas in one breath.

Tengda entertainment company is too rich.

Lin Fei and Fan Jian's conversation stunned the others.

"Mr. Lin, it's true." Fan Jian didn't dare to be careless, he replied quickly.

"Fan Jian, is our company going to select a group of actors and shoot ten TV series tomorrow?" Lin Fei turned to look at Fan Jian and asked.

Lin Fei's speech won another round of applause.


"Well, that's it." Lin Fei takes back his eyes and continues his speech.

A flattering smile appeared on his face. He said a lot of flattery.


"All right, you go aside first and don't disturb me to take pictures." The beauty frowned impatiently.

She didn't want to waste time with a poor loser.

She wanted to take two more photos before the Rolls Royce phantom owner arrived.