Chapter 11 – Jealousy

“Whew, it’s hot.”

Eri-chan fanned the open breast of her uniform with her hand.

The beads of sweat floating there tells the story of what we had just done.

“Nao-kun, your p***s is really amazing.”


“Ah, but that’s not all, okay? I like you, Nao-kun. I have a strong sexual desire, but I’m not a b***h, okay?”

“Yes, I know. I know that Eri-chan is a kind and nice girl.”

When I said this, Eri-chan fiddled with her bangs as if embarrassed.

“I like hanging out with Nao-kun like this, even if it’s not a special date on a holiday.”

“Me, too. I like it, too.”

“But, you know, I still want a proper date. Is this weekend okay with you?”

“Okay, I’ll clear my schedule.”

“It’s a promise, okay?”

Eri-chan kissed me on the cheek.

A warmth seemed to have spread from there.

I came home from my part time job and was preparing dinner.

“Mama, I’m home~”

“Ah, Eri. Welcome home.”

My daughter came home.

“You know, I promised to go on a date with Nao-kun again this weekend.”

“Ah, is that so? That’s good then.”

“Yes. I want to go on a proper date this time. I won’t hang out much this week and I’ll be home early.”

“That’s good.”

“Well, it’s because I had s*x at Nao-kun’s house earlier.”


“Ah, I’m sorry, Mama. I was so happy that I just said it.”

“E-Eri… You don’t have to say much about that kind of thing…”

“Yeah, you’re right, sorry.”

Eri laughed, as if embarrassed.

“I’m sweating a bit. Do you mind if I take a shower first?”

“Yeah, go ahead…”

I stared in dismay at my daughter’s back as she walked to the bathroom.

“…She had s*x…with Naoyuki-kun.”

I guess this is a matter of course.

Those two are in a proper relationship.

Although as a parent, I would say that high school students are still children and are too young to have s*x.

But is it really from a parent’s perspective?

Am I not jealous of my daughter?

Because I…can’t do the real thing with Naoyuki-kun.

At best, we can only perform the pseudo-activities.

Like his fingers in my b*****s…

My cheeks and chest get all hot and bothered when I think back to that passionate night.

And then, something seemed to overflow from my precious place.

Maybe I’ll have to take a shower before dinner.

“…Those children…”

What kind of s*x do they have?

Eri is surely the best in her age group, because she has big b*****s and an amazing style .

Naoyuki-kun must have rubbed and squeezed her b*****s a lot…

“…But if it’s about size, mine is…”

I found myself clutching my b*****s over my clothes.

This is just a lump of fat.

My late husband also said the same thing.

But Naoyuki-kun… He was breathing heavily and sought me out.

As a woman…that made me happy.

I shouldn’t have these feelings… The more I think about it…

I will imagine. And I will fantasize.

I see myself with him, having real s*x with him.

For him, I’d give this disheveled, bloated old lady’s body.

I’ll let him do what he wants.

If he wants a body like this… More than a young girl’s firm body…

If he wants this fleshy body, then…


“…Nnn… Huu~… Nnnn…”

I bit the hem of my skirt and rolled it up.

Like that, I consoled myself.