The Duke of Fontana mumbled and nodded, and left the scene, pulling a dissatisfied Claudia along with him.

The first person of note that Mariabelle had heard about from Therese was Claudia.

First of all, they were able to get through the situation safely, and Mariabelle relaxed her shoulders a little.

"Thank you for helping me, Renato-sama."

Renato winked at her when she said thank you in between receiving greetings.

"You may not have needed any help, but a man likes to be depended on by whom they love, so you can count on me."

He helped me casually and never condescendingly.

Although she knew she shouldn't compare the two, she wondered what it would be like if it were Edward, her former fiancé.

Would he have been as protective of her as Renato was...?

I'm sure he would have smiled in annoyance and just waited to see what Mariabelle would say.

'I've been told that Mariabelle is perfect and I can trust her,' I'm sure that's what he'll say. And I took that for granted myself.

So I had never thought of asking Edward for help.

However, Renato told me to rely on him as if it was nothing.

In the education of queens in the kingdom, we were taught that queens are supposed to support the king.

But is that really true?

Mariabelle once again questioned the education of the queen of the kingdom.

If the king is to be supported by the queen, who should support the queen?

Isn't it too strange that only the queen should be perfect?

"Yes, I will rely on you without hesitation."

Mariabelle smiled heartily.

I am sure that with Renato, we can support each other and live well together.

When I think of this, I feel a gradual warmth in my heart.

'I wonder if this is love...'

Mariabelle gently pressed her chest.

The feelings that sprouted when she received the red rose in the garden were gradually growing in her heart.

She is sure that it will soon bloom into a large, beautiful flower.

She was trembling with such a premonition.

Finally, James, Mariabelle's father, came to greet her.

As the Crown Prince's fiancée, he greeted Mariabelle in a respectful manner.

This is what it will be like from now on, in public.

Mariabelle felt lonely, but was slightly comforted by the unchanged affection in James' eyes as he looked at Mariabelle.

Beside James stood the ambassador sent to the empire from the kingdom, who looked puzzled at the sight of Mariabelle standing beside Renato.

As the fiancée of the crown prince of the kingdom, Mariabelle naturally knew the ambassador's face.

This is because when the ambassador was still a deputy ambassador, she met with him several times when he returned to report to the kingdom.

The ambassador heartily congratulated Mariabelle.

James and the ambassador went downstairs, and on that signal, the Emperor and Empress left.

"Well, let's go downstairs and chat some more."

Renato took her arm, and Mariabelle nodded.