The mansion of Count Fidelo was an imperial-style with two side buildings.

At the end of the eastern side was an octagonal building with cream-colored walls and a red roof. It was Count Fidelo's library.

Once inside, the unique dry smell of old books tickles one's nose.

Some people don't like that smell, but Mariabelle loved it because it made her feel nostalgic.

Knowing how much Mariabelle loved books as she stopped and took a breath, Count and Countess Fidelo looked at her warmly, as they both loved books.


After enjoying the smell of old books, Mariabelle looked around the library and sighed, crossing her hands in front of her chest.

From the outside, she thought it was a two-story building, but inside was a wide atrium, and the way the entire wall was covered with bookshelves was breathtaking.

There was a large staircase in the center of the octagonal room, and at the end of it was a hallway that protruded from a wall.

Books in high places were taken across the corridor.

On both sides of the staircase were large tables of subdued colors, each with a round skylight that allows light to shine through.

The windows were carefully arranged in a way that the sunlight would not hit the books directly, letting in soft light and brightly illuminating the inside of the library.

"Is this the library of the famous Count Fidelo's family? It is indeed wonderful. Just seeing this is worth the trip to the empire," James, who loved books, said in admiration beside Mariabelle.

Count Fidelo stroked his beard happily when he was complimented on his library.

"Well, Marquis Berkeley, I have the first edition of 'The Lost Kingdom' here. Go ahead."

Behind the desk was a bookcase with locked glass doors.

Count Fidelo, who always carried the key with him, took out a key with a chain and opened the door.

He pulled out a pair of white gloves from his chest and put them on. After that, he took a book, and prepared to give it to James.

"When I concentrate, I inevitably sweat, which makes the book dirty, so I read with gloves on."

"I see. That is certainly a good idea. Old books are delicate. But unfortunately, I only have leather gloves with me. Hmm, how can I..."

"Oh, no. Marquis Berkeley is probably not as sweaty as I am, so don't worry about it..."

Count Fidelo was feeling impatient that he has made James feel uncomfortable, so Mrs. Fidelo gently handed him a new pair of white gloves.

"You ruin your gloves so easily that I always have new ones ready for you," she said.

"Oh, yes, that's right. I am sorry. I'm not very attentive..."

Count Fidelo, who was scratching his head, seemed to be the type of aristocrat who couldn't perform well, but on the contrary, it seemed fresh to James, who was tired of court battles.

"Don't worry about it. More than that, we will have a deep relationship as a relative from now on, so please call me James."

Count Fidelo remembered why Mariabelle and the others came here, and started sweating profusely.

"Then, please call me Daniel."

Seeing James and the others shaking hands again with their gloves on, Mariabelle felt a smile on her face.

Even if Mariabelle was going to marry into the royal family very soon, it will be reassuring to have good relatives in the empire.

"May I call you Mariabelle, too? I would be happy if you can also call me Therese."

Therese, who had tied up her glossy black hair, smiled at Mariabelle as she said so.

"Aunt Therese?"

"Come here, Mariabelle. I have a great novel about romance for you."

With that, Therese went to the shelf on the opposite side of the stairs.

There she found many novels about romance.

"What do you think? I am very proud of my collections."

"It's amazing."

Mariabelle was overwhelmed by the number of books.

"Would you like to read some of them while you are staying with us?"

"May I borrow them?"

"Of course, we are relatives who are going to be good friends from now on."

Therese smiled at her and seemed to be much more determined than her husband.

Mariabelle decided to choose a book without hesitation.

The title of the book with the blue spine on the front was 'Desdemona and Distazo,' one of the three great tragedies written by Jeanrod.

It was the story of two people who loved each other despite being from rival families, but ended in tragedy. 

Mariabelle doesn't like tragic stories.

Whenever she read a story, she wants it to have a happy ending.

"Because it's more fun to read..." She muttered quietly and looked for another book.

Then, at the top of the bookshelf, there was a book titled 'The Smile of the Rose.'

She hasn't read it, but it seemed like a story that would have a happy ending.

But she couldn't reach the book even if she stretched out her back.

Mariabelle was about to give up, wondering if she would have to find a stepladder, but someone took the book out from behind her.

"Is this the book you're looking for?"

When the surprised Mariabelle turned around, she saw Renato smiling mischievously at her.