Chapter 604

Supplies were being carried out from the treasury. These would be used by Liu Pan to raise an army.

Liu Pan looked at the supplies happily. With these supplies, he could finally obtain his military power. He was already obsessed. When he was exiled from Xiangyang, he swore that he would rule over Jingzhou. At the border, he found out that status was worthless. The only thing that mattered was military power. Military power could grant you power, wealth and even protect your life.

For example, without his thirty thousand troops, Cai Mao would have already been imprisoned by Liu Biao.

“Congratulations Milord for obtaining an army of fifty thousand!” Liu Pan’s deputy general cupped his fist.

“Hahaha!” Liu Pan laughed happily. “Although I have another fifty thousand troops and also my Wuling elites, the Yangzhou Army is still a thorn in my side.” Liu Pan was not a fool. Though he had obtained military power, he also knew that this came from Wen Pin’s defeat and the defection of the Jiangxia navy. Liu Pan may have wanted Jingzhou but he did not want a ruined Jingzhou.

“Milord, what is there to worry about? Jiangling City has a strong gate. As long as Jiangling stands, Nanjun would become powerful again. Milord would be able to beat back Yangzhou with your newly established fifty thousand troops!”

“True! Right now, the important thing is to establish these fifty thousand troops!” Liu Pan nodded. He had heard of Yangzhou’s strength before but he also had confidence in his own troops. He had always wanted to fight against Yangzhou’s troops.

The two discussed until they heard an argument going on at the recruitment area.

“What’s going on?” Liu Pan looked over with furrowed brows. The deputy general went over to check. He quickly came back saying, “Milord. There are a few wicked people that refuse to be enlisted!”

“Hm?” Liu Pan furrowed his brows. He already had Liu Biao’s support and supplies but he still needed to recruit people at Xiangyang. However, Xiangyang was full of prosperous people.

Liu Biao may not be good in many things but he treated the common people well with the help of the Kuai brothers so that he could create a good economy in Jingzhou. Also, because of the environment, Jingzhou was safe from war. The common people from other places all flocked to Jingzhou to avoid war. It was true that it made Xiangyang flourish.

As a result, the people all had shops or fields. They had safe jobs and were not starving. None of them had a single reason to become a soldier. On top of that, it is a well-known fact that about eighty percent of the soldiers would die on the battlefield. Only twenty percent with talent would become officers.

Besides that, the wealthy also usually have families so they were more afraid of death. This is in contrast to the soldiers from Jiangdong who were poor thus, single. Jingzhou’s original soldiers were the impoverished but now all of them were either dead or defected. How many poor people were left in Jingzhou?

It is no wonder that recruitment at Xiangyang was a failure.

“So the recruitment is a failure!” Liu Pan felt his head hurt. He could not force these people to become soldiers because they would lack a sense of belonging and end up as weak soldiers.

“Go and recruit at Wuling and Yiling. I am sure we can recruit soldiers there.” Liu Pan said.

“Milord. We are recruiting here precisely because we are unable to recruit soldiers there!” The deputy general said bitterly. He had tried before but the attempt was disrupted.

“We are also unable to recruit at Wuling and Yiling?” Liu Pan could not understand. These two places were at the border that usually suffers from barbarian attacks. That was why the people there were all tough. Liu Pan’s Wuling elites all came from Wuling.

“Yes!” The recruiter could only endure Liu Pan’s criticisms. Recruiting at Wuling and Yiling? If it was before this, they could do it as Liu Pan was at the border. All the civil and military officers there were his people. However, Huang Zu has now gone to Changsha to oversee things. Naturally, there would be Huang Family members there. With the animosity between Liu Pan and Huang She, it was obvious that Liu Pan’s people would be cleared out of Wuling. These people were all killed with the excuse that they had the intention to rebel.

Liu Pan had even left weapons behind so the trail was easily investigated. Liu Pan would not be able to say that he was aiming for military power the whole time. Though the two may call each other father and son, they were not related to each other. So, Liu Pan’s people can only keep quiet.

“Recruit soldiers immediately! Also, eradicate the Wu Family of Jiangling!” Liu Pan said coldly. Since the Huang Family was being unjust, he would also not be polite. The Huang Family killed his people so he would kill the Huang Family’s people. The prosperous Wu Family was always close with the Huang Family. Their relationship only deepened after the Huang Family took control of Changsha.

“Yes!” The deputy general nodded with the intention of venting his displeasure on the Wu Family.

“As for recruitment, isn’t it just a matter of wealth? Increase the pay by fifty percent. I want to see how many prosperous families are there in Xiangyang.

“Fifty percent?” The deputy general was stunned. That amount could raise another twenty five thousand troops had it been at the normal price. However, Liu Biao had only provided with enough money for fifty thousand. They would not have enough money.

“No money? We certainly don’t have enough money but the Wu Family has money!” Liu Pan said coldly. Liu Biao had already given the order for the Wu Family to be arrested until further notice. Their properties would also be seized. So there was nothing wrong with Liu Pan using their property.

“Milord is so intelligent!” The deputy general flattered.

“Take the armored cavalry and go and arrest everyone from the Wu Family. Do not let them have any time to prepare!” Liu Pan said. He spared no effort in bringing the Wu Family down.

“Milord. What if they resist?”

“Haha! That would be good! I am more afraid that they would not resist!” Liu Pan sneered. If the Wu Family did not resist, then Liu Pan could not do much. However, if they resist, Liu Pan could just kill them. After all, Liu Biao wanted to intimidate the other nobles from surrendering while Liu Pan wanted to intimidate the Huang Family.


“Master! There is a soldier outside saying he needs to meet you!” Wu Fan, the head of the Wu Family, heard one of his servants tell him.

“A soldier? From where?” Wu Fan asked.

“Master. The soldier says he is from Xiangyang. He is General Huang’s subordinate!” The servant replied as he gasped for breath.

“General Huang? Which General Huang?” Wu Fan wondered. The only general he knew of from the Huang Family was General Huang Zu. However, Huang Zu is at Changsha. Regardless, if it was the Huang Family’s people then he had to treat them well.

“Quickly invite him in!” Wu Fan ordered. Soon, an exhausted man entered and cupped his fist towards Wu Fan. “General Huang’s subordinate greeted.

“Come. Take a seat here and have a drink before speaking.” Realizing that it was Huang She’s subordinate, Wu Fan spoke courteously unlike the head of house. He even gave up the seat of honor to the officer.

“No need. There is an urgent matter that needs to be reported!” The officer replied. Wu Fan also did not press the issue.

“House head. The General wants you to know that Liu Pan has decided to make use of Wu Lin’s matter to slander the Wu Family. He hopes that the Wu Family would be able to make preparations!”

“What?” Wu Fan was stunned. The county officer Wu Lin, was given a Marquis title by Yangzhou. Wu Fan did not care as Wu Lin was from a branch family. He was not a direct descendant. Wu Lin only managed to become a county officer because he was good at flattering.

When Wu Lin obtained the Marquis title and was buried by Yangzhou, Wu Fan initially made light of it. This is because Wu Lin was the only one who got a Marquis title. He never expected someone to make use of this incident to attack him.

“The Second Lord, Liu Pan?” Wu Fan could not remember offending him. He wondered if he was simply a secondary target because Liu Pan wanted to deal with the Huang Family.

“Wu Family Head. You need to quickly make preparations!” The officer said.

Wu Fan was about to move when he heard some sounds at the lobby. “Looks like I won’t have enough time.”

At the lobby, the feudal officials were swaggered into the Wu Family’s residence. Though Wu Fan was not an official, his status was quite high so even officials needed to respect him.

“Why? Am I not allowed here? Or is it because something fishy plot is being made here and you are afraid I would come?” Dong Zhi, the provincial governor laughed. He had not done anything to the Wu Family in the past because his family migrated while the Wu Family were locals. As a result, he had less influence even though he had a higher rank.

It was only because Dong Zhi was the governor that he was swallowed up by the Wu Family. There was only one Jiangling. The Dong Family and the Wu Family both wanted to fully occupy Jiangling so they would not get along.

“Of course not. Unless someone is planning to frame me. Haha.” Wu Fan laughed but his eyes narrowed. Only those with ill intent would come in the first place.

“Hmph! I want to see how long you can refuse to admit what happened!” Dong Zhi said. “Wu Fan. This is a document from Xiangyang! You all have conspired with the enemy, Yangzhou, and betrayed Jingzhou. Do you still refuse to admit it? Men! Come and arrest everyone from the Wu Family!” The men Dong Zhi brought with him were all Jiangling’s bailiffs. There were several hundred of them.

“I have nothing to say if you want to pin crimes on me! Let us see who dares to come and arrest the Wu Family’s people!” Wu Fan sneered. He was also confident as he had a lot of servants. The servants all took out weapons to stand in front of the bailiff.

“Good! You dare to keep personal soldiers! It seems you have always plotted to rebel!” Dong Zhi sneered at the servants.

This was a ridiculous claim as everyone had personal soldiers. This was more for protection. Without these soldiers, these nobles would have already been killed off by others. Dong Zhi’s claim only made Wu Fan’s sneer deepen.

“Dong Zhi! You want to slander me and say I betrayed Jingzhou? I want to go and ask General Huang Zu and see if the Lord really said I had betrayed Jingzhou! Or is it you just trying to implicate me!” Wu Fan brought up his patron, Huang Zu who carried a lot of influence with Liu Biao.

Huang Zu, Cai Mao and Wen Pin were the main figures of Jingzhou’s army. However, Wen Pin had no influential family so Cai Mao and Huang Zu were the ones that controlled things. Since Cai Mao was under house arrest, Huang Zu’s position had strengthened.

“There is no need for you to go and ask Huang Zu!” Someone spoke up as Dong Zhi hesitated. The man turned around to see heavy cavalry entering the residence. None of them got off their horses.

“Who are you?” Dong Zhi was puzzled as he looked at the newcomers. As horses were very precious at Jiangnan. Dong Zhi had never seen heavy cavalry before.

“Master Dong. I am under orders from the Second Lord to arrest the rebellious Wu Family!” The commander of the cavalry said.

“Deputy general Xu?” Dong Zhi recalled the name and cupped his fist. He did not dare to act arrogant.

“Master Dong. It has been a while.”

“Liu Pan’s subordinate?” Wu Fan saw that Dong Zhi and the other party were getting along well.

“You must be Wu Fan of the Wu Family. The Lord and the Second Lord ordered for everyone in the Wu Family to be imprisoned. Your family property seized and you are to be in prison until further notice.

“Enter prison until further notice? Property seized?” Wu Fan was stunned. What is the difference between that and wanting their lives? The Wu Family had been in Jiangling for many generations. They were an influential family before Liu Biao even appeared. Now they had to hand over their property? Everyone felt indignant at this injustice as they glared at Dong Zhi and the deputy general.

“Haha.” The deputy general laughed as he saw their reactions. The angrier they are, the better.

“Patriach! This cannot be tolerated! They want to throw us all in prison and take all our property as well? These property were given down by our ancestors! When we were here, this Liu Biao wasn’t even around!”

“Let us fight! Either way, we will still die so we might as well fight!” One person shouted. Wu Fan simply listened as more and more people suggested that they fight.

The troops brought over by the deputy general started to breathe heavily and sneered. They were just waiting to start a bloodbath. Unfortunately, they were destined to be disappointed.

“Put down your swords and wait for the deputy general and Govener Dong’s orders.” Wu Fan said. He did not want to end the Wu Family’s line here. If it was just Wu Fan or his immediate family then he would resist. There was no excuse to be given to people that pins crimes on others. They would naturally not let you live a good life either way.

However, this involved the whole Wu clan so Wu Fan shrank back. Besides, they still had a way out. There is still Huang Zu. The Huang Family was their last hope.

“Haha! You are truly a wise man!” The deputy general mocked. Wise men submits to the circumstances.

“I am not wise. I simply believe General Huang Zu would find justice for me. It is better than those who frame others maliciously.” Wu Fan replied coldly.

Wu Fan mentioned Huang Zu again. This caused Dong Zhi to feel fear. He could afford to offend the Wu Family but not the Huang Family. If Huang Zu got involved, it was possible that Liu Biao would kill Dong Zhi to appease Huang Zu.

Deputy General Xu knew why Huang Zu was being mentioned. It was said to suppress him. After all, Wu Fan’s did not even hide his killing intent. However, he did not care.

“General Huang Zu? Although General Huang Zu is attentive even to the finest detail, I am afraid he would not have the time!”

“Even so, I believe he would seek justice for us!”

“How do you plan on informing General Huang Zu about this injustice?”

“Of course by mouth!”

“But what if you cannot speak anymore?” The deputy general laughed.

“What do you mean?”

“Men! The traitor Wu Fan conspired with the enemy and betrayed Jingzhou. He attempted to seize control of Jiangling. When the matter is exposed, he resisted! Exterminate them all!”

“You dare!” Wu Fan’s eyes grew wide. What is this deputy general trying to do?

“Why would I not dare?” The deputy general sneered. The Huang Family was his Lord’s enemies. Now that there was a chance to cut off one of the Huang Family’s wings. Since Wu Fan chose not to rebel, the deputy general made them rebels on purpose. “Men! Kill them!”

“Liu Pan!” Wu Fan shouted hatefully. His servants had all dropped their weapons earlier so they were caught unprepared and were easily killed.

Dong Zhi watched all this with disbelief. He wanted to replace the Wu Family but even he was not ruthless enough to want them all exterminated. Now all of them were being slaughtered.

“Master. What should we do?” One of the bailiffs asked. He was frightened by the scene. The people were just being killed without emotion or reason.

“What can we do besides watch and see how things goes?” Dong Zhi replied. His legs were trembling and his body was covered in sweat.

“Governor Dong. You seem hot.” The deputy general laughed.

“No, no!” Dong Zhi quickly shook his head. The deputy general’s smile was like that of a demon.

“Governor Dong. You don’t actually have to be afraid. This is how we should be dealing with our enemies. However, the Second Lord is still treating you with respect.”

“Yes, yes.” Dong Zhi just stammered without meaning.

“If you listen to us, in the future, a high position and great wealth would be yours. Do you only want to be Jiangling’s governor? I am sure you know there will be a lot of open positions in Xiangyang. I am sure you can make the Dong Family influential like the Huang Family, Cai Family and Kuai Family!” The deputy general continued to speak.

“The Dong Family?” Dong Zhi’s eyes glinted. He wanted the Dong Family to become influential. That was why he was enemies with Wu Fan in the first place. He thought about what would happened if his Dong Family was influential like the Cai Family and the Kuai Family and became excited.

“Are your words true?” Dong Zhi asked.

“Of course! As long as our Second Lord’s ambition is realized, you will become a minister with outstanding service. An influential position would not be out of reach!” The deputy general continued to bait Dong Zhi.

Dong Zhi bit his lip and then said, “If the Second Lord has any orders, this Dong Zhi would not hesitate to go through water and tread on fire.”

“Good! What is important is Governor Dong’s promise!” The deputy general nodded. “Governor Dong. Our Second Lord right now needs your help.”

“Hm? General Xu, please speak.” Dong Zhi was puzzled. If Liu Pan was unable to deal with it, how would he be able to? Yet, he still cupped his fist and asked for the details.

“Governor Dong. Our Lord has given the order for a new army of fifty thousand troops to be recruited. However, we could only recruit twenty thousand troops in Xiangyang. So...”

“That is no problem. We need thirty thousand more? As long as the Second Lord’s provisions are here, I will be able to gather the best men in Jiangling to enter the Second Lord’s service!” Dong Zhi said. It would be hard to recruit at Xiangyang but it was not so bad in Jiangling.

“Provisions? Haha. If we send provisions here and then you have to send the troops back, how long would it take?” The deputy general laughed.

“General Xu. What do you mean?” Dong Zhi deliberately asked.

“Of course, it means that you will have to bear the costs!” The deputy general replied. Dong Zhi was struck dumb.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“General Xu must not have known. Jiangling’s treasury only has enough for two years of expense for a hundred thousand troops. However, these were given by the Lord. The ones guarding it are also the Lord’s people who can report directly to him. If I were to use this money, the Lord will surely find out. When he does, this official can no longer keep his head. Though this official’s head is unimportant, it might also harm the Second Lord’s ambition!” Dong Zhi replied. He did not have enough to recruit thirty thousand men with his own money and he could not use the money form Jiangling’s treasury. That money is something of an emergency wealth Liu Biao had left behind for his children. Jiangling was something of a secondary capital in Jingzhou.

“Haha! Governor Dong. Why are you not using the wealth in front of you?” The deputy general laughed and pointed. novε-lb(In

“The wealth in front of me?” Dong Zhi was stunned but he quickly understood when he looked at the direction the deputy general was pointing at. The man was pointing at the Wu Family. As an influential family they naturally had a lot of money.

The Wu Family was finished but their wealth was still there. It was not hard to use their wealth as provisions for the army.

“General Xu, please convey to the Second Lord that I will certainly prepare for him thirty thousand men. I would also supply them with armor.

“In that case, I will thank Governor Dong on the Lord’s behalf!” The deputy general smiled. The reason why he did not do all these himself is to use Dong Zhi as a scapegoat. While the Wu Family was killed by Liu Pan, their property was confiscated by Dong Zhi. Most people were more concerned about who did the confiscating. They would think that Liu Pan acted because Dong Zhi coveted the Wu Family’s property. They would shift the blame to Dong Zhi and say that he is greedy. Dong Zhi also know this but at this point, it is not like he has any other choice.

The Wu Family was finished and the Huang Family would not spare him. Since he would not be able to explain himself to the Huang Family, it would be better to seek refuge as Liu Pan’s subordinate.

“Dong Zhi! Liu Pan! The two of you will die horribly!” Wu Fan was covered in blood, his eyes bloodshot. He looked at all of his dead servants and family members. He knew that the Wu Family was already eradicated.

“You still dare to be conceited?” The deputy general mocked coldly and slapped Wu Fan away. Wu Fan’s face turned swollen and even more bloodied from the hit. The influential head of the Wu Family now looked so miserable.

“Hahaha!” Wu Fan suddenly laughed as he looked out the door.

“Why are you laughing?”

“It is because someone will avenge me! I laugh because I can see your end! You all will die!” Wu Fan laughed hysterically.

“Avenge you? Haha. Are you still relying on Huang Zu?” The deputy general said in disdain. “Then let me tell you that even Huang Zu won’t be able to protect himself. The day Milord gets into power is the day Huang Zu will die!”

“If you are talking about the Wu Family, then let me tell you that Milord is not afraid of the Wu Family before this, much less now. If you want to blame someone, blame Huang She for provoking Milord. Killing you is just to teach him a lesson!”

“Hahaha!” Wu Fan laughed bitterly. He now understood why Wu Lin’s branch family could cause his whole family to be wiped out. That is because the real reason was the Huang Family. “You all will die. Someone will avenge me!” Wu Fan continued to say.

“Oh really? Then I hope you can watch yourself be avenged in hell!” The deputy general said and then cut off Wu Fan’s head. The head flew and landed in his hands.

“The traitor Wu Fan is dead and the Wu Family no longer exist! Burn the rest!” The deputy general ordered. Soon, the Wu Family’s residence started to burn. The Wu Family who have survived for many generations in Jiangling had turned to ash.


“Fa... Father!” A young woman muttered while holding back her tears as she saw her residence burn down.

“Dong Zhi! Liu Pan! You will pay for this in blood!” The woman said as she looked at Dong Zhi’s fat figure and Liu Pan’s banner.

This young woman was Wu Fan’s daughter Wu Mi. Wu Fan had three sons and one daughter. The eldest son was supposed to manage the Wu Family. The second son died young. The third son had left the house. He had supposedly become an official at the Shu River. All that was left was the only daughter of the Wu Family who was born during Wu Fan’s later years. As a result, Wu Mi was spoiled. She was given everything she was asked for.

At first, Wu Fan had thought of marrying Wu Mi to Huang She but she objected to it. She even threatened to commit suicide. As a result, Wu Fan could only give up. That incident alone made her daughter give him the cold shoulder. As Wu Fan spoiled his daughter and also wanted to keep their relationship happy, he pretended not to know when his daughter secretly goes out. He simply dispatched a few people to protect her.

However, Wu Mi was intelligent. She managed throw off her bodyguards and also protect herself. She thought of enjoying herself for a day before returning home. She never expected her home burned down and her family members killed.

Wu Mi changed her clothes into something that was jet black and nauseatingly smelly before approaching her home.

“Come! Who is here to transport corpses? Three coins per person!” The Wu Family’s residence may have burned down but not everything could be burned to ash. So some of the common people were hired to clean up the place.

Wu Mi stepped towards the person in charge and shouted. “Brother! Can I do it?” Her tone was low to make it sound like a man.

“You?” The man looked at Wu Mi’s pale thin arms and felt doubtful. Wu Mi looked like she couldn’t do any hard work and was smelly.

“What happened to you?”

“Brother. I carelessly spilled some dung which is why I smell this way.”

“Sigh. How unlucky! You are thin and smelly, how could you do such work? Get lost!” The man replied impatiently.

“Brother!” Wu Mi suddenly knelt down.

“What are you doing?” The man in charge was also just a common person. Normally, no one would kneel towards him. “Little brother. What is wrong with you?” He wanted to help Wu Mi up but Wu Mi was so smelly that he was at a loss.

“What’s going on here?” The others passing by also started to come over to take a look when Wu Mi started kneeling.

“Brother, take pity! My family has a starving child who have not eaten for days. The child will die if I still cannot earn enough money. Please show some mercy and allow me to work!” Wu Mi knelt. Coincidentally, she was also facing towards the Wu Family’s residence.

“Get up. Quickly get up!”

“I will not until you promise to give me the job!”

At this point, the busybodies started to criticize. “What kind of person is this to let people kneel on the floor?”

“Alright, alright. I will promise!” The man said helplessly. After all, he needed a lot of people so another extra hand would not make much a difference regardless of whether it is helpful or not.

“Thank you brother!” Wu Mi once again knocked her head on the floor.

“Follow me in.” The man was now afraid of Wu Mi. He led Wu Mi into the ruins but Wu Mi suddenly stopped at the doorstep.

“What’s wrong with you? Come in quickly! If you still don’t come in, you don’t need to come in anymore! I am not so charitable!” The man became irritable.

Wu Mi could only follow the man in. As she looked around her, tears welled up in her eyes. Everything around her looked so familiar.

“Come, this is what you need to do. Clean up that timber!” The man said to Wu Mi and then left.

“Oh, a newcomer? What relationship do you have with the manager? Are you a relative? How enviable it is to get the job of cleaning up the timber.” One nearby worker spoke.

Wu Mi did not respond so the worker continued to speak. “How tragic. There were several hundred people here but they were all killed! Sigh, to die and then burned. How cruel.”

Wu Mi’s hands suddenly stopped. If one paid attention, they could see that she was trembling.

“Your luck is good. Look at me, I have to clear up these corpses!” The worker complained. It was no wonder since the corpses were burned, giving off an unpleasant stench. He felt like he would no longer be able to eat meat anymore after that day.

“How about I switch with you?” Wu Mi offered.

“Are you serious?” The worker was dumbstruck but his eyes glinted. The timber was heavy but it was much better than moving corpses.

“Of course.” Wu Mi nodded.

“Alright! Remember that you are the one that offered. You cannot take it back!” The worker quickly agreed and went to the fallen wood. He was afraid that Wu Mi would change her mind.

Wu Mi did not seem to have any complaint as she went towards the corpses.

“Mother. Your child is unfilial. She cannot accompany you in your old age.”

“San’er. Didn’t you say you would help me take care of father? Why are you like this now?”

“Xiao Hong. Didn’t you want to marry into a good family? Get up. I will help you find one.” Wu Mi muttered as she looked at the dead. They weren’t completely burned to ashes so she could still recognize them.

“Sigh. I didn’t expect this sick ghost to be so hardworking.” The manager looked at Wu Mi with interest. He thought he would suffer a loss employing her but she worked so vigorously.

“Hey. Go and throw these corpses at the grave over there and it would be enough.”

The corpses were loaded onto a trolley. They were moved to a hill on the west side of the city. It was filled with straw and wooden stakes. The rich could leave an inscription on a tablet while the poor simply wrapped the corpse up with straw and then left the body somewhere. The whole hill was full of corpses so the workers were afraid.

“Hey. Don’t you think it’s cold?” One worker said to Wu Mi. “This place is so eerie. Let us quickly leave the bodies here and go!” The sky was turning dark and the winter wind was cold.

However, Wu Mi paid the man no heed. She alone dug graves for the dead without any fear. She then crammed the corpses in a grave.

“We should really leave.” The worker urged. No one was willing to stay at a grave.

However, Wu Mi continued to ignore him and knelt down.

“Hey. Did one of your family members die here too?” The worker asked. It was not so bad since there were two of them. If he was alone, he would have already ran away especially with all the vultures, stray dogs and fireflies around.

Wu Mi mumbled to herself in front of the grave. “Father, mother. Your daughter is unfillial so she cannot accompany you. Big brother, you must take good care of father and mother. You all can go and pay second brother a visit. San’er, Xiao Hong. The two of you can be together. Don’t think I never notice. Xiao Hong, you have always liked San’er. And San’er, you better take care of Xiao Hong properly. She is a good woman. Do not disappoint her. Xiao Hong, if San’er bullies you, tell me immediately. I will help you teach him a lesson.”

“Father. Mother. This child will visit you after she has taken revenge. You all will not die in vain. I will make sure Dong Zhi and Liu Pan pay for this in blood.” Wu Mi’s words became softer as she spoke. The cloth covering her hair came undone, causing her long hair to sway.

“Argh! A ghost!” The worker shouted and ran away. Having long hair was like the standard for ghosts.

“Haha.” Wu Mi sneered as vengeance rippled in her heart.