Chapter 298 298: Admission Test (2)

The examinees already expected that the admission test wouldn't be easy. Trsyt Academy is a second-rate academy after all. For people like them living inside the outer walls, this is already the best academy that they could enter. This also makes the admission test to be harder than any other academies in the outer walls

They could only grit their teeth while trying to endure the pressure but that was easier said than done

The ones with strong willpower are able to endure and hold on but those who are weak were already on the ground

As time passed, their condition worsened and there was even an examinee that started foaming from his mouth. That naturally means that he is disqualified and he was escorted by the academy staff to send him from where he came from

The test continued and every single examinee was gritting their teeth and sweating heavily except for one

An examinee standing close to the center of all the other examinees was still standing completely stress-free. The others were in distress but he was completely fine

Naturally, this attracts the attention of the other examinees and those that still have the strength to care about other people stared at that examinee with eyes filled with disbelief

"W-what is this..." Rezen mumbled as he felt blood rushing to his cheeks. All of his fellow examinees were suffering as for him... he was fine! Completely fine!

It's not as if his willpower was that strong but the thing is not even a hint of pressure was directed at him!

That's the real reason why he is still standing tall as if he was not enduring any pressure. He really is not enduring the pressure from the Instructor!

Rezen turned to look at the Instructor to see if she was making a mistake and she forgot to test his willpower

The two made eye contact for a moment but the Instructor immediately turned her head to the side. Since Rezen was staring at the Instructor as if he wants to leave a hole on her face he can see her cheeks turning red

"D-dont tell me..." Rezen gulped a mouthful of saliva as he looked around him to see if there was another person in the same state as him. However, out of the hundreds of applicants, none were as fine as him

"This... is this what the Headmaster meant when she said that she'll make sure I would pass the admission test? What the hell! This is too embarrassing. If it's like this then she should have just had me enter the academy without the admission test!"

As much as it embarrassed him Rezen is 99% confident that the Instructor is not committing any mistake. She was really not putting pressure on Rezen so that he would pass in a breeze!

The Instructor's reaction was enough to prove Rezen's theory. After all, why would someone like her give this undisguised preferential treatment to Rezen if not for the Headmaster?

Rezen is more than thankful for Trsyt for being biased but he hoped that she would at least do it a bit more covertly. This is a blatant power play!

Rezen felt like he would die because of embarrassment and his own cheeks also blushed. He can only lower his head to avoid the prying eyes of other people

Fortunately, the test on one's willpower is not that long since the examinees couldn't endure the Instructor's pressure for a long time. If she went all out then none of the examinees would possibly pass this first test

After a few minutes, the pressure vanishes, and only then did the examinees had the time to catch their breath

"You will be given ten minutes of rest before we proceed" the Instructor said and she gave Rezen a glance but when their eyes met, she turned red

Even the instructor knew that what she had done was shameful but what could she possibly do? This is the Headmaster's order!

As if she was too ashamed of her own actions, the Instructor turned into multiple white feathers and vanished from everyone's sight

Now that the pressure was gone and the examinees are starting to regain their strength they now have the chance to talk about Rezen. Some of them were not even trying to hide their words

"Isn't that him?"

"Yes, he's that friend of that prick that has the Headmaster's token"

"Look at him, he's completely fine. Not even a single bullet of sweat could be seen from him!"

"What did you expect? He has backing! This test is just a formality for him. He's basically already admitted"

"Then they should have just admitted him. Why does he have to take the same test as us? This is humiliating!"

There are many people that have watched the scene that happened at the academy gates. They naturally recognize Rezen since it was not that long since that incident happened

It was not hard to connect the dots and they now branded Rezen as a nepo baby which is something that he cannot defend himself on as it was indeed true

However, although the way was shameful as long as it would lead Rezen to his goal then it was alright. He would rather be labeled as a nepo baby as long as it guaranteed admission to a second-rate academy

Rezen held his head high even though the other examinees were pointing fingers and talking at him. He just has to thicken his skin. Being affected by their words would be his loss

Just like that, ten whole minutes passed. On the platform, white feathers appeared once more and they condensed into the body of the Instructor

"Your resting time is up. We shall proceed to the next test" The Instructor said while making sure not to look in Rezen's ways

She felt like her integrity was shattered all because of the Headmaster's instructions

"The second test will test the amount of mana that you have along with your mana control. Having a lot of mana than most people at your rank and also having skillful control shows your talent. Even if you have strong willpower if you don't have any talent for being a mage then it was useless unless you received an out-of-this-world opportunity"

The Instructor waved her wand and clear crystal balls appeared and floated in front of the examinees

"Inject as much of your mana inside these crystals and control them. You must shatter the crystals while only using your mana. Each crystal is altered to match your current realm" the Instructor explained and Rezen almost choked on his own saliva

The crystals are not uniform in size. The higher the cultivation realm of the examinee the bigger the crystal with the biggest being as large as a human head

As for the one that Rezen has... it was only as big as a pebble!

The examinees are either Body Mages or Spirit Mages at the mid cycle and few are Deviant Mages at the low cycle. Of course, there are also Body/Spirit Mages at the low cycle but most of them are the poor examinees that only rely on talent. They are fortunate that the academy also looks at the raw talent of the examinees. As such, even if they have low cultivation rank they could still be accepted

Most of these examinees only started to cultivate and in truth, Rezen was a bit older than them and he cultivated longer than them

It was alright if Rezen has the same size of crystal as the other examinees even though he cultivated longer than them but the thing is the crystal given to him was as small as a pebble!

Deviant Mages at the 3rd cycle should have been given a much larger crystal but the one that Rezen received was that small

This was yet again another power play to manipulate the test result!

If earlier the other examinees only theorized that Rezen is cheating with the help of the Instructor then now it was as good as confirm

Even a low cycle Spirit/Body Mage was still given a crystal larger than the one he received. If this was not a power play then what is it?

"C-can't they help me cheat a bit more subtle?"

As much as Rezen fully accepts this advantage it was still really embarassing. At the very least they should have given him a crystal that is appropriate for his level but is easier to destroy than the standard

Even the Instructor was clearly embarrassed at this blatant cheating and he coughed to attract the attention of others from Rezen

"Ehem... ehem. S-start t-the second test now. Those that are unable to shatter their crystal would be disqualified" she said amidst the glaring eyes of the examinees

They find this test unfair but even though their families are rich and powerful there are still too few families that could match up to an academy headed by a high cycle Senior Mage