Chapter 32 Purified Saintess 2 (R18)

Name:My Family in the Novel? Author:MCPG
32 Purified Saintess 2 (R18)

Warning R-18 content

Elena felt like her jaws were about to fall off, and she couldn't take it anymore. "Pop"

"Cough, Cough"

With a popping sound and a few coughs, Elena pushed her head back, and there she saw Adrian's erect penis in its full glory. Completely glistening in her saliva as it just came out of her mouth a few moments ago.

Elena's actions had left her in a state of utter embarrassment and regret. She couldn't bear to make eye contact with Adrian, feeling an overwhelming sense of shame wash over her. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment, and her gaze dropped to the floor, unable to confront the consequences of her actions.

Adrian's soft chuckle was a balm to Elena's embarrassment. His gentle hand caressed her hair, and he reassured her with a tender smile.

"It's okay, Elena. I loved it" he whispered, his voice filled with genuine affection.

Hearing those words, Elena couldn't help but break into a relieved smile. The weight of her insecurities and doubts lifted, replaced by a warm and comforting feeling that washed over her.



Elena quickly got back to work, as she carefully sucked his manhood.

Adrian enjoyed the sound resonating into the room, as every time Elena moved her head, the wet and slimy vulgar sound her mouth made vibrated with pleasure on his ears.

"Elena" She heard her name called out, and her gaze immediately shifted to Adrian.

"You're too good at this" He said with an affectionate tone, his fingers gently tracing the contours of her head.

Happiness and shame waged a tumultuous battle within Elena's mind as those words washed over her. As her emotions swirled, she felt the first traces of tears forming in her eyes, glistening like unspoken emotions about to spill forth and further reveal her innermost feelings.

Adrian, his concern evident in his eyes, was afraid that he might have inadvertently hurt Elena in any way. With great care and gentleness, he started to slowly push her head away, his touch cautious and tender.

But Elena stayed firm her mouth quickly held on to his manhood, with her head shaking as minimally as possible, Elena aimed to convey to Adrian that she was perfectly fine.

The tension on which her head moved and the way her tongue kept swirling around his dick forced Adrian to groan in pleasure, he looked at Elena and moved her head ever so slightly faster than before.

Elena realizing that Adrian was bout to reach his climax prepared herself.


Adrian's groans permeated in the air; Elena's head was moving so fast that she felt like vomiting.


"Splurt, splash"


Adrian's seeds set forth, escaping from its constraints.

Flowing freely between her gums and teeth.

Swimming on her tongue.

Advancing through her throat.

Impregnating her mouth, as Elena's cheeks swelled, she did not want to let any of it go to waste.

Elena was startled by the amount that Adrian shot, she even wondered if Adrian just accidentally urinated on her mouth, but the fluids thickness proved her otherwise, it was definitely his semen.

Without hesitation she swallowed all of it.

"Haha, you're truly amazing Elena" "Ian, I"

Elena tried to say something, but before she could do so Adrian pushed her down the bed, her heartbeat gradually quickened, threating to burst out at any moment.

Adrian's cock teasingly swayed back and forth on her lower abdomen, sliding through her wet and soggy pants, Elena realizing Adrian's intention tried to close her legs, but it was futile as he easily spread her legs apart.

With a careful and professional like demeanor, he proceeded to remove her pants with remarkable swiftness.

Elena's wet and beautiful Vagina presented itself Infront of Adrian's Dick, the two genitals faced each other in a Lucious manner, as Adrian carefully moved his Shaft right between its delicate slit.

Elena's cheeks burned with a deep shade of crimson as she instinctively covered her face, her embarrassment reaching a peak. Her hands shielded her eyes from the intensity of the moment, and she felt a mix of emotions swirling within her, from shyness to vulnerability. However, amidst all this, one thing remained unwavering: her trust in Adrian.

Adrian, his concern ever-present in his eyes, sought permission before proceeding further. With a gentle and reassuring tone, he asked, "It's okay, right?"

Elena, her face still shielded by her hands, nodded in response to his question. Her voice may have been muffled, but her consent was clear.

Adrian wrapped his arms around her waist, with a slow and gentle pull his cock slowly went inside Elena's slit.


Elena twitched and moaned in pain for a bit, Adrian could feel a subtle resistance down there, he looked at Elena and smiled.

"This will hurt for a little while"

"Anng..!" Elena screamed as Adrian pushed his manhood inside her, her ample large breasts jiggled seductively as her back arched in response.

"I'm going to start moving now Elena"


Adrian's waist moved caressing her insides shaping it into his form, it was a terrifying sensation 15:24

Elena felt like a snake entered her genitals ravaging her insides.

Adrian's waist moved caressing her insides shaping it into his form, it was a terrifying sensation Elena felt like a snake entered her genitals ravaging her insides.


However even if she thought that her body was quite honest, the resistance that Adrian felt were no longer there and his long sinful rod managed to slither smoothly on her entrance.


"Ah, ha, aeungg!"

Elena's moans quickly grew in both sound and pace, Elena shuddered as she felt Adrian moving faster and faster, without slightest hesitation, Adrian continued to forcibly open her pink slit, and thrust his large shaft into her.

"Ah! Ah!"

Voices of extreme pleasure were heard as Elena continued to moan.

Wriggle, wriggle.

As if waiting for it's chance the snake suddenly thrusts its head inside her womb.


Instead of moaning in pain Elena instead moaned in intense pleasure, finding the sensation of his cock deep inside her exhilarating.

Elena tightened her legs and pushed Adrian deeper inside her.

"Do me harder!"

Hearing her words Adrian's instincts took over and he pounded her crazy.

Slap!, slap!

Their bodies slapped against one another, their flesh grinding against one another like in an intense death match.

Elena's hot breath was almost visible through the air, her moans getting louder by the moment, Adrian bit Elena's neck as their intensity rose.

Their bodies moved perfectly in sync, Adrian swiftly turned Elena around moving her into a doggy style position, Elena's mind still drifted away from the intense pleasure didn't even notice as Adrian fucked her like an animal.

"Ahh! Ahh!"

Perhaps the only thing on her mind right now was her moans, Adrian's cock and the upcoming seeds that's about to enter her baby making station.

"Elena I'm close" His voice laced with desire and urgency, indicated to Elena that he was nearing the peak of his pleasure.

"Ye-yesh inside please" Elena's words were a fervent plea, a testament to the shared intensity of the moment. The combination of Adrian's vulnerability and Elena's eager consent created a powerful connection that deepened their intimacy, making their connection even more profound.


Adrian grabbed Elena from behind in a tight embrace, squeezing her lustful ample breast, as Elena kept moaning in ecstasy.



"Squeeeze-!!" As Elena used her legs to draw Adrian deeper into her, she could feel the delightful sensation of his warm seed entering her womanhood. His fluids swirled inside her, as if they were on a mission to fertilize her insides. Fortunately, today was one of her safe days, and the knowledge of this added an extra layer of relaxation to their passionate union.

After their intense lovemaking, both Elena and Adrian collapsed onto the bed, their bodies spent and sated. Adrian, understanding Elena's fatigue, wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. He placed a tender kiss on her forehead, a gesture filled with love and appreciation.

"You did well, Elena," he whispered, his voice full of admiration.

Elena's mind was in disarray, a whirlwind of emotions and sensations. The intense sexual desire she had felt just moments ago had now subsided, replaced by a deep sense of contentment. Strangely, she found herself craving more, a testament to the undeniable connection she shared with Adrian.

However, her body was too exhausted to respond to this desire. With a sigh, Elena snuggled deeper into Adrian's chest, seeking solace and warmth in his embrace. Adrian, sensing her need for rest, continued to stroke her head gently, his touch comforting and reassuring.

In that peaceful moment, with the afterglow of their passion surrounding them, Elena and Adrian drifted off to sleep.

Just as Adrian was about to sleep along with Elena, a voice jolted him out of the post-passion haze that had enveloped his mind.

"Well, how kind of you to fuck a girl you intended to take advantage of" Meralda's voice rang out, her sudden appearance in the room filled with stern reproach.

Startled, Adrian turned toward the source of Meralda's voice. "I had my reasons" he managed to utter; his voice tinged with a hint of defensiveness. "This was something I couldn't control."

Meralda regarded him skeptically, her expression a mixture of disbelief and curiosity. "Right" Meralda replied, her tone dripping with sarcasm


"Haaah, I've really gone and done it, haven't I?" I mused quietly, my gaze fixed on the beautiful white-haired woman lying beside me, her peaceful slumber making her appear as innocent as a baby with no worries in the world.

The weight of my actions hung heavily on my conscience. I had just fucked one of Tristan's future harem members, and I couldn't help but question the morality of my choices. Was this a bad decision? I honestly couldn't say for sure. All I knew was that I had allowed myself to be swept up by the circumstances, and now I had to live with the consequences.

In reality, I had merely wanted to recreate a scene from the novel where Tristan saved the saintess from a group of would-be assailants. However, the situation had taken an unexpected turn, leading us down a path I hadn't foreseen. In the novel, the saintess had immediately used her divine powers to protect herself, giving Tristan ample time to come to her rescue, is it because those random thugs I hired were significantly weaker than the assailants in the novel, that Elena let her guard down?

The questions continued to churn in my mind like an unrelenting storm. Why had Elena refrained from using her abilities yesterday when I had recreated an exact scenario from the novel?

In the novel the situation hadn't escalated to such a dangerous extent in the book, those assailants had certainly did made a few touches here and there, they never came close to actually raping her. I had even tried to replicate the hypnosis scene from the novel, albeit with an aphrodisiac drug, to follow the novel scene to a T.

But the events that had unfolded yesterday were much more close than what I had anticipated.

Had I perhaps pushed her to her limits too early? Or did she harbor such little hope of being saved that she saw no other choice? The uncertainty gnawed at me. nove/lb-1n

During our passionate love making the previous night, I had detected subtle hints of masochism in Elena's demeanor. She had encouraged me to be incredibly intense, an unusual inclination for someone experiencing their first time. It begged the question: Did she secretly desire for those men to ravage her? even if it meant them taking her against her will? After all, she did possess the power to thwart them at any moment, and yet she had refrained from doing so, until the last second.

"No" I denied the thought as I shook my head, the genuine fear and disgust I felt from her during that time were absolutely real.

Perhaps she wasn't even aware of her own masochistic tendencies yet? And she unknowingly enjoyed letting them assault her for as long as they did.

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"Haah I don't know"

I sighed heavily once more, the weight of my decisions and the guilt over my inaction pressing down Đăng bình luận đầu tiên của bạn!

on me. I couldn't escape the fact that I had been the one who had watched the situation unfold, despite having the power to intervene.