Chapter 14: Offering

Name:My Family in the Novel? Author:MCPG
Chapter 14: Offering

The principal certainly had a way with words, I mused to myself, a wry smile tugging at the corners of my lips as I replayed her words from the entrance ceremony in my mind.

"There's no right and wrong for your talents, only results huh" I'll make sure to embody that dear principal.

Right now, I was walking down the hallways of Lucian Hall.

Lucian Hall, is an imposing and grand mansion that resembled a castle, served as the dormitory for the top 10 students of each department at Estelle Academy.

It was also home to special case students, such as those of high nobility or royalty, who were afforded the privilege of residing in this opulent establishment. The very name "Lucian Hall" resonated with prestige and exclusivity.

Within its hallowed halls, approximately a hundred and eighty students, ranging from first-year students to seasoned fourth-years, called Lucian Hall their temporary home during their stay at the academy.

As I navigated the first floor of Lucian Hall, I arrived at the door with my name elegantly inscribed upon it: "Adrian Vulter Tellus."

Using my personal key, I entered the room and was immediately taken aback by its sheer luxury. The room was spacious, adorned with lavish furnishings, and exuded an air of refinement and comfort.

It was not lost on me that this room was a testament to the academy's commitment to providing the best accommodations to its top students.

However, I couldn't help but marvel at the fact that not only the top students but also members of royalty and high nobility enjoyed similar opulence within these walls.

Estelle Academy really spared no expense in ensuring the comfort and prestige of its elite residents.

I sat on the side of the bed to get my thoughts back into place.

I opened my status screen.

[Name: Adrian Vulter Tellus (Ian Astrea)]

[Lv: 91] [Gender: Male]

[Age: 18 (23)] [Title: The anomaly] [+2 New]

[Mana: 5000/5000] [Aura: 8000/8000]

[Recovery Speed: A] [Agility: S]

[Stamina: A] [Strength: S]

[Intelligence: A] [Willpower: A]


{Attribute: Darkness, Fire, Death, Mystic}

[Authority: Mother's Embrace: {Sealed}]

[Authority: Dream of the Night: {Sealed}]

[Authority: Touch of the Crying Doll: {Sealed}]

[Authority: Eyes of the wondering crow: {Passive}]

[Authority: Domain of the Fiery Scales: {Sealed}]

{Attribute: Light, Creation, Life}

[Authority: Sword of Light: {Active}]

[Authority: Lionheart: {Passive}]

[Authority: Stellar Solaris: {Active}]

[Authority: White Veil: {Active}]

[Mission: Save the World]

Quests: 18! (Active quests) [click for more info]

I gained a new title?

[Title: The anomaly] [+2 New]

[New Title: Hero's friend]

[New Title: The third wheel]

A sense of amusement and bewilderment washed over me.

While "Hero's friend" made sense due to my recent friendship with Tristan, "The third wheel" left me scratching my head.

I recalled the time I had joined Tristan and Louise's conversation in the alleyways, and it dawned on me that my presence might have inadvertently disrupted the natural flow of their budding romance.

'But I just wanted to see a cliched scene that time'

Anyways enough of these annoying titles I shifted my focus on my authorities

I never had the time to check what effects the Goddess's authority have as I was too skeptical about using it, Afterall she was the reason most of my authorities got sealed.

I don't know what she's planning or why she gave me this system and this missions that was meant for Tristan

But if she's going to take advantage of me, I'll sure as hell abuse the shit out of the authorities, she provided me.

[Authority: Sword of Light: {Active}]

[Description: Manifests a sword of pure divine light, capable of completely extinguishing those of the negative aspect, gets stronger the more aura poured in]

[Consumes: 100 Aura per second of its activation]

I guess I have roughly a minute and twenty seconds to effectively use this authority, but isn't this sword a bit to OP?

I can basically permanently extinguish those of the negative aspect, be they demons or evil spirits, those who use the negative side of the spectrum of power, will basically be over the moment they get hit by this sword.

[Authority: Lionheart: {Passive}]

[Description: Gives you the courage to face any situation without fear]

Huh that's it? Pretty straight forward I guess, this will be useful when I face someone stronger than me.

[Authority: Stellar Solaris: {Active}]

[Description: Your aura and mana will be converted to divine energy, making an explosion of pure divine energy with you as the center of the blast]

My reaction to the Stellar Solaris authority was mixed, leaning toward skepticism.

The notion of becoming a living divine bomb, while powerful, carried significant risks and potential consequences. It was an ability I would need to use with extreme caution.

[Authority: White Veil: {Active}]

[Description: Summons a white veil made of light that blocks any attack, the blocked attack will be converted into pain that directly hits the user]

The White Veil's defensive properties were undeniably impressive, capable of blocking virtually any attack. n-/OvεlbIn

However, the revelation that the blocked attack's pain would be redirected toward me left me incredulous. It seemed like an ability suited for sacrificial heroes, like Tristan.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of the last two authorities. While their power was evident, their potential drawbacks were equally apparent.

Truly these authorities were meant for you Tristan.

I let out a weary sigh and allowed my body to sink into the comfort of my bed. The day had been long and eventful, and my fatigue was starting to catch up with me.

Time seemed to blur, and as I rested, I slipped into a deep slumber. The world around me faded away, leaving me in a state of peaceful unconsciousness.




I woke up, disoriented and unsure of my surroundings.

The darkness that enveloped me was stifling, and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the obscurity that shrouded everything.

"Did I fall asleep?" I muttered groggily as I struggled to sit up in bed. The air felt heavy, and an eerie silence hung in the atmosphere.

"Why is it so dark?" I wondered aloud, my voice carrying in the stillness. Gradually, my vision began to clear, revealing an unsettling scene.

I found myself surrounded by a desolate landscape of dead trees and barren land. Something obstructed my view of the starry night sky.

I squinted upward, trying to make sense of the shadowy obstruction. It wasn't long before I realized they were not stars but a multitude of crows.

Thousands of them filled the skies, their red eyes glaring down at me malevolently.

"Caw, caw, caw," the crows screeched in unison, their cacophonous cries echoing through the eerie landscape.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the surreal and unsettling sight before me. It was then that I knew where I was.

"Looks like you're awake, Ian," a voice, simultaneously human and crow-like, broke through the unsettling cacophony.

A bewildering and unsettling figure manifested at the bedside—not quite a woman, but rather a grotesque fusion of human and avian elements. Her head bore the eerie likeness of a monstrous crow, with four glowing red eyes that radiated an unsettling intensity.

Her unnatural visage was complemented by a nightmarish physique featuring four arms and six ominous black wings. Her skin, deathly pale, accentuated the macabre nature of her appearance.

Sinister black veins were prominently visible beneath her pallid flesh, throbbing in an eerie, pulsating rhythm, adding to the overall horror of her presence.

"Aunt!" I exclaimed in excitement, throwing my arms around her without hesitation. She embraced me in return, patting my back soothingly.

"Now, now, Ian, I know you're excited, but we have a lot to talk about," she said gently.

Concern for my family flooded my thoughts. "Aunt, what about Mom and the others? Are they okay?" I asked anxiously.

The fact remained that they had engaged in a fierce battle against the goddess within her own domain.

Regardless of how godlike my mother and the rest of my family were, the influence of causality had the potential to reduce their divine stature to that of mid-level deities.

"Don't worry, dear. They are all fine," my aunt reassured me. "It's just that they can't make contact with you right now"

Relief washed over me at her words.

Then suddenly a tremor coursed through the very ground beneath us, unsettling the already eerie environment, reality itself appeared to crack and fracture

"Tch, she noticed, huh," my aunt muttered with a tone of irritation, clearly familiar with the unsettling developments.

As the cracks in reality deepened, white threads of light began to emerge, a telltale sign of the looming presence responsible for this disruption.

I needed no further explanation to recognize the source of this otherworldly power.

"That Bitch Goddess again"

With a sense of urgency, she turned her attention to me. Her slender, eerie form leaned closer; her voice laced with a grave seriousness.

"Ian, I don't have much time, so listen well."

"Kill, just kill them all" Her eyes bore into mine with an intensity that left no room for doubt.

"You know what I mean, right?"

"Yes" a smile left my lips as I answered.



I awoke abruptly from the surreal nightmare that had unfolded in my slumber.

The gravity of my aunt's words hung heavy in the air, and as consciousness flooded back into my mind, I couldn't help but chuckle, though it was a laughter tinged with madness.


"Kill, huh?" I muttered to myself; my voice laced with hysteria.

The meaning behind my aunt's cryptic directive had become startlingly clear. It had been a long while since I had been called upon to fulfill such a grim task.

As I contemplated the weight of her words, a sense of inevitability settled over me. The memories of past offerings and the dark rituals I entailed resurfaced in my mind.

The time for such offerings had come again, and I couldn't deny the twisted thrill that surged through me at the prospect.

The concept of offerings took on a newfound significance in my mind, as I realized that they would play a crucial role in strengthening my reconnection with my mother and the rest of my divine family.

The weight of this responsibility settled on my shoulders, and I understood the profound purpose behind it.

"I'm sorry, Tristan," I whispered to myself, a heavy weight settling upon my conscience. My commitment to guide and support him had been resolute, an unspoken vow I had made to myself.

But in the wake of recent events, I couldn't escape the realization that this promise carried a haunting caveat.

I understood now that my duty to Tristan didn't extend to safeguarding those dear to him.

The people who held a special place in his heart were not automatically under my protection, nor could I shield them from the treacherous paths they might tread.

"The purer they are the cleaner their souls, the stronger they are the larger their soul, and the kinder they are the more beautiful their souls"

"So, you won't mind me taking them as offerings, right?" I pondered silently, the rationalizations of my cause churning in my thoughts. It was a question I asked myself, a troubling contemplation of the grim path ahead.

"Don't worry even if most of them were to disappear I'll make sure to compensate"

My laughter, rang out once more, albeit with a touch of confusion this time. It was a mirthless, unsettling sound that echoed in the confines of my mind.

The complexities of my dual existence, the duty I carried, and the darkness that had long been a part of my existence weighed heavily on me.

As I grappled with the moral ambiguities of my mission, I couldn't deny the growing sense of unease that accompanied it.

The line between right and wrong blurred in the face of the unsettling tasks that lay ahead, and I found myself trapped in a web of conflicting emotions and dark purpose.

"I'm tired," I muttered, the exhaustion from the weight of my thoughts.

The weariness in my voice was palpable as I succumbed to the overwhelming fatigue that enveloped me.

With a heavy heart and a clouded mind, I allowed myself to drift into sleep once more, as I sought solace in the embrace of slumber, hoping that the dreamscape would offer respite from the burdens of my reality.