Chapter 232 My First Army . . .

Name:My Evil System Author:MiuNovels

"I seek to rule this world."

". . ."

". . ."

The silence that followed was palpable, as Ravos, Serenia, and even Faz seemed taken aback by the audacity of my declaration. Their expressions revealed a mix of shock, disbelief, and a hint of amusement.

Serenia's voice broke the silence, filled with a mixture of surprise and skepticism. "To rule the world? Such aspirations are lofty indeed. But what makes you think you can achieve such a feat?"

I maintained my composure and confidence emanating from my words. "I am special."

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"Special?" Serenia wasn't convinced. "How so?"

"I think slipping in here undetected and having Faz and two other gods as my minions is proof enough."

"Three Gods?" Serenia's eyes widened before her face contorted back in seriousness. "You're lying."

"Am I?" I grinned and looked over at Faz.

". . ." Serenia couldn't retort back.

Ravos burst into laughter, his amusement echoing through the chamber. "You truly are an interesting player. In all my years, I have never encountered one so bold as to declare their intent to rule. You bring a refreshing twist to this game."

"Ravos?" Serenia stared at her husband in disbelief and intrigue.

He turned to face his wife, his eyes shining with a newfound fire. "Serenia, my love, don't you find this life we've led in the past years . . . boring?" His voice carried a hint of restlessness as if he had been suppressing his true desires for far too long.

Serenia's expression softened, her gaze searching his face for a glimpse of understanding. "Boring? Perhaps, at times. But we have built a life of comfort and power. Why would you suddenly question it?"

Ravos took a step closer, his voice dropping to a low, intense tone. "Comfort and power are not enough for me anymore, Serenia. I have played the game of politics and danced to the whims of others for far too long. But deep within me, there is an assassin's spirit, a hunger for adventure, and blood-curdling battles. I yearn for something more, something that will truly ignite my soul.

There was no surprise on Serenia's face. Instead, there was longing in her expression, like she had remembered something memorable.

Ravos's words hung in the air, carrying a poignant truth that stirred something deep within Serenia. Her eyes met his, and a flicker of recognition sparked within her gaze. The atmosphere in the chamber seemed to shift as if time itself had momentarily rewind to a forgotten era.

"Don't you as well?" Ravos pressed further, his voice filled with a mixture of longing and frustration.

"Remember those days when every sunrise brought the promise of battles, not courtesies and parties? When we lived each moment as if it were our last, our hearts beat to the rhythm of adrenaline and the thrill of the fight. In those moments, we truly felt alive."

Serena's expression softened, the lines of her face reflecting a mix of nostalgia and yearning. Her voice carried a wistful tone as she responded, "Yes . . . I remember. Those days were filled with raw passion and a sense of purpose that fueled our every step. We were not mere dolls confined to a castle but warriors forging our own destinies. Immortality loses its luster when our existence becomes stagnant, devoid of the vibrancy we once embraced."

Ravos nodded, his eyes gleaming with a renewed spark of determination. "Precisely, my love. Life should be a tempest, an ever-changing storm that challenges and exhilarates us. We are capable of so much more than the complacency of our current existence. The time has come for us to reclaim our identities, to break free from the shackles of immortality's monotony."

Serenia's gaze held a mixture of understanding and longing as she reached out to clasp Ravos's hand. "I have missed the thrill of battle, the taste of victory, and even the sting of defeat. Let us seize this opportunity, Ravos, to reignite the flames within us and embrace a life worthy of our true nature."

Ravos's lips curled into a fierce smile, his eyes shining with anticipation. "Together, my love, we shall reignite those flames and remind the world of our true power. The battles we shall face, the victories we shall claim, and the legacy we shall leave behind will be etched in the annals of history."

. . . That went well, more than I thought it would.

"But to betray the kingdom . . . the cost is . . ." Serenia was worried.

"We were never part of this kingdom, to begin with," Ravos said. "We were a free nation in the past before those damn angels came, remember?"

Serenia nodded. Her worries were replaced with determination when she looked at me again. "While your aspirations are grandiose, there is an undeniable allure to the idea of forging a path of dominance. If you possess the skill and determination to back your words, perhaps we should entertain this possibility."


"Then . . . will you wear this as a sign of our partnership?" I showed them the [Evil Accessory]. "This is to ensure that you won't ever betray me. And in exchange, I'll sign whatever contract you want in this partnership."

Ravos and Serenia exchanged glances before their eyes settled on Faz's and the collar on her neck.

"Don't worry. As long as you don't betray me or even think of betraying me, you'll have your freedom and this city as well; you'll be my generals in my army and will have a place and table in my counsel. The highest honor you can ever achieve in my kingdom," I added and finished the bait, "And . . . you will have Faz's daily energy spirit balls or whatever you call it to retain your youth."

"Seem fair enough," Ravos said, and Serenia drafted a contract of her own.

As I perused the intricacies of the contract, my gaze traced the delicate calligraphy, each stroke a dance of ink upon the parchment. I see no problem with it, so I dipped the quill into the ebony inkwell, its dark depths mirroring the gravity of our pact. I etched my signature upon the page, a testament to the bonds we were about to forge.

At that moment, as the ink dried and sealed our fates, a transformation began to unfold as they wore the [Evil Accessory]. From the depths of shadows, a black bracer materialized upon Ravos's arm, its obsidian surface shimmering with an ethereal sheen. A symbol of his commitment, it encircled him like a guardian, intertwining his essence with the very fabric of our contract.

Serenia, too, experienced the subtle enchantment of our union. A black ring adorned with intricate patterns graced her delicate finger. Its ebony embrace whispered promises of loyalty and shared purpose, binding her to the profound depths of our alliance.

The chamber seemed to hold its breath as if the very air recognized the gravity of this momentous union. Shadows danced upon the walls, casting an enigmatic aura over us as if they, too, bore witness to the birth of something extraordinary.

[ACQUIRED! White Elves army!]

[ACQUIRED! Drow Army!]