“So, I really can’t break through the door.” I muttered.

“Should we look for this boss?” Celeste asked.

“Finding an invisible boss, I supposed that fits within this dungeon’s theme. There are so many ways dungeons can circumvent the rules. Are the rules established by the council?” I wondered out loud.

I had always known that dungeons had certain rules they had to follow. One such rule is that there had to be a means of getting from the entrance to the boss room. They couldn’t just barricade themselves up. If it did happen, it could only be maintained temporarily, and such barriers became more and more brittle the longer it happened. As a dungeon master, I felt an intense discomfort when I had tried to shut my dungeon up. It gave the feeling of holding your breath. I could only hold it for a brief amount of time.

In the meantime, I could fill the entire room with destruction and hope I got it, but some instinct inside me decided that this method probably wouldn’t work. That would be the first thing he’s thinking about. Thus, I had to come up with another option.

My body began to glow as I accessed my dungeon blessings, resetting my skills and then optimizing for strength. Once I reached that state, I attacked. My blade struck the floor with a resounding boom. The floor exploded open, creating a hole in the ground.

“Ah! Master figured it out!’ Celeste declared excitedly.

I just decided to test the floor. The door might be reinforced, but it looked like he didn’t reinforce the entire room. The pair of us jumped down to the 11th floor. If he was honest when he said 20, then we only have 9 more to go.