"Hmph, half a year is only half a year, then I... I will definitely bring it back." Thinking of that person's figure, maybe something will change in half a year, Zhan Nancy directly agreed with gritted teeth.

"That's good, that's good. Come on, Xiaoxuan Xiaocan, let's continue to eat." Seeing his grandson like this, Grandpa Zhan let him go.

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Because he was thinking about things in his heart, not long after the meal, Zhan Nancy said hello and prepared to go to the company.

Seeing that Uncle was about to go to the company, the two children glanced at each other and ran to Grandpa Zhan together: "Grandpa, Grandpa, today is the weekend, my sister and I want to follow Uncle to the company to play."

While talking, Zhan Xiaoxuan pulled Grandpa Zhan's arm and acted coquettishly, and even Xiao Can hugged Grandpa Zhan's other side and shook it lightly.

"Oh, why do you remember going to the company to play, isn't it bad to be with the grandfather at home?" Looking at the two children, Grandpa Zhan smiled and rubbed the two children's hair.

Hearing Taigong's question, Xiaoxuan rolled his eyes: "Taigong, my sister and I of course want to accompany Taigong, but we also want to go to the company to play. Well, let's accompany Taigong when we come back from the company, okay? okay?"

"Hahaha, alright, then let your uncle take you to the company to play." Watching the two children act coquettishly, Grandpa Zhan agreed with a smile, and asked the little grandson to bring the two children.

Hearing that the grandfather agreed, the two children let out a cheer, kissed Grandpa Zhan, turned around and left with Nancy Zhan.

Regarding the departure of the two children, Zhan Beiting just looked up and took Yu Lili back to the room.

"Uncle, do you think the two children are weird, as if they are hiding something from us?" Yu Lili asked curiously, holding Zhan Beiting in his arms.

Regarding the two children, Zhan Beiting thought about it and didn't feel anything wrong. He bowed his head and kissed Yu Lili: "Lili, are you thinking too much, it's nothing."

No, there must be something wrong, the more he thinks about Yu Lili, the more suspicious he becomes. Even when he called Xiaoxuan's name before, his son didn't refute, there must be something hidden from him.

"Uncle, the two children must be hiding something from us, and they are suddenly going to the company with Nancy today. There must be something going on here. Uncle, you accompany me to see what they are doing, okay? "Yu Lili hugged Zhan Beiting's neck and looked at him with bright eyes.

Seeing Yu Lili like this, what else can Zhan Beiting say, as long as he promises to come down and accompany his little wife to the company.

It was also a coincidence that as soon as the two of them arrived at the company, they could see Zhan Nancy talking to a girl from a distance. Not far from the two people, two children were hiding and peeking.

Seeing this, Yu Lili didn't understand anything, so he hurriedly pulled Zhan Beiting to hide aside.

Just after hiding, Yu Lili saw what the two children were secretly doing, and then the girl threw herself into Zhan Nancy's arms.

Seeing Zhan Nanxi's helpless and shy look, Yu Lili grabbed Zhan Beiting's sleeve excitedly: "Uncle, uncle, look. I said why those two little things have to come to the company? , It turns out that Nancy is in a situation, it seems that Grandpa's wish will soon come true."

"Yeah, that's fine, the provincial Nancy follows you all day, the little fairy, the little fairy, calling you." Zhan Beiting glanced at the stupid brother's side, and quietly stretched out his arms to wrap his arms around Yu Lili's waist.

"What's the matter, uncle, you also eat the jealousy of your own brother?" Yu Lili glared at Zhan Beiting.

Zhan Beiting didn't care when Yu Lili glared at him, and his hands tightened a bit.

Seeing that Yu Lili was still excitedly looking at Zhan Nancy's side, Zhan Beiting pulled Yu Lili to himself with some displeasure: "What's wrong, you belong to me, it's mine alone."

Zhan Beiting's words made Yu Lili blush a little. Seeing Yu Lili's shy look, Zhan Beiting lowered his head and kissed him.