Chapter 75 - Chapter 75: Chapter 75: Jumping Into Another Fire Pit

Chapter 75: Chapter 75: Jumping Into Another Fire Pit

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Lu Lingche already guessed that she went for an interview.

But he was puzzled. With Qiao Yin’s personality, how could she be courteously treated by someone as arrogant as Dongfang Mu.

Besides her face, she had nothing else.

Dongfang Mu, being the person he was, happened to be interested in women’s beauty.

He always had an extraordinary patience and persistence for beautiful women.

“Dongfang Mu is not a good person, you’d better steer clear of him. You can find work elsewhere; it doesn’t have to be at the Eastern Empire.”

He had already asked Lu Yanxi to arrange a job for her, so why hadn’t Lu Yanxi contacted her?

Qiao Yin suddenly laughed, but her smile was full of mockery: “Dongfang Mu is not a good person? And you are? You made me lose my job, and yet you’re still shamelessly lecturing me here? No matter how bad Dongfang Mu may be, he’s still better than you!”

“He’s better than me? You think you know him well enough to say that?!”

“Of course I don’t know him well, but I do know you. There’s no one in the world more cold-hearted and inhumane than you.”

“So, you just jump into another fire pit?”

“How can it be a fire pit? Talking to Dongfang Mu is much more comfortable than talking to you. And when I talk to him, I don’t have to worry about his mother summoning me to her house and whip me. I wouldn’t be deprived of the basic human dignity.”

On this matter, Lu Lingche was at a disadvantage, and he couldn’t refute Qiao Yin.

But Qiao Yin’s attitude made him feel uncomfortable.

He forcibly suppressed this discomfort and instructed his assistant to drive on.

On the way to the Corporation, he called Lu Yanxi again: “Did you contact Qiao Yin? Why hasn’t she started working in your company?”

Lu Yanxi quickly replied, “Second Brother, I did contact Second Sister-in-law. We agreed on 10:30 as the time. There’s still half an hour left!”

“Why not earlier?”

“Second Brother, my job is special. I often get off work after 10 PM at night, so I start work very late.”

“Start earlier next time!”

Lu Lingche said coldly and then hung up the phone.

Lu Yanxi, who was bullied by him, muttered to herself, “What the heck, if you want to help Second Sister-in-law find a job earlier, why don’t you help her yourself! Why are you bullying me! If I could read your mind, the Shengling Group would be mine!”

Suddenly, a voice came from the living room, “Yan Xi!”

Lu Yanxi quickly ran downstairs and helped the person standing there, “Grandma, I’m so glad you’re here!”

The Old Madam looked puzzled, “Why did you call me in such a hurry?”

“Oh, I should have come to see you earlier. But today is special, I need your help.”

“What’s wrong, have you run out of money again?”

“No, I’ve started my own company. I can make my own money now. I don’t need your help anymore!”

“So what do you need my help for? You’re always partying and having a good time. You’re so blissfully lost. What could possibly trouble you?”

It’s true that Lu Yanxi enjoyed having a good time, but she didn’t mind the Old Madam teasing her. She laughed cheerfully and said, “I’m planning to invite Second Sister-in-law to work at my company. But she seems to resist our family, so I coaxed her here temporarily. Can you help me convince her that it’s you who found her this job? I think she won’t resist that way.”

The Old Madam, being incredibly sharp and experienced, immediately sensed something was off, “Out of the blue, why do you want Qiao Yin to work at your company? And you need me to speak up for you. Tell me, who asked you to find Qiao Yin?”

“Oh my, nothing escapes you, does it? But I must ask you to keep this a secret for me. Otherwise, my Second Brother will kill me.”

“Is it Lingche who asked you to find Qiao Yin?”

Lu Yanxi nodded her head, “Yes, Second Brother is quite peculiar. He called me yesterday, and then again today. I think he’s really into it.. I have to fulfill this task, right? So that I can ask Shengling Group to invest in me later!”