Chapter 824 Another Clue

824 Another Clue



Ye Cheng did not waste time searching for Sying and ensured his mother's wish was carried out. Trace the roots of this material to novelb!n•

Long had she thrown the thought of him marrying the girl from her mind. Now, she just wanted her friend to be alright.

And if she was doing well, living her life, Li An decided she would let her be. So much had happened in the past, and she admitted she had handled it poorly. She was especially neglectful of her spouse and family. Ye Cheng approached his mother's porch via the corner of the house, one hand in his pocket, the other swinging beside him, with a fatigued expression.


"Good day, son. Good to see you back," Li An greeted with a warm smile on her face.

"Thank you, mother." She softly squeezed his palm as she grasped his hand. "How are you, Cheng?"

Not waiting for his reply, Li An tapped the side of the couch she was sitting on. "Come and sit." Ye Cheng sat down near his mother, placing his head on her shoulder. "Tell me about your day."

"It wasn't much." He breathed sharply, "Just the usual and..." Slowly, Ye Cheng pulled away from her shoulder, his brown eyes staring guiltily at her. Ye Cheng had no idea how he was going to crush her heart again with this bad news. This was just another dead end. Every time his private investigator went searching, he came up empty-handed. "It's fine. Michael, you can tell me what occurred. I'm not going to be sad. "Believe me." He nodded and told everything to his mother after receiving her encouraging grin. "I have some more news for you, Mother. Yet another dead end."

She let out a long sigh. "It's all fine. "Well, we could try something different," she said.

His gaze locked on hers. The disappointment in her eyes, no matter how hard she tried to hide it, crushed his heart. "Mum." He gently caressed her palm with his own. "You have my word on it. "We'll find her."


"Come here."

She hugged him again, this time leaning onto his shoulder. Before reacting, Ye Cheng spotted a damp spot on his chest but did not react. "Mother."

"It's fine. I apologise for causing you so much anxiety, Ye Cheng."

"Momma, it isn't stress if it's for you."

She sniffled, attempting to mask her sadness, when an idea struck her. "Cheng?"

"Yes, mum?"

"The plate number on his car is something I can never forget."

His forehead furrowed. What was his mother on about? "Cheng, remember you asked me if I could recall anything from that accident years back." He gave a nod. This time around, he turned in his seat, giving her his maximum attention. "Yes, mum."

"I recall."

"You recall what exactly?" Excitement was beginning to grow in his tone. He could guess what she recalled but deep down, he wanted her to say it lest he jinxed the whole thing. Similarly, Li An turned sideways to face her son, her eyes welled up while she managed to retain her smile. "I did not pay attention before or they must have missed it in the investigation or something but his plate number."

He held his breath. He did not know how this was missed prior, but that did not matter. He would find the culprit soon.



Li An nodded. "That's the one."

Ye Cheng's eyes sparkled with interest. This could prove very useful. Things may have been outdated back then, but perhaps there was something that could be done in case Ye Cheng gulped. He took deep breaths to calm down and hide his worry before 10:25

turning to face her. something happened to that car.

"I'll have them check and find out whose name that car was registered under."

"Sure. Hurry," Li An urged. Standing up, he patted her shoulder before taking his leave. This was a huge breakthrough for him, but unlike the rest, Ye Cheng hoped it would not be another dead end. ********

Two days have passed since that day. Ye Cheng had every available help he could find, searching for that car with the plate number. And just like everything else, it came off as a dead end. "Arghh!!" he grunted, throwing his wine glass against the wall as the shattering sound echoed in his living room. How could things have ended this way? There was no way he could bring himself to give his mother this news again. He raked his fingers through his hair, throwing the messy brown locks back as he paced.

'Mother was so happy when she recalled the plate number of the car," Ye Cheng recalled. 'This would break her!'

He took a deep breath, his mind racing with different thoughts. "Um... No. I can't tell her. I just need to find a solution to this problem fast before she asks about it." His mind was in a haze. Stopping in his tracks, Ye Cheng turned to face the dining room and strode off to pick up his phone. "If I cannot get help in this city, I may have to ask for help elsewhere too. I bet Liu Xueyi may know a thing or two on how to find something that is l..."

"Hello, hon!"

He froze where he stood. 'Shit.' Ye Cheng cursed inwardly. He did not want Li Jing to see the mess he created and worry her. Recently, he was dealing with her own family's mess.

"Are you going to greet me, or is my husband going to hide and shy away from the question I want to ask?"

Ye Cheng gulped. He took deep breaths to calm down and hide his worry before turning to face her. "Hello, love."

"What's going on here?"