Love (Finale)

although he knew it would be like this for a long time, when the woman he loved stood in front of him and acknowledged him personally, he still couldn't control his excitement and wanted to love her with his whole heart.

When he got up, Gu Xiu hugged Mu Yangyang and directly kissed her delicate lips. The kiss was so deep that Mu Yangyang took him by the neck and responded warmly

Under the background of blue sky, deep sea and sunshine, this scene seems to be forever

"Sister, brother, you still need to continue the wedding. The old lady said that if you want to be intimate, you should wait until the wedding is over."

A young child's voice clutching Mu Yang's skirt, carrying his innocent face, looking at Mu Yang.

There was a boy in a tuxedo on Gu Xiu's side, looking at them strangely.

Mu Yang Yang's face turned red, and the people around her burst into a burst of warm applause and laughter.

Mu Yang looked at Gu Xiu plaintively and looked back. As expected, she saw an energetic old woman looking at them with a kind face.

This time, Mu Yang's blushing is even worse. Looking back, Gu Xiu looks normal and raises his hand to help Mu Yang Yang straighten the whole bra wedding dress and the headdress on his bun.

Slightly close to Mu Yang's ear, he whispered: "wife, you are really beautiful today. You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen."

Soft to the bone marrow of the voice of Mu Yang's heart stirred up a pool of spring water, the next moment Mu Yang Yang took Gu Xiu's hand to the center of the venue.

There are two lovely little guys behind him to help Mu Yangyang hold up the long skirt behind him.

The crowd in the venue moved to the center of the venue.

"it's so beautiful, and it's so awesome that I don't think he is such a romantic person."

Gu soft hands together, on the chin issued a sigh.

"Don't worry, I will make you the next romantic woman in the future."

Rock division hook Gu soft shoulder, promised to belong to his chengruo.

Gu soft sweet smile, in the heart happy Zizi.

Qin Xi's eyebrows are bent and his smile is especially sweet, holding ink dust.

"It's very nice. If you are affectionate, you will get married."

Mo Chen raised his lips and vowed in his heart that he would get rid of the risk of licking blood every day and give Qin Xi a safe life

The next wedding ceremony was held as scheduled, and Yansi and Gu Ruan acted as the best man and bridesmaid.

In the end, Gu Xiu and Mu Yangyang announced their vows, exchanged rings and hugged each other affectionately to complete their romantic wedding.

The following media reporters have sent the wedding process to the major media all over the country, even in other countries.

For a time caused a warm universal, many people have sent sincere blessing.

A month later.

With the support of Gu Xiu, Gu Li became a popular idol.

Gu Ruan was called back by her father to finish her studies, and told them to wait until Gu Ruan finished her last year's college, and then talk about other things, so the two separated from each other and had to meet in their spare time.

Mo Chen becomes friends with the man and the rock chief. In order to be with Qin Xi, Mo Chen also begins to whitewash himself

Today, the sky is clear, the spring breeze is gentle, the branches sprout, and the birds chirp

Castle. "Husband, I'm sick to death."

Mu Yangyang has just vomited from the bathroom. He holds the wall with one hand and the protruded stomach with the other. He looks at Gu Xiu with a sad face.

Gu Xiu quickly put down his food, wiped his hands with his apron, and then ran to Mu Yang Yang.

"Wife, how many times have you vomited?"

Gu Xiu grabbed his thick eyebrow and was very distressed.

Mu Yangyang leaned on Gu Xiu's chest and hugged him tightly. "I don't know. I've been vomiting more and more recently."

Gu Xiu stroked Mu Yang's hair and went to the dining table.

"My son must be too dishonest to torture you, this little thing."

With that, Gu Xiu stopped and stroked his stomach.


Mu Yangyang patted Gu Xiu's palm, "what do you say? He's only three months old now. What can he understand? Besides, he is not necessarily a son. "

Mu Yangyang's mood is very serious.

Gu Xiu's mouth twitches a few times, and his mood fluctuates greatly. He really doesn't mean to say anything. Besides, isn't he just joking?

"As long as it's you, I like it both men and women."

Gu Xiu had a smile on his lips.

Mu Yangyang then showed his smile, approached Gu Xiu actively, blinked his big watery eyes, and looked at him vividly.

"Husband, I want to eat fish with pickled vegetables. It's very sour.""Well, you wait for me to do it."

Gu Xiu helped Mu Yangyang to the sofa, gave her a kiss on the forehead, and then hurried into the kitchen.

Mu Yangyang looks at Gu Xiu's busy figure and smiles happily. In the past month, Gu Xiu has learned a lot of dishes from the kitchen because he doesn't trust the chefs and can't take care of her stomach.

In five minutes.


Mu Yangyang cried out, and Gu Xiu ran out with a knife, which scared Mu Yangyang.

Gu Xiu immediately put the knife back, washed his hands, took off his apron, and then came over.

"What's the matter, wife?"

Gu Xiu was sitting beside Mu Yang, with concern in his eyes.

Mu Yang Yang pours on Gu Xiu's arms and says innocently: "I don't want to eat sauerkraut fish all of a sudden. I want you to talk with me."

Gu Xiu couldn't laugh or cry. He didn't know what to say

Today, Gu Xiu held a meeting in the company.


Gu Xiu stretched his face and smashed the document on the table, which made a sharp sound.

"Is this the plan you designed for me?"

The people at the bottom are silent and dare not breathe.

The atmosphere once fell into a tense and rigid situation. At this time, a telephone rang.

Gu Xiu twisted his eyebrows and turned to see that it was his wife who called. His face lightened a lot.

I picked up the phone and answered it.

"What's the matter?"

Gu Xiu sat back in his chair. Although he was tense, his tone was much better.

"Husband, I miss you. Come back as soon as possible. Remember to buy me two more sourdough plum soup from the south of the city by the way."

Mu Yang's soft voice captured Gu Xiu's heart in an instant.

Gu Xiu raised his hand and waved to the crowd, and they left automatically, but at the same time, they were relieved.

"Well, I'll be right back."

Gu Xiu's voice was full of love, but in fact he couldn't laugh or cry. Is it sour plum soup or him?

"Husband, I love you so much. I'll wait for you, MEDA."

To the mobile phone, Baji mouth, sent a kiss, Mu Yang Yang hang up the phone.

Gu Xiu's heart was slightly rippling, and the corners of his lips were in a helpless and soft radian.

He got up and went to the office of the rock division.

"What? Are you going to ask for leave again? Are you wrong? This week, you've taken four days off! "

The rock division claps a case and stares big eyes, very speechless ground looks at opposite of Gu Xiu.

Gu Xiu's face was calm, he pulled aside the chair and sat down directly.

"Great, she wants me to go back with him, so you can take over my work for the time being."

Gu Xiu put all the materials in his hand in front of Yan Si.

With a long sigh, Yansi fell down on the chair.

Look at his miserable life.

"I didn't expect that you were so happy to have your son that you made a lot of trouble for me." I make complaints about it.

Gu Xiubai takes a look at Gu Xiu, and then tells him what to pay attention to in his work. Then he leaves. But looking at Gu Xiu's back, Gu Xiu is envious. When can he become a father.

After going back, Mu Yang Yang was sitting on the sofa, holding a book in his hand and looking at it leisurely.

Seeing Gu Xiu coming back, Mu Yangyang immediately goes barefoot. Gu Xiu runs to let Mu Yangyang sit on the sofa again.

How many times have I told you? Don't run around barefoot in the future. Why don't you listen? "

Gu Xiu strained his face and pretended to be angry.

Because of her fault, he almost threw the whole floor on the carpet.

Mu Yang Yang is biting the mouth lightly, the clear eyes all seem to want to ascend to Teng a trace of fog.

"I'm so happy to see you. That's why But why do you want to kill me? "

Mu Yang's voice contains some grievances. Gu Xiu's mouth twitches, some speechless, and takes a deep breath. Gu Xiu pats Mu Yang's shoulder patiently.

"I didn't hurt you. I'm just worried about you. Barefoot is easy to get cold. It's not good for you and children."

Mu Yangyang didn't know. She started to kiss Gu Xiu on the cheek with a faint smile.

Just as Gu Xiu was excitedly waiting for mu Yangyang to say something warm, Mu Yangyang said something.

"Why didn't I see my sour plum soup?"

Gu Xiu's face broke down. At this time, Mu Yangyang hugged Gu Xiu's waist and laughed more beautiful than the flowers.

"Thank you, honey."

"Fool, I'm willing to do it for you, but if you really want to thank me, then..."

Gu Xiu stroked Mu Yang's hair, his eyes were deep, and his mouth was smiling with evil spirits. He scanned Mu Yang's delicate body up and down.Mu great pretty face is not a red, quickly put back the hand, eyelashes can't help shaking a few times.

"I don't think you need to be rewarded for being so great."

Just when Mu Yang was ready to leave, Gu Xiu hugged Mu Yang's waist. His voice was hoarse and his temperature suddenly increased.

"You've been hungry for months. How can you bear it?"

Gu Xiu looks at Mu Yangyang innocently.

Mu Yang Yang quickly protected his stomach, nibbled at his watery lips, looked at Gu Xiu tenderly and said, "husband, I'm a pregnant woman."

In the end, Gu Xiu was afraid of harming Yang Yang and his children, so he forced himself to take a cold bath.

Fortunately, his perseverance and love were not in vain. In the end, Mu gave birth to a big fat boy, who was very likable and had a happy family