Reinforcements were reassuring, but it wasn't a ruckus.

Shelly Lumberjack's one-shot, one-shot Vulno completely reversed the situation.

The team came here to truly understand the second philosophy of “quality over number”, which was supposed to be understood by the mind.

It wasn't a semblance of being able to fight more advantageously. This was the optimal solution, and there was no other solution.

And then I was terrified of Ryoka.

Shelly Lumberjack, the Spirit King contender.

In that case, the title holder said, "How much is the Eight Crown Crown Crown?"

And, even they say, "Oh my God," what a stampede... "

"Leave the rest to me." If you can help me, I'll ask you to take it out on the side. "

Sherry told the soldiers so and began to move forward.

I'm going to walk on my own to the northern flashpoint of the front that was being pushed so far south.

The soldiers burned the little girl's back wrapped in the pitch-black feather.

What a pathetic, dependable back.

Every time Sherry waved her hand and released [Earth Attribute Wono-type], the fearsome monsters of the giant, the monsters of the armor, the monsters of the heavy infantry, and the monsters of the cavalry were almost dead before they could resist.


Shelley remembered the words of the second as she took them one step at a time.

When discussing who should go to reinforcements, the Second said: "Who wants the most" honor "of spears?"

At that time, Sherry didn't understand the meaning of honor.

But now I know better.

Enviable glances on the back, aweful gazes, and cheers of trust.

At one point, she was considered a genius spirit magician and attracted similar attention...... but now, Sherry remembered a pleasure that was incomparably stronger than that.

It was an honor. It feels as if you've become a hero. No, you're a hero, for them.

I wonder if she's a hero now, too.

muttering in a small voice.

Shelley smiled as she remembered the faces of people who had gone to the reinforcements almost at the same time as her.

And unintentionally reveals honest emotions.

I wanna see it ~ ~ ~


The port town of Coola is to the west.

Zephyr and Garam's soldiers had finally reached their limits with the appearance of a giant monster with a club.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

Gain time for the entire army to retreat as the Sorcerers and Archers desperately suppress them.

They were doing very well. But this was the limit.

The only problem is the lack of firepower. No matter how many people there are, it doesn't matter if they're doing it with a bean cannon. It's a shame to move so as not to bring out a single dead person.

I can stick to it as it is. But I could tell you it was hard to stick around without a dead man.

Don't look at the drawer by mistake. It's not without consequences. Zephyr and Garam decided to put the safety of the soldiers first.

"So, I was called in."

Suddenly a crimson flame swayed - from the center appeared a beautiful elf with long hair in wine red, wrapped in a pitch-black feather.

Former Spirit King Vogue. She spread her right hand to the side and chanted [Fire Attribute Wu No-type] before the [Fiery Turn] fire effect subsided.

Isn't it interesting?

All of a sudden, I thought so, but it wasn't a monster that was serious.

In [Possessed by Spirit], the number (...) is twelve.


Seeing the monsters of the giants burned up in an instant, Zephyr loses his words.

Zephar is also a user of the Vulno type, and that is the Ninth Dan. Moreover, fire attribute magic was his specialty, to the extent that he had the nickname of Flame General.

But... the scale is no longer the same. If I raised all four attribute sorcery types to nine levels, this would happen. Because you activated the "Possession of Spirit" 9th stage again. Or is it the Spirit of Fire? I don't know why, but Zephyr felt as powerful as if it were something else.

When it came to the difference, everything he imagined was (...).

It's easy to put it in words... but the journey is too long. At least for him, 56 years old.

"You haven't felt it for a long time, this attention." It's not bad after all. "

At that time, Vogue remembered when he was a spirit king, and was in a good mood to ravage the army of monsters.

Ever since Second appeared, she's been in terrible trouble.

The spirit king kicked me down, and half a year's efforts were denied, and I was told to let the monster that I had worked so hard to tame escape, and I was given a hellish special training from morning to evening... even from the side.

But she herself was rather glad to have met her.

When I met Second, I saw the world in front of her a dozen times wider.

I'm jealous, I've been angry, I think I'm scary. But I respect and admire them. Even with such complications, I was deeply grateful at the same time.

Because I have a second child, I have my present self. That makes me feel kind of proud.

"Always be" graceful. "Know that I am alive."

When Vogue was interviewed by a reporter after the second defeat in the spirit king's battle, she was always ashamed to say that she was nervous about the losing excuse.

Elegant, unworthy of the two letters that used to be synonymous with her.

Now is the time to restore your style.

Always gracefully. Her elegant style is unique.

No one can take it from her, even if it's a tough defeat, until she's gracious.

The lacquered black feathers are gorgeously decorated with white shimmering fur.

Every time the fur on the collar and the hem of the feathers fluttered in the wind, those who saw it had the illusion that the noble lady was dancing elegantly.

And everybody's heart is struck that this is Vogue, her style.

Everyone in this room could not remember her, who was unexpectedly excusing herself for defeat.

This is what Vogue fans think. She said she was back. Back then, the graceful Vogue Spirit King returned with power.

This is the return of Vogue, a reflection on how he lost sight of his style and discouraged his fans.

For her, it is a stage without any more mackerel.

Knowing it or not, the second chose Vogue and sent him for reinforcements.

Vogue himself is convinced that the Second has deliberately given us the opportunity.

You don't seem to be thinking about anything, you're thinking more than anyone else. Foolish pretending to be clever stained me so much that I didn't like it. That stubborn shredder is a hatefully good man to switch on and off.

Someday I'll have to repay you.

Repayment in victory means that the disciple will prevail over the master in the relationship between the master and the apprentice.

Vogue didn't think he was a disciple or a master, but it was already a similar relationship.

I don't say thank you words even if my mouth is broken.

I know that defeating him head-on is the form of gratitude he wants.

I'm sure I'm more elegant than anyone else. No, it has to be.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a grand appeal that Vogue, the graceful and beautiful female elf that everyone envies, is here.

At the same time that the [Possession of the Spirit] was dissolved by the passage of time, Vogue smiled unstoppably and said this.

Let's go flashy...



"Hey, I thought you were having a very slow lunch. Will you come to work by now?" You have a good identity. It seems that the Knight Guardian can't work properly unless he takes a full three-hour lunch break. "

When I finally thought it was time to go, they said something terrible.

"What? Did I say something wrong? I've only spoken with factual reasoning."

"... how many ironies does the General have to say per day in competition?"

"That's right. Did you notice that by now? Don't get tired of being a total idiot."

"Idiots are more tired..."

"You've been resting for three hours and you're tired already?"


Cigarone and Nato ran off to the battlefield, arguing indifferently.

Shigarone's [Dragon King Body Magic] and Nato's [Dragon Horse Spear Magic] blow up without making it a giant monster.

The Imperial soldiers surround and annihilate a small number of the monsters that these two have uncovered.

"Hey, is the bow on your back a decoration?" Let it out on purpose and don't use it at all, do you? "

Why don't you give me some time to use it, General?

"I've been waiting for you to tell me."

Please don't try to imitate me on the battlefield.

Cigarone glanced sideways at Nato's condition and summoned the Wind Spirit Jill. At the same time, he chanted [Wind Attribute Wu No Type] and immediately released it.

It didn't dare to [possess the Spirit], but simply activated with the Spirit. By doing so, I saved the possession of spirits. This judgment is not easy if you do not understand that the Vulcan type in possession becomes overkill, and if you cannot calculate that you can get a definite kill by activating a double with the Spirit.

"I think I've gotten ready to use this."

"Yeah, thanks, buddy."

Cigarone's sweeping assault pushed the battlefield into the ground.

In other words, Nato was able to afford to shift to ranged attacks.

As Nato replied, he quickly switched weapons to the Mithril Compound Bow and prepared the [Ryuo Archery].

That way.

It's dense.

There were two types of bow attack: Dragon King and Dragon Horse. The Dragon King attacked the burst area at the impact site. In contrast, Dragon Horse's piercing attacks spread widely from the point of launch.

If the enemies were somewhat dense, the Dragon King was more suited to annihilation.

"This is a solitary discourse, but when the Dragon Horse Archery combines the Fire Attribute, Ganno Attribute, Wind Attribute, and Ganno Attribute, something interesting happens."

"... I'll try it later."

Cigarone laughed. Nato had already prepared the [Dragon King Archery], so I didn't want to cancel it now. It was a lewd timing with a clear aim.

Cigarone's term for "horsebow fire sengen" is second-hand wisdom. Since many players used it as an alternative to the Wuno type, it was generally called the "Wuno type". However, by raising the Dex, it could also produce more firepower than the Wuno type, and since it had a penetrating effect on the arrow, it was actually a more user-friendly skill than the Wuno type. The disadvantages are that there is only fire and wind in the combination that spreads the attack range to the Wono type, that it can only be used outdoors, and that SP consumption is intense.

"Hmm, that's a real firepower." I'm glad you're resting for three hours. "

"Break time is irrelevant"

When the Dragon King Archery landed on the enemy area, the impact spread in a circular shape around the impact site, and a large number of monsters died out.

Sigarone and Nato overthrew the monster army as usual.

It seemed like this would continue until the next 14 o'clock... "

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