Chapter 200 200 Playing With Shadow And Ice (Part 2)

[Ice golem]

[Level 15]

[HP 170]

"They are quite tough, level 15, with HP at 170, and there are tons of them" Alex spoke as the golems ran downward towards their carriage.

"Aim for their head, try to decapitate them" Alex spoke.

"I've fought ice golems before, they are only tough, nothing else" Melissa spoke.

"Take Rebecca away, but not too far, so they won't come after you," Alex said to the rider as he turned the carriage around and slowly rode away.

"This is the perfect opportunity to test my new spell, you said it wouldn't work against strong opponents right, let's find out" Gabriel spoke as he stepped in front.

"I'm at a disadvantage, there are no trees or shade around and the sun is still out so I can't do anything except fight and hope I don't get killed" Alex muttered.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you" Melissa spoke.

"Really do you think now is the time for this, BAM" Lynx spoke as he aimed at the golem in front and one of the bullets took off one of the golem's heads.

"I got the XP, but it's low, I thought you said they were level 15 with HP of 170, I can't deal 170 damage at once" Lynx spoke.

"Here they come, just attack" Alex shouted as he took a deep breath.

"I think they are more than 100" Melissa spoke as she held her bow, she didn't put in any arrows, she had fought ice golems before, and shooting any part of their body was a complete waste of time unless she used her enchanted arrow and with this amount, it would be a waste.

Gabriel was still in front and when the golems were just a few steps away from them he quickly stretched his magic staff forward.

[Wind cutter]

Gabriel mumbled and in front of his staff a wind-like blade formed and shit towards the golems who were running forward, with the power from the staff the effect was double.

Gabriel shot his spell and quickly moved backward with a smile on his face, his wind cutter killed 20 of the golems in front while Max, Alex, and Melissa moved forward.

Lynx had already backed away from them and stood on a higher level where he could pick off the golem one at a time, while Gabriel switched to flame spell.





Max slashed a golem's head and the rest of the body fell to the ground and shattered upon impact.

"I think–I think that's the last of them," Max said panting.n).OvelbIn

The dust began to settle as the cry of the battle faded away.

Max, Alex, Melissa, and Gabriel stood among the shattered remains of the ice golems, their breaths heavy and their bodies covered in frost and sweat.

"Impressive spell Gabriel, you wiped out a good chunk of them," Alex said, still trying to catch his breath.

"What did you say about wind spells" Gabriel asked Max, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

Lynx, who had been picking off golems from a safe vantage point, made his way down to join the group, while Gabriel went to inform the rider and Rebecca to bring the carriage back.

"I have to say, I thought these golems were supposed to be tougher. The XP from those kills was pretty low" Lynx spoke.

"I don't think my inspect skill worked in them, the golems we just killed was more than 150, for a mage to be able to create 150 high level golem, I don't think that's possible, so they were low leveled, probably level 2 or 3" Alex spoke.

"So the shadow potion messed with your skill?" Melissa asked.

"I think so, you have been to the gold continent right, did you know about the shadow potion?" Alex asked Melissa.

"I heard about it and I've seen it being used, but unless it's used by a really strong person or a large group of weak people, it's useless, I heard of a summoner who tried to feed the shadow potion to her wolf and the wolf are her after taking the potion"

"That serves her right, let's keep moving, I'm tired of all these fighting" Max spoke.

"You know the summoner and her brother are still around here right, we can't let our guards down" Alex spoke.

"Fuck, you've got to be kidding me" Lynx shouted and the rest of them turned around as they heard distant footsteps approaching.

More ice golems were rushing towards them, with their eyes they could count more than 100 ice golems.

"I'm already running low on ammo, and we can't salvage anything from the golem to sell and they are all low level with not more than 30XP gain, I can't waste any more of my bullets" Lynx spoke.

"We have to find those two, they might be around here," Melissa said.

"Fuck I'm tired, we should..."


All the golems rushing towards them began to crack and shatter one after the other till all the golems were dead.

The group stood there still surprised at what happened then Alex remembered how an ice golems shattered like this when he was training with Jessica.

"I don't think she can control all of it," Alex said.

"What do you mean?"

"I know a mage who couldn't create more than 5 ice golems, when she tried to pass her limit and create a really powerful one, it shattered and broke just like now, that means they are still around, let's find them," Alex said as he ran forward, the rest of them followed him.

"Sister are you okay, what's wrong, what's wrong...Arrgghh..." a scream alerted the group and they rushed towards the source.

The group stood in front of a creature with darkness surrounding it and a boy was on his ground with a hole in his stomach.

"It's the sister, the shadow potion has corrupted her" Alex muttered as he took a step back, 'That's why the golem stopped'

"I don't think we can defeat her now, we should carefully move away"