Chapter 177 177 Beast Crystals

Now that it was morning, they could see their surrounding clearly and goblins were low leveled beasts so they wouldn't need to struggle much.

The goblins charged first with the orcs following behind, loud noise echoed as the goblins screamed.

The goblins were no match for Max or Alex, unlike the first time they faced goblins. One slash to the neck from Alex, and 1 good slash from Max were enough to end a goblin's life.

"Melissa, they are getting closer and they are within my range," Gabriel said.

"Okay, I'm ready," Melissa said.


"Bastards..." Lynx mouthed as he shot a goblin head clean off.

"Hey Lynx, don't shoot goblins close to me" Max shouted as he blocked the swords of two goblins.

"I was trying to help you, they are all over you," Lynx said.

"His sword skills still need some more work" Alex laughed.

"Guys, I thought you say you were going to take care of the orcs, they are just a few meters away from...ohh" Max smiled as the ground underneath the orcs began to soften and their huge legs were sunk in immediately, the goblins left were no up to 5 and they ran away after the first orc's head was burrowed opened by Melissa's arrow.

"No don't run, we were supposed to leave one alive for Rebecca" Alex muttered.

"For me, I don't need a goblin pet" Rebecca spoke immediately.

"Not a pet, for practice," Alec said.

"What about this huge orc, can't she use it for practice, the legs of the orc are stuck and it can't get out, it'll be perfect," Max said.

"You do know, the orc still has a club in his hands right?" Alex said.

"Well then, let's just kill it and get it over with, Lynx do the honor"

"The HP is too high, you guys need to attack it first then I'll be able to kill it in one shot"

"See, you can't kill a single orc in one shot, Melissa if you may," Max said with a smile.

"Hey not fair, she already killed the first one, and besides it won't give her that much XP since she's high leveled"

"What is that" Rebecca mumbled as she turned around, her whip was in her hand but she had no idea a weapon like a whip can even be used for battle.

Alex and Max walked towards the rest of them while Melissa took care of the last orc, Lynx fired the orc's head but it wasn't enough to kill it so Melissa did the rest. Gabriel's Mana was finally done and now he was beyond tired, even his legs were about gone.

"Rebecca, what are you staring at?" Alex asked as they walked towards her.

"I can hear something but I don't know what it is, it doesn't seem like another beast but it...Haaaa..." Rebecca shouted as a goblin popped out from the bush behind her and dashed towards her with a short sword in his hands.

"Rebecca, Gabriel shouted as he stretched his hands forward but he was already out of Mana.

[High-End Goblin]

[Level: 15]

[HP: 200/200]

"Rebecca use your whip, just turn around so it won't come near you" Alex shouted and she did as she was told, the rest of them moved away from her to avoid getting caught while Melissa was aiming at the goblin.

Rebecca held the whip with both of her hands and spin around preventing anything from coming close to her.

"Melissa shoot the...huh!!" Alex's jaws dropped as the head of the high-end goblin was on the ground.

"Her whip did that" Lynx mouthed.

"Rebecca you can stop rolling now, try to stop slowly so you won't, shit" Alex shouted as he fell to the ground immediately.

"Oh my..." Melissa shouted before falling to the ground.

When Alex told Melissa to stop spinning, she immediately stopped and let go of the whip, the whip left her hands and swung towards Gabriel.

Gabriel who was extremely tired from using too much magic jumped behind a tree for protection and the whip flew passed him and curled around another tree.

"I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to let go..." Rebecca apologized immediately.

"No problem, it's just that the whip is stronger than it looks," Alex said as he saw the dead body of the goblin with its head slashed clean off.

"What that, wait so if I didn't dodge her whip, this would have happened to me?" Gabriel asked.

"You are really lucky, we would bury you where we found the plants so maybe you can return as a ghoul, you'll be the king of ghouls and use your army to fight the demon Lord" Lynx said mockingly.

"Is that a joke to you, just now I was almost killed, maybe you should die and become the ghoul king" Gabriel said.

"I'm very sorry Gabriel" Rebecca apologized.

"No problem, you should probably keep the whip away for now till you learn how to use it"

"That's a good idea, but imagine what she can do if she learns to use it, she'll be like a badass villain from a Dark Knight movie," Max said and the rest of them laughed.

"Isn't all this blood supposed to clear away after the beast disintegrates?" Alex said as he turned around.

All the goblins and orcs they killed were still there on the ground and showed no sign of disintegrating, the blood on them were stains they had to wash off, unlike when they were in Nova Online, this was the real world.

"Is there a river somewhere, would the guards let us in if we show up like this?" Max muttered.

"You are right, they might think we killed humans," Lynx said.

"Well this is bad, we have to think of a solution and the blood is pretty much part of our clothes" Alex spoke.

"Maybe we should take them off," Max said.

"Take them off and do what?" Rebecca asked.

"I don't know, do any of you have a better plan?" he asked.

"Any plan is better than your plan," Gabriel said.

"We should tell them we are adventurers and we hunted beasts, but we'll need some kind of proof," Melissa said, "We should check the orcs for crystal," she said as she walked towards the orcs.

"What do you mean check the orcs for crystal?" Lynx asked.

"You guys don't know, beasts usually have crystals in their body, that's how magic weapons and other equipment are being made," Melissa said.

"You didn't tell us, what about the goblins?" Alex asked.

"I didn't say anything cause I had no use for them and I thought you guys knew but didn't want the crystal, that's why I didn't say anything. And the goblins are empty" Melissa said.

"So how do we get the crystals out?" Max asked with a smile on his face, the word magic weapons was still in his head.

"Normally we wait till the beast disintegrates and pick the crystal up but we'll have to gut it open, orc crystals are usually located near their hearts"

"Did you say gut it open, like tear though its skin?" Gabriel asked.

"Yes, Alex can do it, he's good with small knives," Melissa said.

"She's right, you are the perfect candidate, I'm only good with long blades," Max said as he stepped back.

"I'm a marksman, I don't know how to use a knife," Lynx said.

"So that's how it is right, then if I find the crystal I get to keep it," Alex said.

"Deal, it's not that powerful anyway, crystals are divided into 5, basic crystal, intermediate crystal, advance crystal, legendary crystal, and mythical crystal, chances of finding an intermediate crystal in these orcs are less than 10%," Melissa said.

"You have no idea how lucky I am," Alex said as he dug his dagger into the orc's flesh.

"So you mean Alex can find a legendary crystal in the orc by chance?" Max asked.

"These orcs are low leveled so their crystals are usually basic, but after a while of fighting and stuff, their crystals turns intermediate then the orc would evolve, then after a while the crystal turned advance and so on, so you can only find a basic crystal or an intermediate crystal in orcs" Melissa explained.

"But Alex said these were Orc Warlord right, that means they have passed the first stage of their evolution" Gabriel said.

"Ohh, you are right"