Chapter 782 Four Pillars: Cleanup

Chapter 782 Four Pillars: Cleanup

"Wait... what?"

While listening in to the conversation between the First Forger and the many others in the round table, Valyr had obtained a bit more information from the memory itself regarding where he was at, as well as what time he was currently in.

Working off the previous memory he had seen from the First Forger, the memory informed him that the current memory was at least a decade into the future, prompting it to summarize everything that had transpired within that ten year gap.

Unsurprisingly, with humans now having the system in their hands, they were able to reclaim more and more of the planet for themselves, carving out a territory that they could call home.

At the same time, the system allowed humans to obtain terrifying levels of strength, with some of them gaining notoriety for becoming as strong as the ones that used to lord over them.

Though, with the humans basically still at war with every other race on the planet, these strong humans dedicated themselves towards the battlefield, not wanting a repeat of the past to happen.

With that, the humans were able to expand from a few scattered settlements to an organized town, which was actually the settlement Valyr had seen in the end of the previous memory.

After that, the humans continued to expand even further, with some towns beginning to be surrounded by other villages, causing rudimentary cities to form.

By the time a decade had passed, the human race had many cities under their name, as well as thousands upon thousands of towns and villages.

Among them, one city stood out for being the strongest in terms of defense and combat power, as well as the best to live in thanks to their focus on technological development.

Naturally, that city was none other than the city the First Forger governed.

With the memory sharing that information with the young man, Valyr was able to listen to the conversation down below with greater context, realizing that he was currently in what seemed to be a rudimentary city hall.

"A system update?" muttered the young man to himself in slight disbelief, still surprised by the fact that the First Forger would mention something like that out of nowhere.

Hearing it reminded the young man of what had happened during the previous memory, where the First Forger was counting down towards the time when the system he and many others used would come to awaken.

Seeing that the First Forger had done something like that again, and this time in front of many people, he began to feel like the claims of it being told to him by a higher being beforehand were now more than dubious.

In response, the man shook his head. "I don't know. All I know is that every human would have their levels reset back to the beginning."

Unsurprisingly, the people in the round table began to cause a ruckus once more, with most of them asking the man if he was just pulling an elaborate joke on them.

Fortunately, there were those who were genuinely worried, asking the First Forger if he could give any insights on what they needed to do to survive the new update.

In response, he told these people that they should focus on what they specialized in as much as possible, telling them that the system would aid them if they were to do so.

Hearing the man's advice, those few profusely thanked him before leaving the hall, eliciting a faint smile to appear on the man's face as he watched them leave.

Though, not long after, his expression returned to what it was before, seeing that many of the people on the round table continued to berate him in anger.


However, as if the heavens above had taken pity on the First Forger, a notification sound resounded in everyone's mind at that moment, prompting them to look at their notification screens in slight fear.

Reading through the notification they just received with panic in their eyes, all of the remaining people in the round table began to look at the First Forger for help, their eyes pleading as they felt themselves returning to their original strengths.

In response, the man looked back at them with a faint sigh before shrugging his shoulders.

"I did warn you."

"But you're the ones that didn't listen."


"In any case..."

"I guess it's time for a long-needed cleanup."