Chapter 678 Salister’s Lair

Chapter 678 Salister’s Lair

The air around her crackled with magical energy as she channeled her powers.

Her fingers moved deftly, tracing unseen patterns in the air as she unraveled the complex spells that guarded the entrance.

A soft hum of energy filled the air, growing in intensity as Princess Lorelai's magic intertwined with the ancient enchantments. The intricate runes on the door glowed briefly, acknowledging the touch of a powerful

The group watched as Princess Lorelai's magic worked its way through the layers of protection. Her expression remained focused, her brows furrowed in concentration.

With a final, decisive gesture, Princess Lorelai uttered an incantation.

The doors trembled, resisting for a moment before succumbing to the princess's will. The locks disengaged with a soft click, and the doors slowly creaked open, revealing the darkness that lay beyond.

A rush of cold air escaped from the chapel, carrying with it a faint scent of decay and ancient secrets. The interior was shrouded in shadows, broken only by flickering candlelight that cast eerie, dancing shadows on the walls.

The group exchanged glances, and Ren gestured gracefully towards the entrance. "After you," he said to Princess Lorelai, his tone serious.

Without another word, Princess Lorelai stepped forward and entered the chapel, her movements deliberate and confident.

A sense of déjà vu washed over Elena, and she couldn't help but reminisce. "Those were the same words you said to me when we entered the Fey Realm," she remarked to Ren, a faint smile playing on her lips. "Ah, those were the good times."

Evie's expression darkened at Elena's words. "Really?"

Ren sighed. "Please don't say something misleading," he said, his voice carrying a touch of exasperation.

As the group entered, the heavy doors closed behind them, and the interior was illuminated by an eerie, flickering light.

Evie was astonished as she noticed that the lair seemed to have undergone a transformation.

The first area they found themselves in was the Chapel Hall. This vast room served as Salister's congregation area, adorned with rows of wooden pews and with simple iconography depicting robed figures engaged in acts of mercy and assistance.

Some depictions showed battles against monsters, others featured the construction of homes, and a few depicted figures tending to the wounded.

What caught their attention were four statues positioned around the edges of the room, designed to resemble mighty iron golems.

Initially perceived as mere sculptures, the statues came to life, their movements purposeful as they shifted primarily to block the doors.

While they had the ability to physically obstruct characters from passing, they lacked the ability to deal direct damage.

"Whoa, they're huge and buffed," Elena commented, her eyes widening as she observed the formidable statues.

"Is there a way for them to move, or do we have to destroy them?" Evie inquired.

Before Ren could answer her, Princess Lorelai drew her sword, [Demon's Bane], the blade gleaming ominously in the dim light.

Princess Lorelai focused her energy, channeling her divine powers. Her aura seemed to expand, radiating a brilliant, ethereal glow that contrasted sharply against the gloomy backdrop.

At that moment, time seemed to freeze as Princess Lorelai drew upon ancient magic. With a single, fluid motion, she raised her sword high, the blade catching the feeble light as if it were forged from the very essence of the stars.

Her lips moved, uttering a prayer in an ancient tongue, invoking powers long forgotten by mortals.

The atmosphere crackled with energy as Princess Lorelai's divine powers surged, empowering her strike.

In a blinding flash, the sword descended with unparalleled speed and precision, its enchanted edge meeting the iron forms with a resonating clash that echoed through the hall.

The impact reverberated through the room as if the very foundations of the chapel quaked.

With a single stroke, Princess Lorelai cleaved the first golem in two, the enchanted blade slicing through the iron body as if it were parchment.

Sparks flew, and the immense statue crumbled, its metallic pieces falling to the ground in a deafening clatter.

Before the astonished gazes of her companions, Princess Lorelai swiftly turned, her movements flowing seamlessly. With another swift strike, she repeated the feat, cutting the second golem down the middle.

The chapel was filled with the symphony of metal meeting metal, followed by a final crash as the second golem collapsed in a heap, reduced to an inert pile of iron.

The same fate had befallen the last two golems.

The silence that followed was profound, broken only by the soft, steady breaths of the princess. Her divine powers still pulsed around her.

"Let's proceed," Princess Lorelai said, her voice unwavering, as she swung open the second door leading to the next area.

Evie and Elena exchanged a glance while Ren couldn't help but note her preference for swift resolution through sheer strength and magic.

In truth, the golems posed a formidable challenge. Their immense defense made them impervious to most attacks, and their ability to regenerate health added an additional layer of difficulty.

While they refrained from attacking, their resilience tested the players' strategic prowess and perseverance.

Princess Lorelai had effortlessly dealt with the golems, a feat that Ren and Elena, with their respective abilities, could have accomplished as well.

Ren could have easily exploited the golems' low magical defense, but he appreciated the princess's proactive approach. If she could solve their problems without depleting his MP, all the better.

Ren admired the princess's pragmatism; after all, in the face of daunting challenges, efficiency was paramount.

With her decisive actions, Princess Lorelai had effortlessly cleared their path, leaving the group to marvel at her prowess while they moved forward.

The group entered the next area, finding themselves in a quaint Dining Hall — a space designed for the guests of the chapel to dine alongside the priesthood.

It held an air of solemnity adorned with simple furnishings where villagers from the nearby village would gather once a month.

Each person would have an opportunity to share their worries with Salister, who would purportedly assist them, albeit for a price.

The room carried a subtle scent of incense, a fragrance that, unknown to many, concealed a subtle hypnotic spell.

Elena's expression turned serious, a warning in her eyes. "Be cautious with the scent. It carries a hypnotic spell meant to manipulate those who breathe it in."

"Salister must be using it so he could easily manipulate people into signing contracts," Ren remarked.