Chapter 299 Hidden Burdens, Future Ambitions

Name:MMORPG: Crowd Control Author:Idczhen
Chapter 299 Hidden Burdens, Future Ambitions

In the current medical field, everyone had heard of the name Samantha, but before Samantha made a name for herself, the rising star was someone called Rebecca.

She was an innovative and creative doctor that created numerous medical formulas that altered the fate of many patients. It was at the height that she was destined to receive a Nobel Prize from the rest of the world.

However, before she could even shine brighter, her presence seemingly vanished from the medical field, and not a single media source was able to deduce where she had gone.

"Such a vile crime actually happened to Rebecca?" Lei Zhen exclaimed in shock.

Back then, he was still focusing on his study and had no chance of interacting with Rebecca. Thus, he had only heard of her achievement through media and professors that had nothing but praise for such a figure.

Never once did Lei Zhen expect that such a figure was Lao Ting's daughter, not to mention the unfortunate incident that followed up with Rebecca.

"Rebecca was a dear friend of mine as well, Lei Zhen." Samantha's tone was mild when she revealed this news to Lei Zhen. Despite the tone being mild, Lei Zhen could feel lingering sadness from Samantha.

Lei Zhen was at a loss for words, not knowing how to comfort her.

"The incident has already passed, and all involved parties have received their punishment. And I have gotten over it by now." Samantha smiled and walked away.

Seeing her back, Lei Zhen realized that her burden was no less than the one in his mind. Matter of fact, her burden had surpassed his now that Lei Qingxuan was showing signs of awakening.

'Rest assured, Samantha. You were there for me, so I will be the same as well.' Lei Zhen exclaimed inwardly, following right behind.

Sometime later, the two of them arrived at her office and began debriefing the current situation regarding the patients trapped in the MagnoPod.

Within her office, two more doctors were present at the scene, reporting their findings to Samantha.

"Doctor Samantha, aside from the patients being trapped in the MagnoPod, all vital signals are fine as long as we supply them with Nutrient Solutions. Though the only problem is that the consumption of the Nutrient Solutions seemed to be higher than the normal consumption rate." A doctor with the name tag Patrick attached to his chest reported.

"Any other findings, Doctor Patrick?" Samantha asked.

Patrick smiled bitterly and shook his head.

It was clear that he was helpless at the matter as well, especially when the company Tundra was denying the claim of their MagnoPod being faulty.

"Okay, the two of you are dismissed then," Samantha waved her hands. She was no longer interested in listening to the reports that had no substance in them.

Patrick's eyes narrowed slightly. There was a bit of discontent and more importantly, he was displeased with the presence of Lei Zhen in the office.

He was a graduate of a prestigious medical college, yet he was being dismissed as if he was useless whereas Lei Zhen got to sit comfortably in the chair.

Patrick's colleague, Terry, who saw this situation, shook his head. Unlike Patrick who was filled with pride, he understood the situation more.

"I shall go do my rotation then, Doctor Samantha." Terry bowed his head slightly and left the office.

"Doctor Terry you-" Patrick was speechless to see Terry leave the office without hesitation. He turned around and saw Samantha's expression was turning slightly dark, his body shivered in fear.

Making a final glance at Lei Zhen, who seemingly was treating the office as his house, Patrick made a 'hmph' sound before leaving the office as well.

Once the two doctors left, Lei Zhen smiled briefly at Samantha.

"It seems like my back has another target." He said, hinting that Patrick was quite displeased with him.

"Are you afraid then?" Samantha smirked. "I can assign you to another hospital if you don't want to see Doctor Terry."

"Heh, as if I'm afraid of him. His report was completely useless but still has the nerve to come here and tell you as if he got some great findings. In my opinion, he was merely using the report as a pretext to come and see you instead." Lei Zhen sneered coldly.

As both of them were men, how could he not tell Patrick's true intention?

And he was pretty sure Terry was dragged alongside to conceal the fact. n.-O-/V/)E--l-(b((1.-n

Though it was a shame because Patrick chose the wrong person to back him up.

"Well, are you jealous then?" Samantha teased, stretching her arms.

Lei Zhen shook his head.

"If it was a capable man, then I might be a bit wary, but him? Please stop with the joke."

"You sure sound confident despite not having a medical degree. Patrick might not look like one, but he has a Ph.D. degree and specialized in cardiology."

"Can we stop talking about him already?" Lei Zhen raised an eyebrow and said, a bit annoyed.

How could he not understand Samantha's intention?

She was trying to provoke him into stepping back into the medical field.

Despite enjoying Magnolia fondly, she believed Lei Zhen was more suitable as a doctor than a gamer, especially with the current problem that Magnolia is facing.

Standing up from her chair, Samantha grabbed the white lab coat that was on the hanger and wore it.

She then walked toward the door and before leaving, she muttered, "Lei Zhen, if I ever wish to be together with a man, then I hope that the man is someone with a great achievement of their own and not just some gamer."

After saying that, she left the room, leaving Lei Zhen alone in the office to ponder over her meaning.

"A great achievement of my own huh..." Lei Zhen murmured in a dazed tone.

What could be considered a great achievement?

It was most definitely the current problem that every country was dealing with at the moment: trapped patients in MagnoPod.

'So she's telling me to grab this opportunity to make a name for myself.'