Chapter 763 Chance of a Breakthrough

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Chapter 763 Chance of a Breakthrough?

"Mathias Scheidemann?" Hearing that name, the grandson of the soul fragment that had helped Lothur at the beginning of his journey, this man could not help but feel as if he had been electrocuted.

He had heard that name from his father's mouth only once, shortly before Milo's death. On that day, such a man revealed to his children the truth about his family and why they had to hide in Leopoldine.

That name had been passed down among the most important members of the Jansen family as a curiosity about their origins, something the most important of the family learned when they became Saints.

But even considering the several generations of heirs of this line, less than 100 people in the entire history of this family knew about this surname. And of those people, fewer than 20 knew it in the present day.

"How is that possible?" The Supreme Saint asked as he looked at the young Sage before him.

Lothur no longer had any doubts that the Jansen family was indeed a family of Mathias' descendants. Not only did he see it in this man, but he could feel a different sensation within himself.

Feeling the good sensation of being close to completing an important mission, he said. "I found the legacy he left behind. Then he gave me the mission to find you and help you for a certain period.

Hearing this brief explanation, the pointy-eared elder looked at Lothur for a moment in silence, feeling that this was the truth.

And come to think of it, there was no other explanation. Lothur was so strong that he could kill everyone in that camp with a few thoughts if he wanted to!

On the other hand, there was no reason why an emissary of Mathias would want to harm them. That old demon hunter had practically abandoned his family, and neither side had ever spoken or seen each other again until both sides perished.

After a moment of thought, the old man sighed deeply and led the way to Lothur. "Please, let's talk in a more comfortable place."

In no time, they were inside the most luxurious tent in the area, while several members of the Jansen family and other high-ranking officials of the empire stood on the outside, curious about Lothur.

Inside the tent, Lothur sat on a chair in front of this descendant of Mathias while the old man poured him tea.

"How should I address the senior?"

"Just call me senior. In the future, you should treat me that way and refer to me as 'he' when speaking of me to others, allies or not." Lothur said, thinking not only to hide in the short term but to do so more thoroughly when he had solved his problems.

The old man did not question Lothur's request and asked. "How did the senior meet my grandfather?"

"I met his soul fragment by chance. He tested me and saw that I could try to complete the mission of finding his relatives. He told me that he could not help his family in life, so he wanted to make up for his absence by helping them in death. He left 5 soul bones for your family."

Hearing this, the man in front of Lothur shuddered, for one of the few things that could help his family grow stronger was Soul Bones.

He and his brothers were hybrids, but with over 75% of their bloodline being of human origin, they had the ability to absorb Soul Bones just like the human side of his family.

But they weren't demon hunters, and they weren't the kind of experts who would hunt other people's bones.

In Concordia, some followed the rule of respecting the wealth of others. That is, they would not fight over a given resource unless that resource had no owner. If it did, those people would just ignore it.

This elder and his brothers followed such a tradition, especially considering their father's background. As people who had grown up in hiding, they were cautious in their actions so as not to attract the attention of the people who had "destroyed" Milo's life.

But without being demon hunters, without being willing to kill people for their bones, this man and his brothers had very few opportunities to absorb Soul Bones.

Even though they were very old and could use it to advance quickly and live longer, none of them thought it would be easy. After all, bones without owners were very rare, and Lothur's attitude was not common at all.

In the opinion of the man who saw Lothur show him five bones, 99% of the people who could have accepted Mathias' mission would have been tempted by those bones.

"Are you serious?" He stood up, his eyes wide.

If this was serious and he could share these bones with his brothers, they would all have a chance to move forward and become Sages!

Lothur knew this and smiled. "Yes, haha. If you want a hint, I would take this femur if I were you. I don't know what your other family members' strengths and characteristics are. Still, by absorbing this bone, you will ascend to my level."

This Supreme Saint could sense that this bone was indeed the most compatible with him, and he followed Lothur's recommendation and took this bone for himself.

But first, he looked into Lothur's eyes and asked. "Senior, please take these other 4 bones to my siblings. They are around Leopoldine to protect the empire. But if they have the chance to absorb these bones, they can also try to advance to the 5th stage."

Thinking about how the Saints in his family thought about new cultivators at this level, he bowed his head and swore. "I assure you that we will never turn against the elder. After we settle the current war, we will serve you forever!"

Hearing this, Lothur was naturally pleased. He smiled as he stood up and said. "Don't worry. I already planned to go to your brother and sister after meeting you.

As for those enemies, just hold them off in case they launch an attack in my absence. Since they decided to attack this state, I will personally punish them."

The pointy-eared individual didn't quite understand the reason behind Lothur's words, but since he thought that it had to do with the mission Mathias had handed down, he didn't think much about it. "All right. I'll do my best, senior!"

With that, the hybrid would soon begin to absorb his Soul Bone while Lothur flew through space toward where the other descendant of Mathias was closer to his location.