"Boom -"

a deafening sound, like a thunderbolt, collapsed without warning of a mountain in the distance, and collapsed instantly. After shaking for a while, the whole land stabilized. %Close to the people in the first time have been scared to run away, some bold, but also groped back to watch, can not avoid eating a stomach of dust.

The mountain is a long time ago. People living around call it the awl. Its shape is very strange. It looks like three mountains folded together. The edges and corners around it are sharp, and there are sometimes dazzling lights.

According to the legend of their ancestors, the awl was once a famous hiding place, where the corpses of heroes and the weapons they were wearing were buried. Every hundred years, the earth would shake and the mountain would shake. After the earthquake, another mountain would be superimposed on the mountain, which is very strange. Therefore, people who have lived here for a long time know that the mountain has been around 300 years.

"It's over. It's been two days. Why didn't the awl get up?" The naked man touched his head and looked at the bare area nearby. His face was confused and puzzled. Listen to his father-in-law, the awl will vibrate once every 100 years. After that, the mountain will be higher, just like a new hat.

But now, the hat is missing, and the awl is gone.

If his father is there, he may not know something. Unfortunately, his father died early.

The man touched his head from time to time. After making up his mind, he wore a pair of worn-out shoes and went to the place where the mountain collapsed. The awl looked very close, but it was far away. When he arrived, it was the third day. It was near evening. He was frightened by the huge scrap iron and a large number of skeletons just emerging from the soil, a pair of empty ones Eyes straight staring at him, he fiercely backward, and then a buttock on the ground, and then jumped up, covering the buttocks, whining up.

In the open land, after a circle of sound, the land continued to swing back.

The man was so scared that he ran away with his head in his hands and ran for a distance. He thought of the scrap iron in his mind and thought about it. He picked it up and used it. So he got up the courage to go back to the place again. When he got to the position before, he didn't dare to move. He glanced at the scrap iron and saw a delicate one Awl, inverted triangle, small and lovely.

He touched his buttocks as if he had thought of something. He looked around carefully and was too busy to pick it up. When he picked it up for the first time, it was like a thousand jin. He was stunned to not pick it up. He breathed into his palm. When he picked it up again, he used both hands. As a result, he fell back and turned a somersault There was a sound.

However, looking at the exquisite treasure in his hand, he did not care about his own bottom and sat on a skull. He stood up and patted, his fingers flicked on the awl, and a long sound came from the object. The man was happy and felt that he had found the treasure.

He tried to pick up the weapons that were shining in front of his eyes. However, his hands just touched them. They were scattered like tofu and turned into dust. When the wind blew, nothing remained.

He didn't believe in evil. Every one touched it, and the result was the same.

Finally, he went home with the only treasure he found in both hands. On the way back, he would play with his fingers from time to time, as if the long and long echo was very beautiful.

At any time, he would wake up in a faint light.

"Ding Ding, don't knock. You don't know how exciting this tripod is to the soul sea."

"No Ding Ding's very low voice of defense, after the explanation, he still stuttered. He didn't know what he was gnawing at. When the sound was mixed with the knocking from time to time, it seemed more noisy.

Green ink headache is fierce, he is busy stretched out a hand to push small color, "wake up."

Xiaose still remembers that they should have killed the corpse in the second layer of the awl. Then, Ding Ding didn't know what to take. The whole mountain trembled. Those swords that had been sealed in the awl launched an attack together. They had to hide in Ding Ding's Changsheng Ding. "What a injustice, Ding Ding Ding, what did you take in that awl before ?”

Ding Ding is busy eating spirit food, and has no time to deal with small color.

But green ink suddenly said, "should not Ding Ding Ding be stuck in the promotion process, so can't move?"

Ding Ding Ding gave a high voice.

Small color can't help but roll a white eye, "when can we not listen to such a noisy voice, where is the Changsheng Ding? How come there's always sound feedback coming back? "

Green ink cross legged and sit, rest for a moment, "should be Ding Ding was picked up."

Ding Ding: "ang."

Small color heavy sigh, "that had to wait."

Three days later, the Changsheng tripod in the man's hand moved. He turned over and continued to fall asleep. Then he moved again. The tripod seemed to have eyes. He jumped off the bed. All of a sudden, he found a hammer. There were some patches beside the hammer. They were all spiritual power.Ding Ding insisted that it should not be done in vain. Changsheng Ding jumped back and went back. Touch it, touch it again, touch it again

The small color and green ink sitting in the Changsheng cauldron saw that there was suddenly a piece of iron sheet, a hammer, and pieces around him. However, everything with stickers, regardless of size, was moved into Changsheng cauldron.

Small color picked up the hammer, tut a, "even this eat, Ding Ding you, this is how hungry ah."

Green ink covered his face and couldn't bear to see it again.

It seems that the departure of Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui has caused a certain psychological shadow to Ding Ding Ding. During this period, however, Ding Ding does not let go of any iron that can be eaten, including metal spirit beads. She would rather kill 100 by mistake than any iron sheet.

As soon as Xiaose finished, she saw a lot of things around her. They howled and fell down together.

The next day, Ding Ding had moved out a long way, and she heard the village cry, "where did the thief steal a thousand knives? They stole all my pig killing knives handed down from generation to generation. How can I live?"

Ding Ding Ding cocked her head and gnawed, "Oh, pig killing."

Go out a long way, green ink and small color are ding ding ding casually to throw out, finally, ding ding a face innocent fly to green ink in front of urging way, "Ang, still bad."

With the black line on his face, he took a look at his small body which had not yet developed well. It was a good saying that people had to bow their heads under the eaves. Since qianwanyu and Dongfang Minghui, the two gods that could hold Ding Ding, Ding Ding Ding tried to turn over to be the master. Not only that, but also knew how to squeeze them. It was really shrewd.

"Bad, bad, bad." Ding Ding Ding is like a little monk chanting sutras. If the other side doesn't pay attention to it, it will keep muttering until the other side takes care of it.

"Good, good, my ancestor ah, you always want to take us to places with a lot of people. I see every town you search a little more, and you will be promoted soon. When you go, you can find your master, your Xiaojiu, you --"

MA Dan, who are you looking for.

Xiaose also rolled her eyes and wanted to walk away. "We don't practice, but we have to run around with it. Ding Ding, you take us to the nearby town. You can find the one near the capital. "

Green ink straight nod, this is the fastest time-saving, but also the most convenient way.

Without saying a word, Ding Ding Ding immediately threw them into the Changsheng cauldron. For a long distance, it was looting and looting. Every town and town, we could hear all kinds of howls, so that people were boiling with resentment.

People also gathered a large group of people to capture the thief. They also tried all kinds of methods to lure him with weapons.

Ding Ding quietly crouched on one's head like a chicken, listening to their communication, "when we catch the thief, we will let it spit out all the treasures we robbed before."

"Yes, if you want to do meritorious deeds this time, you have to take some weapons with hand lining, which are made of refined iron. They will be killed by blood."

Ding Ding felt thoughtful and patted her flat stomach. Then she flew down and threw those weapons into Changsheng cauldron, spitting up a little remnant.

A pile of weapons turned into a pile of slag in an instant.

The men who were communicating with each other were stupefied and looked at each other. At the same time, they immediately pulled out their swords. As a result, their swords disappeared.

A group of people, you look at me, I see you, "..."


click, click, click, click, click, click, click

After eating and flying all the way, Ding Tun flew back to the Royal College again. She visited the armory of the Royal College and the cabinets in the gold palace. All the things that released a little bit of gold spiritual power were crammed into her mouth, until the feeling of promotion suddenly came.

Until dingmo flies to the Academy, it flies into the yard.

"Burp -" it made a heavy hiccup, "I'll go to find xiaojiuda."

Green ink and small color Leng, and then roared, "you're going to be promoted!"

Ding Ding crooked head, "Ang, burp, full, looking for small nine da."

With that, the tripod, the size of a palm, leaped up and grew bigger until it poked a hole in the sky.

Green ink and small color were blown away by the strong wind. They saw a huge thunder rolling down in the sky. "Ma Dan, bring us in. How can we get out this time?"

"find xiaojiuda."

After a sigh remained in the horizon, the hole merged again at the speed of the naked eye.

The author has something to say: it's all over.

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