Before going to the governor's house, he put the Plasma Cyclotron Accelerator on the top of the nearby hill, which was the highest point in the area.

He then led Earlene to the door of Quaid's room and showed her in.

A force that could not be identified suddenly opened the door.

Xzavier noticed Quaid inside, seated, and Laddie standing next to him. Laddie was also noticed by Xavier.

They both conveyed the sense that they had been waiting for him for quite some time.

"I was surprised that you returned so promptly, and I must say that your promptness has made an impact on me." Quaid gave Xzavier counsel in the tone of a parent. He indicated the side with a hand gesture. Tacy, who had been held captive, was eventually released by a servant.

Tacy's eyes glowed with joy when she saw Xzavier.

Xzavier immediately let go of Earlene after seeing her.

They were both on the same page and knew that the girls weren't the most significant criteria in selecting who would win.

"I'm aware that you're an intellectual man, Xzavier."

"It's still a shame that you chose to resist me. " Quaid smacked the table a little. "Despite this, I am willing to give you one more chance. As a result, your choice is..."

"I guess there's no need to continue the exchange," Xzavier said, shrugging his shoulders.

"That's excellent." Quaid smiled before closing his eyes.

"I guess that this is not the ideal area for a battle; perhaps the training ground would be a great spot," Laddie, ever the nice gentleman, said as he cautiously exited the study.

"That's how I perceive it as well." Xavier, on the other hand, was of the same mind.

The two then proceeded to the field, where Xavier had spent a significant amount of time preparing for the ultimate clash.

Meanwhile, Quaid was perched on a loft in the distance, observing what seemed like an interesting fight.

Earlene and Tacy also watched the battle from a safe place. They wanted to watch the best fighters in the world fight.

After witnessing Laddie's prowess for himself, Xzavier opted to forgo the futile probing and instead engage in a close-quarters battle with Laddie using the laser blade attached to his arm.

Xzavier moved closer to Laddie while displaying a blood-red laser blade on his arm. He did this in an attempt to kill the elderly man with a single blow.


Laddie was able to stop Xzavier from sneaking up on him by fighting furiously with a special rod with lightningand a laser blade.

This knowledge took Xzavier by surprise. After that, he showed off his great sword skills, but Laddie was no slouch. For a while, the two contenders were neck and neck.

When it came to hand-to-hand combat, Xavier did not expect to have no advantage. Given that Laddie was the most powerful mage in this place, it was understandable that he didn't constantly display surprise. On the other hand, Laddie fought him even after flying directly into the air beside him.

Nonetheless, it was clear that Xzavier's steel battlesuit had a bit more mobility.

Laddie could fly, although he was a little less agile. Still, he had greater fighting experience than Xzavier. Whenever Xzavier was about to strike him, he was able to avoid being hit. Xavier was annoyed by this.

"I was correct in praising your intellect; you truly are a genius." Despite the fact that Laddie's rod collided violently with Xzavier's laser blade, he was still able to speak clearly. "Since the last time I saw you, you've developed into a more fearsome foe. Going against the governor's command was one of the worst judgments you've ever made, and it was one of the worst things you've ever done."

After a brief pause, Laddie's demeanor changed as he inhaled deeply and his face grew solemn.

Xzavier was afraid to slack off because the last time the elderly man's expression changed, and then he had suffered a catastrophic loss.

The sky gradually grew overcast, and it didn't take long for it to start raining heavily. Laddie continued to chant incessantly. Following that, there came lightning and deafening claps of thunder from the clouds. The hurricane's winds began to blow in all directions.

When Xzavier was flying through the air, he ran into a lot of resistance, which slowed him down and made it hard for him to turn.

"Oh, no!" As a result of the change in his circumstances, he became extremely worried.


He was suddenly struck by a thick bolt of lightning.

Xzavier's form stumbled and fell to the earth, resembling a helicopter in accident. Fortunately, the Iron Battlesuit served as a shield, protecting him from the deadly impact.

[WARNING: The suit will almost never be able to properly fight against such a tremendous onslaught. If things continue as they are, it won't be long before it's gone.]

"It appears that I shall have no choice but to do my best."

Xzavier didn't waste any time in revealing the multiple weapons hidden within the Iron Battlesuit one by one.

Laddie was then hit with a lot of different weapons, like sound waves, flash bombs, incendiary bombs, grenades, micro missiles, missiles, miniguns, Gatling machine guns, special cannons, magnetic fields, electromagnetic pulses, lasers, and so on.

Laddie had never seen so many odd assaults, and he had come perilously close to being seriously injured on several occasions. He was a skilled fighter, and as a result, he was able to escape the majority of Xavier's attacks. To avoid being outdone, he unleashed all of the many sorts of magic he had learned, including water, fire, lightning, and earth, but in a variety of different ways.

The governor's residence was quickly filled with a dizzying mix of explosions and blasts. The others only saw a quick glimpse of two fuzzy entities materializing out of thin air before disappearing almost instantly.

Throughout the heated battle, both of them made many attempts to take the other's life, but neither was successful.

As the intensity of the struggle increased, Laddie ceased to be the well-mannered gentleman and morphed into a demon with a hungry thirst for blood. He was now fully aware that if he didn't fight with all of his strength, he would very certainly be killed. It was a conflict that may literally have meant the difference between life and death. His sleeves were soiled and fraying at the edges.

Xzavier was right in the middle of the action, and he understood how he felt restricted by his circumstances. His steel armor was already brittle and on the verge of collapsing. He couldn't imagine what would happen if all of these attacks hit him in the flesh and blood. Still, the outfit had a rather short lifespan than the expectations.

That Laddie was such a slayer!

Xavier couldn't stop himself from thinking that.

As the conflict escalated, two gathered around the structures that were being gradually crushed and destroyed. The battleground eventually encompassed the entirety of Victoria after beginning in the basic training area.

Everyone in the city could see the furious fighting going on.

"Look! A battle between great sorcerers is taking place in the skies."

"It appears like it will be Laddie! I've never seen him get into such a fight."

"Who exactly is another one?"

The crowd began to converse.

Xzavier's respiration, on the other hand, remained difficult throughout, and it was evident that he was losing strength. He'd probably pass out before the other if he kept going like this.

Oh, no!

"This elderly man's tenacity is pretty astonishing. " He admired Laddie's tenacity in the face of adversity.

Laddie, on the other hand, was perilously close to his limit. He did, however, had more precise control over mana and stamina, and he was able to conserve as much stamina and mana as possible when fighting. On the other hand, if this continued, he would most certainly pass out.

"Please help me turn on the Plasma Cyclotron Accelerator System."

[Its activation has already been initiated by the host.]

Xzavier had planned an undercard for himself, and before he arrived, he had placed the Plasma Cyclotron Accelerator atop one of the highest adjacent mountain peaks. It was already planned for this moment to arise.

[Start to build up my energy, around 5% done.]




... After exerting remote control over the apparatus via the system, Xzavier prepared to discharge the Plasma Cyclotron Accelerator. On the other hand, there was an issue that couldn't be solved in this scenario: Laddie was moving so fast that the Plasma Cyclotron Accelerator was unable to hit him exactly.

If it were unable to strike him, no amount of energy would be useful.

But not before Xavier had time to devise an ingenious remedy.

As soon as he was back in close combat with Laddie, he stretched out and grabbed both of Laddie's arms with both of his hands.

They were entwined like the ends of a rope.

"What on earth are you doing?!" Laddie's entire existence was filled with unease at the time.

Xzavier shifted their positions, putting Laddie between the weapon and himself.

"Shoot at me!"

The system fired the Plasma Cyclotron Accelerator at Xzavier once he delivered the instruction.

"What are you on about!?" He had no idea what the young man was up to until he felt a discomfort in his side.

From nowhere, a dense blue particle gun blasted at him.

The "Plasma Cyclotron Accelerator" came to a halt at Laddie's location after slicing through the atmosphere like a knife.

The event was witnessed by everyone who lived in Victoria.

"What was it exactly?"

"I have absolutely no idea!"

"What a horrible being!"

The unexpected incident sparked discussion among those present.

Laddie had the impression that every cell in his body had been ruptured at that precise moment. Following that, he felt weak, as if he were a bird without wings that had fallen from the sky and landed on the ground of the governor's mansion.

Quaid groaned as he noticed his subordinate laying on the ground in the distance. He didn't know whether he was still alive or had died, still, he didn't show any panic.

Earlene, on the other hand, couldn't help but scream in disbelief since she couldn't believe Laddie had been defeated. She just couldn't believe it. What did that man intend to do to her father next?

Xzavier descended slowly from the sky and landed near Laddie. "I'm not going to murder you because you spared me the last time," he explained. He then soared in the direction of Quaid and landed directly in front of him.

"Are you going to end me?" Quaid inquired, sitting completely still in his chair.

Earlene and Cadence, who had been watching the fight from downstairs, ran up the stairs and were instantly brought to their knees when they spotted Xzavier.

"Please spare our father." They were scared that Xavier would embark on a killing spree at this spot.

Cadence highlighted, "Even though my father violated the law in some ways, his crime does not warrant the death penalty. You are not allowed to penalize him in any way! "

Quaid, who had been struggling to keep his cool, had failed terribly and had succumbed to his rage at this particular moment. "Take a position! Members of the Princy family have no need to make a final appeal to anyone, even if they are on their deathbeds. This rule holds true regardless of what happens. I previously informed you!"

After a short glance at Quaid, Xzavier turned and walked towards Earlene and Cadence. He stroked their hair with his fingers "I will not be held accountable for any needless killings. I came to this meeting with the governor to bargain. " He then sat down and turned himself so that he faced Quaid. "Let's finally get down to the long-overdue negotiation."

"You do have the credentials now," Quaid remarked, trying hard not to lose his cool.

Xzavier laughed, "Yes. My request is simple: please release all of the slaves now imprisoned in Princy's castle and forbid any further sex slaves from being raised in the same brutal manner. "

"I'll take care of it."

Quaid made the promise to Xzavier while cynically smiling.

"Too innocent! I'm not sure how old you are mentally, but I feel responsible to tell you that in this world, even if I don't do these things, others will. Are you planning to arrest all of the world's nobility? "

"So you can only force me to do this if you really want to? Are you going to ignore what is going on, even though it is concealed from your perspective at the moment? "

"I can't believe how hypocritical you seem!"

"Does that make you feel any better on the inside?"

"Are you certain you want to live your life as a naive child?"

Quaid kept making angry comments to Xzavier, even if he had idea that he could kill him at any moment.

"You make an excellent point! The world can be brutal and merciless at times. " Xzavier stood up. "As a result, one of my objectives in this area is to develop a nation that is both free and peaceful. I'd appreciate the chance to be a witness. "

"That's not going to happen," Quaid remarked cynically.

"Then I'll try," Xzavier answered, laughing.

After that, he said bye to Earlene and Cadence, leaving only a lonely back figure for them.