Chapter 1335 Just Not Enough

Chapter 1335 Just Not Enough

"It's okay," said Mu Chenyan. "There is always someone around to help. You don't have to shake your head just because you don't wanna trouble others." How could she not tell what was on her mind? She knew it without Raelle having to say anything at all.

"But I'm not all that curious either," told Raelle.

"Yes, but this is your blind spot. You have only seen wells in books or videos. This is your first time seeing it in person. So, I can understand that you wouldn't like to see the inside. Don't think so much about it. Just tell me what you want and I'll handle it," said Mu Chenyan and raised her hand. Someone did come to her side, waiting for the instructions. "Ask someone to uncover the well for me."

So within minutes, four strong men came to lift the heavy wooden cover that protected the well. Only then did Raelle step closer to the edge of the well and look down to explore the inside. This was really her first time seeing a real well so up close and it wasn't dry either. She could see her own face in the clean water below.

"Be careful and stay away from the edge. Don't stand so close. What am I gonna do if you accidentally fell in?"

Raelle looked at Mu Chenyan who was worrying about her safety, "I might not be very good at it but I also know how to stay away from danger."

"As long as you know," said Mu Chenyan. "Okay. I have seen enough. You can cover it," said Raelle and took Mu Chenyan from there. "Why are you alone wandering around?"

"It's because all of you went to rest. Yue Yue also took Kuijun out because they wanted to see the night market here. Ge and Zhao went out to do something too. That leaves me who has nothing to do so I just started checking up on things around the house."

"Isn't it early for the night market?" asked Raelle.

"Yes, he does," replied Mu Chenyan without any hesitation. "His likes and dislikes are slowly starting to revolve around you. His life is all about you."

"Isn't that a bad thing?"

"It depends on people," said Mu Chenyan. "Different people have different experiences and different situations. Xian's situation is that he is the kind of person to takes his feelings very seriously. His life would revolve around the person he loves and at the moment, that person is you. He personally doesn't see anything wrong with that. And to be very honest, you need someone like that in your life who can put you above everything."

Raelle contemplated her words before giving her a nod, showing that she understood. "By the way, I didn't even get the chance to ask you. How was your meeting with Uncle Zhao's grandparents?"

"Unexpected," was Mu Chenyan's response. "I was not expecting his grandparents to be so cool at this age. They are older than Elder Xiang but look so hale and hearty. Their eyes are so clear. I didn't find any depression in their eyes or sadness. I guess that's the reason why they are so healthy at this age."

"I didn't ask you to compliment Uncle Zhao's grandparents," said Raelle. "I meant to ask whether they liked you or not."

"How is that possible that they don't like me? Who am I? I'm Mu Chenyan. How can they not like a person like me?"

"You can keep your narcissism to yourself, for now, Yanyan. As if I don't know how nervous you were before meeting them. You're the one who told me from a young age that I should not be like you because older people don't like people like you because they think you're not polite enough, not well-behaved enough, not sensible enough, just not enough."

Mu Chenyan smiled recalling that, "I wasn't lying to you. The older generation really didn't like me. After all, I'm not reserved enough. I'm too unrestrained and whatnot. But this wasn't the case with Zhao's grandparents. They seemed cooler than me. And I'm damn sure they must have cooler stories to tell about their youth too. Otherwise, they wouldn't be okay with their boring grandson dating a lively person like me."

"Or maybe they are just wise enough to not interfere in the matters of the younger generation. Maybe they just have solid faith in the choice their grandson made regarding his life partner. After all, it's not them who are gonna live with you but it's Uncle Zhao. So, his thoughts matters more. Right?"