"Uncle policeman, please save me, I'm not even an adult yet!"

At the moment, next to the toilet in the bar, the chubby old lady in female attire grabbed the arm of one of the policemen with snot and tears streaming down her face.

Meanwhile, Ye Fan had already been restrained, and Yang Lu, standing nearby, couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

"I didn't expect the effect of this eye of desire to be so amazing," he said. "But it's a pity that it can only be used once a month, and it also requires points to activate."

It's hard to deny that the Eye of Desire's effect was truly remarkable. Just look at how it had even managed to turn Ye Fan, a straight man, into something else entirely.

It's worth noting that if the police had been even a little bit late, that crossdressing wo'man' might not have survived our protagonist’s attack!

Lin Xiaohan's face was now extremely grim. She never imagined that Ye Fan would not only stay, but also do something so morally bankrupt in the bathroom.

Thinking about how he used to always stick by her side, Lin Xiaohan felt chills run down her spine.

At this point, Ye Fan had finally managed to come to his senses. Seeing himself naked in front of everyone and the contemptuous looks around him, he knew something was very wrong.

In a hurry, he turned to Lin Xiaohan and said, "Xiaohan, you have to believe me. I didn't do anything just now. I swear I didn't."

In fact, Ye Fan originally planned to call Lin Xiaohan ‘Eldest wife’, after all, he has always liked to call her by this title.

But when he thought of how she slapped himself backhandedly when he called her eldest wife just now, Ye Fan quickly changed the name, so there should be no problem!


Unexpectedly, just as he finished speaking, Lin Xiaohan slapped him hard across the face, and then said angrily.

"You... disgust me!"

After finishing speaking, Lin Xiaohan left here without looking back. Now as long as she sees Ye Fan, she will feel super uncomfortable. In that case, it's better not to see each other again.

Meanwhile, Ye Fan rubbed his cheek, realizing that the slap from Lin Xiaohan was even more brutal than the one before.

Poor Ye Fan's face was already swollen, and the author would not even believe that this was his own creation.

[Ding! Congratulations on completing the task. Points have been awarded, and you have got an additional bonus of three lottery draws.]

"Wow, three lottery draws as a bonus! I wonder what good things I can get this time!" The system's voice

rang in Yang Lu's head as he watched Lin Xiaohan walk away.

Previously, the system asked him to promise to have a meal with Lin Xiaohan, and changing it to a drink was no different. He has now completed the task.

Before, he only got two lottery draws for slapping Ling Yue, but this time he was rewarded with three. The system was really generous.

Yang Lu did not rush to draw lots but instead looked at Ye Fan. He looked extremely haggard at the moment.

"Xiaohan, Xiaohan... please don't go..." When Ye Fan saw Lin Xiaohan, who had already walked out, he felt a sharp pain in his heart.  He kept yelling, but unfortunately, no matter how he yelled, Lin Xiaohan didn't even look at him.

"Don't bother calling her. Come with us to the police station, you scumbag!" At that moment, the police handcuffed Ye Fan.

Ye Fan wanted to resist, but because he had been suffering from severe diarrhea earlier, he was now too weak to do so.

After hearing what the police said, Ye Fan said angrily.

"I didn’t do anything, I’m innocent."

Ye Fan knew himself well enough to know that he would never do something so heinous and despicable. There must be some sort of misunderstanding.

But just as he finished speaking, the crowd of onlookers around him became furious.

"Innocent? We saw it with our own eyes!" they exclaimed.

"You're scum, you're a disgrace!" they continued, not willing to hear Ye Fan's protests.

"You still insult our idol, Kunlun King of Soldiers, damn it!"

The people around him glared at him with contempt. Not only had he committed a heinous act, but he had also insulted their idol, the Kunlun Soldier King. He is simply a disgrace to China!


Listening to these people's words and seeing their contemptuous eyes, Ye Fan felt powerless, why did no one believe him? Why?

At this moment, Ye Fan hopes so much that there is someone who can hold his hand and say that he believes in him?!

It's a pity that what he sees now are all ridicule and scorn..

Just when he thought he was completely alone, something unexpected happened. A warm hand reached out and grabbed his own.

Looking up, he saw Yang Lu looking at him with kindness and understanding.


Seeing Yang Lu's eyes, Ye Fan froze for a moment.

So at this moment, what was revealed from Yang Lu's eyes was not ridicule and contempt, but the kind of sympathetic care. Then he heard Yang Lu say.

"Brother Ye, I believe in you. Don't be sad."