"Beauty, you look amazing." Ye Fan, who had just pulled up his pants from the toilet, saw this "extreme beauty" and couldn't help but approach and say.


The men around who were about to leave couldn't stand it anymore and vomited directly after hearing Ye Fan's words.

This guy... Is there something wrong with his eyes? How could he use "amazing" to describe someone who is so fat and is clearly writing ‘trap’ all over their face.

It would be fine if the person who said this was an extremely ugly man, but the point is, Ye Fan is quite handsome!

Crazy! Crazy! This world is really going crazy!

After hearing Ye Fan's words, the fat man dressed as a woman blushed and said shyly, "You have good eyes."

"Unfortunately, you are not my type."

"However, we can still be friends." The fat man dressed as a woman was still happy at the moment. Finally, there is a man who can appreciate his beauty after all these years.

Although this man is quite handsome, he is still not close to ‘her’ ideal type.

But what the fat man in women's clothing didn't expect was that Ye Fan on the opposite side didn't leave.

On the contrary, he put his arms around the fat man's waist and said, "Feelings can be cultivated slowly. My name is Ye Fan, and I am the King of Soldiers of Kunlun Mountain!"

(Kunlun: A mythical mountain believed to be a Taoist Paradise.)

Ye Fan has completely lost his mind at this moment. He now feels that the one in front of him is a top-notch beauty, and all he has to do is confess his love to her.

He felt that if he didn't confess his love to her, then he might regret it for the rest of his life. She must be his woman!

"Vomit…" When Ye Fan said this sentence, the people around couldn't help but spit out a mouthful again.

This guy's taste is really a bit too strong, right? Also, he actually has the face to call himself the King of Soldiers of Kunlun? He is really a super shameless guy without any dignity!

There was a man who couldn't take it anymore and then took out his mobile phone to shoot while saying, "This man said he is the king of soldiers in Kunlun, and now he wants to take down this fat man dressed in women's clothing."

When the video was uploaded to the platform, it exploded on the Internet almost instantly.

After all, for such a handsome man to behave so outlandishly, it is a super hot topic in itself!

"Which nerve is wrong with this man?! How could he like this kind of material?"

"You don't know that, do you? Some men look serious on the surface, but in their bones... tsk.. tsk… no one knows what they are like."

"Damn it, you dare to say that you are the King of the Kunlun Soldiers? That's our country's idol!"

"This guy is


The number of video likes increased at a rapid rate, and the number of comments also increased at an incredible rate. Of course, most of these comments were scolding Ye Fan.

Although everyone had never seen the Kunlun Soldier King, they had heard the legend about him. After all, he single-handedly defeated all the masters of the six major countries. Then this hungry man; what qualifications does he have to say that he is the Kunlun Soldier King?

"This bastard!"

"He's rubbish, utter rubbish!"

"Don't let me see him, otherwise he’ll be dead!"

Almost everyone started to insult Ye Fan.

At this moment, Ling Yue, who was about to take a rest, was bored browsing through the vtube platform on her phone. What happened today was really unbelievable.

But the very next second, when she watched a video, she almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Damn it, Ye Fan! Why does he have such a strong taste?!"

In the video, Ye Fan was hugging a person who appeared neither male nor female and spoke obscenely.

Ling Yue never thought Ye Fan could do such a thing. Then, she muttered to herself, "It seems slapping him was too light. I should kill that guy."

On the other side, a group of people dressed in black were sitting around a round table among several secret overseas bases. They are the elites of the six major countries, and they were once the world’s legends. It's a pity they met that man...

"I can't believe it's already been eight years," one of them said.

"Can’t we go back to Huaxia?" a woman sitting on the far right of the table asked, glancing at the crowd before speaking directly.

(Huaxia: China in this context, where the plot is unfolding.)

Her name is Athena, and she is the only woman among the top ten masters.

Don't be fooled by her appearance as she has killed eight hundred, if not one thousand people.

Her beauty conceals an unprecedented level of murderous intent.

"Athena is right. I think it's time for the Chinese people to know our horror," another replied, and the others nodded heavily.

It's been a long time, and they assume the people in Huaxia have forgotten their existence.

Now, their higher-ups have given them a new mission, which is to go to Huaxia to wreak havoc! If you were to ask them which country they prefer to kill the most, it would be Huaxia.

Just as they were about to make a decision, Pluto, who was sitting at the front, said a word directly. "Have you forgotten him?"

Immediately, everyone who was emotional took a deep breath.

Athena trembled, and many people gently held their chests. They hadn't forgotten the psychological and physical harm that man caused them back then.