Just like that, Ye Fan knelt down in front of Yang Lu before everyone’s eyes.

Then the tuner also played music very inappropriately.


Today is a great day~

Anything you want can come true~

Today is a great day~



At this moment, Ye Fan wanted to die.

Seeing this scene, Lin Xiaohan's eyes were full of disgust.

"Such a guy is actually the protagonist?"

"The point is, do I still fall in love with this kind of person?"

"I'm afraid there's something wrong with my brain?!"

Lin Xiaohan felt that if she fell in love with this kind of person, it would be an insult to her own life.

Ye Fan over there finally stood up from the ground, then looked at Lin Xiaohan embarrassedly and said.

"Eldest Wife, it was all an accident just now."

"Next, I will definitely help you teach him a good lesson!"

"Just watch it."

He was really ashamed just now, especially in front of his beloved eldest wife.

But it doesn't matter, as long as he abolishes Yang Lu properly, he can get back all the lost face!

After speaking, he was ready to make another move, but at this time, Lin Xiaohan spoke.

"No, you can get out now."

"Also, if you keep screaming, I'll tear your mouth apart!"

Lin Xiaohan really doesn't want to see this guy at all now, so let this guy disappear from her sight as soon as possible.

Didn't you see that other people in the bar are also looking at you with a pair of strange eyes?

She feels that if she get close to this guy, she will be despised.

Also, she usually hates his for barking eldest wife at every turn, but because of her grandfather, he had to bear it. However, she didn’t expect him to say it in the outside now.

Who gave him this courage?!

Lin Xiaohan's words caught Yang Lu by surprise. Why do you feel that Lin Xiaohan's attitude towards Ye Fan was a bit cold just now? This is a bit different from the situation in the novel.

Ye Fan over there didn't hear the coldness in Lin Xiaohan's words. He felt that Lin Xiaohan was still the same as before, and then said directly.

"Eldest Wife, I know you are worried about me."

"Don't worry, this guy is not my opponent!"

In Ye Fan's view, the main reason why Lin Xiaohan said such words was because she was worried about him.

As worthy of being the woman I like, she really cares for me.

But it doesn't matter, let me let you see how brave your beloved man is.

Ye Fan stared at Yang Lu with a murderous look on his face. He was not in a hurry now, anyway, Yang Lu couldn't escape from him grasp.

Seeing Ye Fan staring at him like that, Yang Lu was speechless.

Is the protagonist's brain really different from that of normal people?!

Where did he hear that Lin Xiaohan was worried about him? Obviously, Lin Xiaohan is hating him, and she doesn't want to see him at all!

But Yang Lu suddenly thought of something, and opened his eyes wide, staring fiercely at Ye Fan in front of him.

Seeing that Yang Lu dared to look directly at him, Ye Fan was even more annoyed, and then he showed his fierce face!

The people around were all looking at Ye Fan in bewilderment at this moment.

Anyone who has a

little brain can tell that Lin Xiaohan's mood has reached a critical point.

If this guy doesn't follow what she said and leaves now, the result may be a bit bad!

But seeing Ye Fan's playful smile, he probably couldn't understand.

"I'll say it again, quickly disappear before me."

Lin Xiaohan's face is very, very ugly now, and her hands are clenched tightly. Could it be that this guy really doesn't understand what she is saying?

Seeing this scene, Yang Lu silently stepped back half a step.

He had a vague feeling that Lin Xiaohan was going to lose her temper next moment. It's better to keep a little distance.

Ye Fan still didn't pay attention to Lin Xiaohan's words. He felt that Lin Xiaohan was still the same as before. She seemed very angry on the surface, but in fact she accepted himself in her heart.

Such an iceberg beauty actually has a fiery heart. Of course, only an outstanding man like herself can melt her heart!

"Eldest Wife..."


But in the next second, something that Ye Fan never expected happened.

Lin Xiaohan slapped him directly backhanded. The slap was crisp and loud, and then the whole bar became super quiet.


When Yang Lu saw this scene, he immediately became happy.

Poor male protagonist, he was slapped by the second heroine just a moment ago, and now he is slapped by the first heroine.

Why is he so miserable!? However, it’s still his own fault. Wouldn’t it have been better for him to leave earlier? Don’t pretend when you can’t even understand what’s going on.


Ye Fan turned his head and stared at Lin Xiaohan with fixed eyes.

At this moment, the emotions contained in his eyes are extremely complicated, including anger, confusion, discomfort, and regret...

He couldn't understand why his eldest wife would beat him for another man, and even before everyone’s eyes.

If this is acceptable, then Lin Xiaohan's next words directly gave him a critical blow.

"Yang Lu and I are good friends, don't hinder us here!"

"What?! Good friend?! I’m the obstacle?!"

After hearing Lin Xiaohan's words, Ye Fan was struck by lightning.

He worked so hard to come here to avenge you, and you actually told me this?

At this moment, even Yang Lu on the opposite side was a little confused, since when did he become good friends with the heroine?

But it's really interesting to see the protagonist's deflated appearance.

"You and I……"


Ye Fan felt that he was going explode completely, but at this moment, his stomach suddenly "gurgled", followed by a "loud noise", and all the people around covered their noses avoiding a stinky fart.

They looked at Ye Fan with disgust, and then someone said directly.

"He has done in his pants..."

Everyone followed the man's gaze, and saw that Ye Fan's white cotton trousers were already more than half yellow at the moment, and the stench came from there.

At this moment, even Lin Xiaohan covered her nose and mouth with her hands.

She is really grateful to Yang Lu now. He woke herself up with a slap, otherwise she might still like this trash now, right?!