[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the ability: Poison ineffective.]

"Poison ineffective? What do you mean?"

After listening to the system's words, Yang Lu was puzzled, why hadn't he heard of this skill at all?

Then Yang Lu directly checked the attribute panel of this skill, and after reading it, Yang Lu directly exclaimed.

"Within 100 meters, anyone who uses poison to attack me will not have any effect, on the contrary, the effect of the poison will be tripled on the user!"

"This skill is good!"

He had to say that this skill is really a very good existence for him.

In the future, he won't be afraid of being poisoned by others. The only thing he regret is that is limited to within a hundred meters. Anyway, in the end, Yang Lu was very satisfied with the result of this lottery draw.

Then Yang Lu took a taxi directly, and then rushed towards Lao Wang's bar.

"Yang Lu, let's see if I don't kill you today!"

Not long after Yang Lu left here, the limping Ye Fan came out from the darkness.

Today Yang Lu really provoked him to extreme. No matter what price he paid, he would kill this guy.


Afterwards, Ye Fan also directly endured the severe pain, and stopped a car to follow. However, because the road here was relatively bumpy, Ye Fan held his broken leg and kept howling.

He, the majestic King of Soldiers, never thought that one day he would become like this. This is all caused by that trash Yang Lu, I must take revenge on him!

"Lao Yang, you are finally here."

"Did you get rejected again?"

"Just give up, top-notch beauties like Lin Xiaohan are beyond our reach."

Here, when Yang Lu first came to the bar, Lao Wang and the others spoke directly to him.

They are all friends of Yang Lu, and they eat and sing together when they are free.

They also knew that Yang Lu had been pursuing Lin Xiaohan, but he had never succeeded.

It's normal if he doesn't succeed. After all, beauties of Lin Xiaohan's level won't like them, so let's give up this idea.

He should be like them and others, pick up more girls and have more fun.

"This...uh, Lin Xiaohan?"

After listening to what they said, Yang Lu was ready to say that he and Lin Xiaohan would not have any contact in the future.

After all, he slapped Lin Xiaohan in the face. If she is willing to talk to him again, it will be a miracle.

But at this moment, what Yang Lu didn't expect was that someone called him, and when he checked the caller ID, it turned out to be Lin Xiaohan.

What is this woman doing calling him at this time? Doesn't she want to scold him?

After thinking about it, Yang Lu blocked it directly.

Anyway, he has nothing to do with her, so there is no need to listen to her nonsensical rambles!

"Damn, you actually blocked Lin Xiaohan's number?!"

"You are too arrogant, Lao Yang!"

When Lao Wang and others saw that

Yang Lu had blocked Lin Xiaohan's number, they immediately looked at him highly.

You know, if a goddess like Lin Xiaohan called them, they would probably be in tears by now.

Yang Lu rolled his eyes at them directly. If these people knew that he had slapped Lin Xiaohan an hour ago, I don't know how they would feel!?

Lin Xiaohan who was in the office at the moment was extremely angry, and directly threw his mobile phone on the ground.

"You blocked me?! Bastard!"

Lin Xiaohan didn't expect that this Yang Lu would dare to block her phone number. In the past, as long as she sent him a short message, he would rush over.

Now when she really needed him… Lin Xiaohan was so angry at the moment.

But when she thought that Yang Lu might be the key to breaking away from the novel's plot flow, she held back. Then Lin Xiaohan said to the secretary beside her

“Call again. If he blocks that number too, then change the number and keep calling until he answers.”

“Yes… President.”

The secretary is actually in a daze right now. President’s mind must have been slapped out by that guy Yang Lu, right?

It stands to reason that she should call the police and arrest that guy. Why does president take the initiative to contact him now?

She really don't understand! But she was just a subordinate, so she didn't dare to ask more questions.

“What the…?!”

Yang Lu was about to drink, and what made him super upset was that unfamiliar numbers called him one after another. Even if he blocked one, another call comes from another number.

No need to ask, it must be Lin Xiaohan’s trick.

At this scene, Lao Wang and the others were envious for a while. When did Lao Yang become so important to Lin Xiaohan!?

"What the hell are you trying to do?!"

Yang Lu couldn't endure it anymore, so he answered the phone. He was going to scold the heroine seriously, so she wouldn't bother himself anymore.

"Yang Lu, do you keep your word?"

"Uh… of course it matters!"

As soon as the phone was connected, Lin Xiaohan's gentle voice came from the opposite side, asking is his words matter? what does this mean?

But he is the kind of person who keeps his word, so why doesn't Lin Xiaohan seem so angry?

"Okay, you said you would invite me to dinner. You won't forget it, right?"

"Invite… you to dinner?"

Yang Lu was stunned for a moment. He was sure that Lin Xiaohan's brain was broken. He slapped her, and now she wants to eat with him!?

But he did seem to say that he wanted to invite her to dinner.

“Do you remember?”

“Uh… yes… but I’m drinking right now, so I can’t.”

“It’s fine. Where are you now, I'll come over."

"Ah... this…"

[Ding! System is issuing a random task – Invite Lin Xiaohan to drink.]

“Fluorescent Bar, Room number 211."

"Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes!"