The velvet curtain fell from the window, covering the silk cloth. At the end of the curtain was an open skylight. The interior of the room was elegantly designed, but it was also not suitable for vulgarity …

Qin Fanghua stood by the window and looked out into the night. One had to admit that this villa was like a paradise.

Then, from behind her, a hand grabbed her and pulled her into its embrace.

Powerful but gentle...

A familiar manly scent lingered in the surroundings, giving the two of them an ambiguous aura.

" "Leng Xuanrui, stop messing around."

His handsome face appeared in the background, with an extremely deep outline. His eyes were black, and his lips were dark red. The man's face was as delicate as a person in a painting.

"Qin Fanghua, is this how you treat your husband?" Leng Xuan Rui frowned, pretending to be angry as he complained in a low voice.

This little girl had been together for such a long time, yet she was still so 'unfamiliar' to him, causing him to not even have the benefits of wanting to hug his wife!

"If you have something to say, then say it. If you don't, then I'm going to sleep." Qin Fanhui rolled her eyes at him and started to walk to get ready to go to bed.

Leng Xuan Rui didn't care about the difficulties. She pulled the woman in front of her back into her embrace, and held her waist tightly with both hands. She rubbed her chin against her neck, causing Qin Fan to become restless.

"Tomorrow Master Xuan will take you out to play, are you going or not?"

Leng Xuan Rui thought for a long time. The best way to cultivate their relationship was to quickly increase it's temperature. Therefore, he decided to have a simple date with Qin Fan Hui.

" Tomorrow? I'm afraid I don't have time tomorrow, I just got in the company not long ago, plus …? Qin Fanhui turned around and once again escaped from Leng Xuan Rui's "Demon Claw". She shook her head and said with regret.

"Don't worry about it so much. Tomorrow is the weekend anyway. Without your presence, would the company fall?" "Qin Fanghua, just listen to me. Besides, I can relax your mood by going out to play."

Leng Xuan Rui raised his eyebrows and smiled. His eyes were full of threat, as if he was saying, "If you don't agree to my request, you'll be the one looking."

Qin Fanghua bit his lower lip and thought for a while …

Indeed, it had been a long time since she had last relaxed. She could just go and have a good time.

" En, then let's go together. It should be fine now, right? "I'm going to sleep …"

Leng Xuanrui shook his head and smiled evilly, "If there's anything you need, sleep. Can't I sleep with you?"

Qin Fanhui picked her up. Before she could figure out the meaning behind his words, her arm was suddenly pulled up and she fell into a sturdy man's embrace.

Before she could even open her mouth, a powerful kiss stopped her. It was a skillful grind …

Just one kiss was enough to make Qin Fanhui feel weak all over and drowsy. "Leng Xuan Rui, don't you dare …"

The man didn't give her a chance to speak at all. He broke open her teeth and kissed her even harder.

The big hand easily reached through her collar and covered the soft surface, wanting to ask for more.

Qin Fanhui began to twist uneasily, wanting to struggle …

However, at this moment, the force that was pressing down on his body suddenly disappeared.

Leng Xuan Rui gazed tenderly and affectionately at the person before her. With a slight smile, she said, "Fan Hui, I'll let you off this time. I hope that you'll be willing to do so the next time."

The voice was deep and magnetic, like an invitation from a devil from hell. It was beautiful and elegant, like the sound of nature.

At this moment, Qin Fanghua was still in a wandering state. His pitch-black eyes blankly stared at Leng Xuanrui, like a frightened little white rabbit …

Looking at her innocent expression, Leng Xuerui felt a bit helpless.

Wasn't he too anxious earlier? Was he trying to drive this little girl away?


From the looks of it, she couldn't have been scared silly, right?

"If you don't come back to your senses, I'm really going to do something to you." Leng Xuan Rui pretended to move as if she was going to press down on him again.

Qin Fanhui finally reacted and lowered her eyes in embarrassment. Under the light of the lamp, her long eyelashes formed a row of beautiful silhouettes.

" "Ugh …" "Hurry, hurry up and go to sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow." The person on the bed blushed and said in embarrassment.

Leng Xuan Rui raised an eyebrow and grunted.

" Then let's rest early and continue with what we didn't finish tonight. "

" "I don't know what's on your mind all day, I can't even be bothered with you." With that, he turned out the light, covered his head with the blanket and fell asleep …

In the morning, the sunlight shone through the coffin window, illuminating the entire room.

Qin Fanhui slowly opened his eyes and felt a great strength tightly wrap around his body.

He turned his head and saw the man sleeping beside him.

What he saw was an extremely handsome face. The man had a deep outline and exquisite facial features. He was like a favorite child of God, carefully carved with a piece of ice.

The sleeping him had lost some of his evil aura, and was as quiet as a confused little beast. Long eyelashes, thick like a row of small fans, nose straight, fresh and pure, like the peach blossoms in March, bright and attractive, mouth slightly tilted, outline of a beautiful arc.

Extending his finger, he slowly drew the fine lines of his face, eyes, nose, lips …