CH 99

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Zhuang Yilan tentatively ate one. The fruit was full and juicy, sweet but not greasy, which quenched her thirst.

So, she picked some and went back to Hua Yechen to eat.

The fruit is not a deadly poisonous fruit, but it is the favorite food of those animals with weak mating ability in the primeval forest, which is equivalent to the aphrodisiac for humans.

After the two of them ate it, the effect of the fruit kicked in, and they rolled into a ball naturally.

After being sober, Hua Yechen did not propose anything to be responsible for. He had a cold temperament and he did not feel that strong about the relationship between men and women.

Zhuang Yilan liked him in the first place, but after being sober, she still thought that Hua Yechen would ask for responsibility or something. She did not necessarily want him to be responsible, she just wanted to be taken seriously.

As a result, Hua Yechen did not say anything, it was as if nothing had happened to the two of them.

Zhuang Yilan was very angry. After leaving the forest, she left the base.

Hua Yechen did not pay much attention to her departure. But five years later, when the chiefs of the four bases held a meeting to discuss, Zhuang Yilan appeared in front of him with a little boy who looked exactly like Hua Yechen.

Hua Yechen is not a fool and naturally knows who the child belongs to.

Now that they have children, Hua Yechen naturally proposes to take responsibility.

But Zhuang Yilan was unwilling. She was already the Head of a base. After the meeting, Zhuang Yilan took the child back to the base directly.

Hua Yechen chased after her. After getting along for a while, maybe it was because the two of them already had a child, Hua Yechen developed feelings for Zhuang Yilan.

After a lot of chasing each other, Zhuang Yilan finally accepted Hua Yechen and the two got married.

Tian Mi was very thankful that it was not five years later, nor was it after Zhuang Yilan and Hua Yechen had a relationship. The original female lead had just been cannon fodder and there were still about two months before Hua Yechen and Zhuang Yilan went out on the mission.

She would like to thank the male lead for his coldness, and at this time, he has not yet developed feelings for the female lead.

But at the same time, she has some headaches. How can she attack such a cold-hearted male lead?

After a little distress, Tian Mi decided to take one step at a time.

After all, she hasn’t even seen the face of the male lead now and it’s wasted no matter how much she thinks about it.

She drove the car on the highway. In fact, she did not know the road. Originally, she just wanted System No. 0051 to give her a reminder, but was forced to buy a navigation system. She spent 150 points and got the right to use it permanently.

Fortunately, this navigation is pretty easy to use. As long as you enter the names of important characters in the plot or the address of the novel world where you are, a road map will appear.

According to the navigation instructions in her mind, she headed all the way to the Chenguang base.

Tian Mi frowned, looking at the top of an abandoned car on the side of the road ahead, it seemed that someone was waving at her.

She speeded up the car, and soon, came to the side of the abandoned car. It was indeed a person, a particularly sloppy man.

She lowered the car window. The man squatted down and grinned at her. She could see the corners of his chapped lips because he grinned and burst open, oozing red blood.

But he was so excited that he did not take it seriously: “Hello! My name is Ye Jingli! Can you give me a ride?”

Tian Mi looked at his messy hair, messy dress, and beard so that she could not see his facial features clearly. Frowning, instinctively wanting to refuse.

But thinking that there are still two hours to reach the Chenguang base, after all, it is a human life, so it does not matter for a ride.

So, she spoke softly: “I’m going to Chenguang Base, how about you? If you drop in, I can take you for a ride.”

Ye Jingli nodded repeatedly: “Come on the way! I’ll go to Chenguang Base! As long as it’s a base, that’s fine!”

Saying that, Ye Jingli carefully slid out of the car, then opened Tian Mi’s door, and sat on the back seat.

Tian Mi started the car. Although she was a zombie, she did not lose her sense of smell. Ye Jingli did not know how long he hadn’t bathed, his whole body exuded an unusually unpleasant stench.

Tian Mi opened the car window, but the air outside the window was filled with a rotting smell and it did not smell very good.

Tian Mi frowned fiercely, used the navigation to check the nearest gas station, and then moved forward at full speed.

Ye Jingli might also have sensed the smell on his body. After getting into the car, he did not speak, but just shrank in the corner, as if he wanted to weaken his sense of existence.

When they arrived at the gas station, Tian Mi got out of the car directly and then asked Ye Jingli to get off as well.

Ye Jingli shook his head, watching the dozen or so zombies wandering around the gas station, shrinking back in fear.

Tian Mi sighed, exuding coercion, and drove away the zombies.

When the zombies were all gone, Tian Mi looked back at him: “Can you come down?”

Ye Jingli got out of the car slowly, his eyes widened with disbelief on his face. Pointing at Tian Mi with trembling fingers: “You~you~ how did you do it?”

Tian Mi spread her hands and said, “This is my ability.” She would not say idiotly, ‘I am the Zombie King’.

Ye Jingli reacted quickly, his eyes brightened, and he suddenly approached Tian Mi, who took a step back in shock.

“Your abilities are so awesome! No wonder you, a girl, can walk around in the last days! The last days are completely your world! Goddess! From now on, I will follow you!” He looked at Tian Mi with admiration.

Tian Mi black line, she did not expect that she would carry such an unrestrained boy~

Tian Mi said with a cold face to Ye Jingli: “I have driven away all the zombies in the gas station. Now you go and clean your body. Give you half an hour. I will wait for you here. I will drive away in half an hour.”

Ye Jingli stood up straight in an instant, instinctively not wanting to leave Tian Mi. But he looked down at himself, curled his lips, even he disliked himself.

“Really drive them all away? There are absolutely no zombies inside?” Ye Jingli looked at Tian Mi with tears in his eyes. There was no way, who would let him have no abilities.

“Don’t believe it? Then just stay here, I won’t wait for you.” After finishing speaking, Tian Mi was about to turn around and leave.

“Hey~” Ye Jingli wanted to reach out to pull Tian Mi, but Tian Mi dodged sideways, frowning and glaring at him.

“I believe it! I believe it!”

“Then the timer will start!” Tian Mi looked at the time on her wrist and then glanced at Ye Jingli.

Ye Jingli immediately ran into the gas station.

Half an hour later, a tall and thin boy walked out of the gas station.

Tian Mi raised her eyebrows, with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

Unexpectedly, after cleaning, Ye Jingli looks pretty good.

She doesn’t know where he is looking for the clothes, a blue T-shirt, a pair of casual jeans, and a pair of sneakers. His hair is wet and dripping with water, but it is obviously clean, and the beard on his face has been shaved. His facial features are not so exquisite, but when combined together, they are pleasing to the eye no matter how you look at them. The corners of his lips curled up naturally, giving the impression that he was smiling even when he was not smiling.