Chapter 5153: Someone is coming from the Sixth Continent

 Sure enough.

Bo Jingxing did not disappoint her: "I know."

 He clenched his fists, rarely getting angry: "Anyone else has plans for TT?"

"Yeah." Yuan Yongqin nodded and called out a name: "The classmate Hai Tong brought back before, Aina, she is the founder of HL."

“Didn’t she offend Niannian before, and Master Ye bought out her family’s shares, causing her financial losses?”

 “What did she do?”

Yuan Yongqin said with disgust: "I don't know where she got the news. Since yesterday, she has purchased a large amount of TT shares, and also took the opportunity to launch a new drone to seize TT market share. TT has no leader, and Ji Lin cannot make the decision for the time being. A good response policy has not been discussed yet..."

  She is a businessman herself and understands Ji Lin's difficulties very well. This kind of large-scale business war often requires the founder to decide what to do.

With Ye Wangchuan’s whereabouts and life and death unknown, Ji Lin could not possibly make decisions on Ye Wangchuan’s behalf.

Even if he had the courage, the people on the board of directors would not buy his account.

As long as Ye Wangchuan doesn't show up, HL can constantly pester TT to **** blood. The opponent's methods are really limitless.

Bo Jingxing punched the cabin door, his chest heaving up and down, he didn't adjust his emotions again for a long time, and his expression was visibly pale.

“Wang Chuan and Qiao Nian are not dead yet, and they are all eager to come to express their condolences!”

“…” Yuan Yongqin said nothing, mainly because he felt extremely uncomfortable.

She has no children, and Qiao Nian is her half daughter. She quietly notarized all her future inheritance to Qiao Nian, but she didn't expect something to happen.

 The atmosphere was extremely solemn for a moment.

 Neither of them wanted to talk.

at this time.

Someone came to find Bao Jingxing in a hurry.

"Master Bo. Someone claims to be a relative of Mr. Wang and wants to find you." "?"

Bo Jingxing and Yuan Yongqin looked at each other and saw surprise in each other's eyes. Both of them are mature and steady people.

Soon Bo Jingxing put away the emotion in his eyes and asked Yuan Yongqin, "Mr. Yuan, do you want to go and see it together?"

Yuan Yongqin readily accepted the invitation: “Go and have a look.”


Bo Jingxing and the others were located on the edge of the eye of the storm in the Caribbean Sea, on the course that Qiao Nian had adjusted.

 This is known as the "Three No Matters" zone.

  In fact, it is still within the control of the Theron family.

Pirates are rampant only because the Theron family is rich all over the world and has no desire to waste manpower on the barren sea area on the edge of the strait.

When Bo Jingxing boarded the ship, he saw a man who had been waiting there for a long time. He was accompanied by subordinates in black.

When the man in black saw Bo Jingxing boarding the ship, he whispered something into the ear of the man with his back turned to them.

Bo Jingxing and Yuan Yongqin saw each other turn around and reveal their true colors.

It was a middle-aged man in his forties. It is not accurate to say he was a middle-aged man, because he did not have any of the problems that Europeans have when they reach forty, such as facial cheeks and out-of-shape figure.

His handsomeness is as perfect as a sculpture, and every outline seems to have been carefully carved, showing impeccable charm.

Bo Jingxing even vaguely saw a bit of Ye Wangchuan in him, but Ye Wangchuan was more like his father, with an oriental appearance.

This person can be seen at a glance as being from the Sixth Continent, not from my race.


While he was still looking at the other person, the middle-aged man came over, extended his hand to him politely, and introduced himself first. (End of chapter)