Chapter 4091: Nie Qingru's people also came


   His heart skipped a beat.

   Realized that it might be one of our own.

  He didn't show excitement right away, but continued to endure it as if he didn't notice it, and kept clenching his fists and closing his eyes, tightly hiding the note in his hand.

   After about a few minutes, he turned around and found an inconspicuous corner to huddle there, carefully observing the people around him.

  He made sure that no one was looking at him, and immediately took out the note from his sleeve, carefully avoiding the monitoring and scanning the words on it.

  —Master Zhai, I will pick you up later, please cooperate.

   There are still a few lines of small characters behind the method that requires his cooperation.

   Zhai Xicheng looked at it quickly, afraid of being discovered, so he crumpled the note and hid it in his sleeve again after reading it for a while.

at the same time.

  He adjusted the direction of his facial muscles to ensure that his eyes looked dark and desperate, like a person who gave up and struggled.

   "I need to go to the bathroom."

  In the small black room.

  He made the request abruptly.

  Everyone looked at him.

  Zhai Xicheng sat in the corner expressionlessly, and said again: "I'm going to the toilet."

  He didn't give others a chance to refuse: "Didn't your boss say that I can't go to the bathroom? Or do you want me to get it on you..."

  The latter statement is too disgusting.

   Sure enough.

  Someone whispered something in the little boss's ear, the dark-skinned man looked at him, frowned and thought about it, nodded, and told the person who was talking to him: "Keep an eye on him!"


   Soon someone came up to him, kicked him unceremoniously, and yelled indifferently: "Get up, don't you want to go to the bathroom? Let's go."

   Zhai Xicheng got up and followed with a patient expression.

   The two drifted away.

  There is a simple toilet about seven or eight meters outside the small black house, and Zhai Xicheng usually comes here when he needs to go to the bathroom.

  He is very familiar with the structure inside, it is airtight, there is not even a window, and there is no possibility of escaping from here.

  As soon as he entered, the person in charge of monitoring him also followed.

  The two didn't communicate at all before they came in, especially the person who was in charge of watching him was extremely cold and impatient.

  However, when the wall of the bathroom blocked the view from the outside, the man who pushed him behind immediately walked around to him, with a solemn face, and said in a low voice: "Young Master Zhai, the empress asked me to take you out."

   "I thought she didn't care about me anymore." Zhai Xicheng also changed from his ashamed look just now, showing a little dissatisfaction on his face.

  The short man immediately explained: "The queen... has encountered some difficulties recently. She has been trying to rescue you, but she just didn't find a chance."

   "How are you going to take me out?" Zhai Xicheng avoided talking about the previous topic and pointed to the outside: "The outside is all their people."

   Just because the two of them want to escape, they just hit the stone with a pebble, and they don't want to live anymore.

  If he told himself to force his way out, Zhai Xicheng would rather choose to obediently go to Independent Island with David, at least he would not die so quickly.

  The short man understood: "Don't worry, the queen has already made arrangements."

"Come out!"

In the next second, a thin young man about his height came out from the only second compartment here. Zhai Xicheng looked at him for a while, and was surprised to find that the other party even looked somewhat similar to him, and with a similar hairstyle, Scanning the past can be faked.

   "The empress has been looking for someone who can replace you."