Chapter 500 A New Member

“With pleasure,” I replied with a smile.

Everything he did and said to me turned me on so badly. I wanted him so much that I thought that I might go crazy if I had to wait any longer to have him. My hands shook a little as I rushed to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. I sucked in a breath as I stared at the thick and throbbing monster that sprang into my hands. His cock was already gigantic and extremely erect. The virile look of his tool made my insides quiver just thinking of all the things that it could do to me once it entered me.

“Put it inside you, Rina...” Ace urged in a seductive drawl that made my pussy quiver in anticipation.

I knew that he was teasing me, but I found it so temptingly sexy at the same time. His cock throbbed in my hand, and I could feel it getting thicker and hotter. I stroked it up and down teasingly as I observed the look of desire that crept into Ace’s hazel eyes.

“Let me help you spread your legs...” Ace offered as he grabbed my thighs and lifted them.

I felt my pussy lips spreading as Ace moved his hips closer to my core. I quickly guided his massive manhood towards the wet slit in between my legs. A gasp escaped from between my lips when I felt the heat and hardness of the thick head of his cock brushing against my entrance. I positioned his cock right at my entrance before bracing myself for the impact of his entry.

“Rina...” he groaned my name as he thrusted his hips forward.

His cock penetrated deeply into me in one powerful thrust that had me crying out and then biting down on my lower lip. The satisfaction of being filled by his impressive size and hardness felt like it had sent me to heaven. Ace screwed his cock further into my flooded love tunnel. It felt like there was so much of him for me to take in. My pussy stretched to accommodate his size and length until he was buried all the way inside of me.

“Ahh...” I moaned and closed my eyes in bliss.

“Don’t you just love my cock?” he said knowingly.

Ace didn’t wait for my response before he began moving his hips to pump his cock in and out of me. His movement gathered speed and soon I was crying out each time his cock plunged fast and deep into my sopping wet hole. My hips moved and thrusted to meet his wild and passionate thrusts halfway, burying his cock roughly into me. The thick head of his love stick knocked against my womb and my pleasure spot until my mind felt hazy with lust.

“About to cum already?” Ace teased me again as he slammed his cock into me once more.

“Please...make me cum,” I pleaded. lightsnoveln--O-.v/(e(-l-)B/.I--n

The thought of making a baby escaped me and all that I could focus on was the pleasure and lust that I felt at that moment. My words must have urged him on because Ace’s movements became even more aggressive and soon, I forgot myself as my intense climax came over me.


**A few years later**

“I’m very sorry about this, mum. Something just turned up at work and I can’t step out right now...” I said apologetically through the phone.

lightsnοvεl “That’s not a problem at all. It’s not like I have anything else to do anyways,” she replied followed by a carefree laugh.

“Thank you for helping out as always,” I thanked her.

“What are you talking about? Picking up my grandkids is like the highlight of my life right now,” she said cheerfully.

Time truly flew by, and before we knew it, the children were now going to school. After a very smooth pregnancy and a natural delivery, baby Aiden graced our lives with his arrival. He gave me the opportunity to become a mother. When I first laid eyes on him and held him in my arms, it felt like I truly understood the meaning of a miracle happening on earth for the very first time. The beginning of a new life that we created felt indescribably precious.

I remember first thinking of how lucky and blessed we were to have such a cute and healthy son. Then, I thought that the baby resembled Ace quite a bit. Ace was by my side all throughout the process unless the medical staff advised against it. As expected, Ace was supportive and understanding yet strict at the same time all the way from the point when we discovered that I was with child.

Working at our own company clearly had its own perks when it came to my pregnancy. We had almost complete control over the amount of workload that we wanted to take on and the pace at which we wanted to work. Hospital visits for regular check-ups took priority and we both made sure to strike the right balance between work and our personal lives. To distract myself from overly focusing on the child growing inside of me, I was determined to work for as long as possible before my delivery. That meant that I spent the last two months of my term working from home with Ace by my side most of the time.

The more time passed us by, the more baby Aiden grew to resemble his father. However, as Ace would always remind me, Aiden seemed to have inherited my smile. The arrival of baby Aiden brought about many changes to our lives. Apart from crowning us as new parents with sleepless nights and chores around the clock, baby Aiden became the link that tied us even closer to both my mother and Ace’s father. He was the grandchild that my mother had longed for and the heir that Ace’s father had been eagerly waiting for. I quickly found out that taking care of baby Aiden wasn’t as draining as handling the pressure from Ace’s father.

--To be continued...