Chapter 498 Making Babies

“You’re not that old, dad. Surely, you can wait a few years,” Ace said defensively.

“It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m old. She’s your wife and this is part of what she needs to do,” he said as he stared directly at me.

“Stop pressuring her. Stress makes it harder for women to conceive. Don’t you know that?” Ace asked jokingly, although it was quite true.

“Stop taking her side on this one,” his father warned.

“She’s my wife, so of course, I’ll take her side. I know that you want to become a grandfather so badly, but you have to be patient. Don’t worry, we won’t disappoint you. We’ll have loads of children,” Ace said while sounding quite happy.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, so I was thankful that Ace was covering for me. There was no way that I would bend to the pressure and agree to having a baby right away. The few years that I stated felt like the right timeframe for me and if Ace didn’t have an issue with it, then it felt like enough for me. I have to say that I wasn’t quite sure about his commitment that we would have loads of children, though. I didn’t even know how many children he had in mind but ‘loads of children’ sounded a bit too many.

His father didn’t seem completely satisfied with the answer that we had given him, but he was willing to let us go for the time being. I guessed it was good enough for him that we promised to have children eventually. For me, the Chairman will always be someone challenging for me to get close to and for me to please. I wondered if there would come a day when I would truly feel like we were truly a family.


**A few years later**

Those few years that I asked to spend time alone with Ace as a married couple before having children was about to expire. Although when I said those words, I didn’t mean to set a hard deadline that was set in stone as to when I would want to have children; however, when the time drew near, I found myself naturally thinking about making babies with Ace. noVe(LB(In

Ace was more than happy to welcome the idea. I wasn’t sure how Ace felt about becoming a father, but he seemed keen enough to give it a try. As for me, I somehow felt quite certain that Ace would make a wonderful father and that our children would feel lucky to have him as a father as well.

“You don’t have to rush yourself if you still feel like you’re not ready. Like I told you many times before, you don’t need to pay any mind to what my dad or what your mum is saying. Ultimately, it’s your body and we can have a kid whenever you’re ready. I can wait, Rina...” Ace told me with a worried look on his face when I brought up the idea that perhaps it was time that we tried making a baby.

I knew immediately why he thought that I was proposing this idea to him because of the pressure from our parents. His father had made himself clear from day one after we got married that he wanted us to have an heir as soon as possible. At first, my mother didn’t seem to have any input regarding this topic. She seemed satisfied that I was living a happy life with Ace after we had gotten married. However, as the years went by my mother began wanting to see the face of her future grandchild. Maybe she had arrived at that age where she was starting to think of the next generation.

The fact that she retired from her job didn’t help at all in that matter. Of course, I couldn’t put the blame on her at all because I was the one who convinced her to stop working. Given her age and my fear for her health condition, I didn’t think that it made sense for her to keep on working. After my mother quit her job, she became restless because she was too free, and it wasn’t long after that she started pestering me to think about having kids. lightsnovel

“I’m not saying this because of the pressure from our parents, it’s just...I also want to have a baby now. Of course, if you think that it’s a bad idea or if it’s still too soon then we can talk about it later...” I said before showing him a smile.

Despite what I wanted, I knew that having a child together was going to be a very big deal for us and I didn’t want us to embark on that journey unless both of us were ready. My heart started beating faster as I waited impatiently to hear what Ace thought.

“If you’re ready, then I’m ready...” Ace replied simply.

lightsΝοvel “Thank you, Ace...” I thanked him as I felt tears sting the back of my eyes.

I had no idea why I suddenly felt so emotional. We just agreed on having a baby and I wasn’t even pregnant yet.

“Shall we start right away?” Ace asked as he pulled me into his embrace.

“Umm...I’m still on the pills...” I whispered shyly.

“Does that even matter?” Ace asked before letting out a teasing laugh.

“You just want to do it, don’t you?” I asked accusingly.

Ace just laughed even louder than before as he hugged me tighter in his arms. The first step was for me to stop taking the pills. Hopefully, things would work out naturally for us and soon I would become pregnant with our child.


Without any further discussion, it felt like we both took it for granted to go about it the natural way. Since I wasn’t at all in a rush, I decided to proceed with our sex life as per normal with the only change being that I stopped taking contraceptive pills. After learning that I had gotten off the pill, it felt like Ace became even more enthusiastic in finding opportunities to have sex with me than before.

--To be continued...